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A choreographer is one who creates dance positions, movements and sequences, usually “in time” with music, to express non-verbally social and cultural ideals and visions through participation and/or performance, either alone, with partners, or in groups.

Though choreography is most often associated with dance, it is also used in athletics such as gymnastics, figure skating, and synchronized swimming, and performance events like film-making, cheerleading, and fashion shows.

The word choreography is based in the Greek choreia=circle dance and graphic=writing, meaning the notation of dance moves. FYI - The same root word is used in medicine to describe involuntary movements of disease such as Huntington's chorea and, or St. Vitus Dance.

• “A painter is a choreographer of space.” ~ Barnett Newman


Paula Abdul
Alvin Ailey
Debbie Allen
Frederick Ashton

George Balanchine
Mikhail Baryshnikov
Busby Berkeley
Auguste Bournonville


Jean Coralli
Jacques d'Amboise
Carmen De Lavallade
Émile Jaques-Dalcroze
Agnes de Mille
Isadora Duncan
Katherine Dunham


Michel Fokine
Bob Fosse
Loie Fuller

Martha Graham
Yuri Grigorovich


Gregory Hines
Geoffrey Holder
Hanya Holm
Doris Humphrey

Michael Jackson
Judith Jamison
Robert Joffrey


Gene Kelly

Rudolf Laban
Serge Lifar
Jose Limon


Frankie Manning
Alicia Markova
Leonide Massine
Beryl McBurnie
Igor Moiseyev

Vaslav Nijinsky


Hermes Pan
Jules Perrot
Marius Petipa
Pearl Primus
Alexander Pushkin


Marie Rambert
Pierre Rameau
Jerome Robbins

Ruth St. Denis
Ted Shawn
Anna Sokolow


June Taylor
Paul Taylor
Twyla Tharp
Antony Tudor
Tommy Tune


Ninette de Valois
Charles Weidman
Mary Wigman
Sallie Wilson

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