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Gregory Hines
Geoffrey Holder
Hanya Holm

Doris Humphrey
Michael Jackson
Judith Jamison

Robert Joffrey
Kurt Jooss

Gregory Hines, Photographic Print
Gregory Hines, Photographic Print

Gregory Hines
b. 2-14-1946; New York City, NY
d. 8-9-2003; Los Angeles, CA (liver cancer)

Dancer, choreographer, actor and singer Gregory Hines was a Tony and Emmy Award winner.

White Nights (1985), DVD

Gregory Hines, Photographic Print
Geoffrey Holder

Geoffrey Holder
b. 8-1-1930; Trinidad and Tobago

Geoffrey Richard Holder is an actor, choreographer, director, dancer, painter, costume designer, singer and voice-over artist, best recognized one of henchmen in the 1973 James Bond, Live and Let Die, as Punjab in the 1982 movie version of the musical Annie, for 7-Up commercials in the 1980s, and for being married to dancer Carmen De Lavallade.

Carmen and Geoffrey

Liebe Hanya: Mary Wigman's Letters to Hanya Holm
Liebe Hanya:
Mary Wigman's Letters
to Hanya Holm

Hanya Holm
née Johanna Eckert
b. 3-3-1893; Worms, Germany
d. 11-3-1992; NYC

Hanya Holm is best remembered as a dance teacher and one of the founders of modern dance in America along with Martha Graham, Charles Weidman, and Doris Humphrey.

Harriet Hoctor and Fred Astaire Dancing Together in Publicity Still from Film "Shall We Dance", Photographic Print
Doris Humphrey:
An Artist First

Doris Humphrey
b. 10-17-1895; Oak Park, IL
d. 12-29-1958; Virginia

Doris Humphrey, a second generation modern dance pioneer, opened her own dance studio at age 19. Her dances are noted for “the intricacies of large groups, and her emphasis on sculptural shapes.”

Doris Humphrey teamed with Charles Weidman to form a dance company.

Michael Jackson, Stand-Up
Michael Jackson,

Michael Jackson
b. 8-29-1958; Gary, IN
d. 6-25-2009; Los Angeles, CA

Michael Jackson, known as the King of Pop, debuted his signature dance move, the moonwalk, in 1983.

Michael Jackson's Vision, DVD (2010)

Dancing Spirit by Judith Jamison
Dancing Spirit by Judith Jamison

Judith Jamison
b. 5-10-1943; Philadelphia, PA

Judith Jamison, who studied dance from age 10, was invited to dance in 1964 by Agnes de Mille in her ballet “The Four Marys” at the American Ballet Theatre. In 1965 Jamison joined the Alvin Ailey Dance company and became their principal dancer through 1980. Among her notable roles was Ailey's “Pas de Duke” (1977) with Mikhail Baryshnikov set to the music of Duke Ellington, she starred in the Broadway musical “Sophisticated Ladies”, also set to Ellington's music.

Jamison was named Artistic Director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater upon Ailey's 1989 death and has choreographed many works for the Company since then.

The Joffrey Ballet, Robert Joffrey and the Making of an American Dance Company
The Joffrey Ballet,
Robert Joffrey and the Making of an American Dance Company

Robert Joffrey
née Abdullah Jaffa Bey Khan
b. 12-25-1930; Seattle, WA
d. 3-25-1988

Robert Joffrey is best remembered for his modern ballet creations and the dance company that bears his name. Joffrey also taught at the New York School for the Perfoming Arts.

The new ballet: Kurt Jooss and his work
The new ballet:
Kurt Jooss and his work

Kurt Jooss
b. 1-12-1901; Wasseralfingen, Germany
d. 5-22-1979; West Germany

Dancer and choreographer Kurt Jooss, noted as founding of Tanztheater or Dance Theatre, mixed classical ballet with theater to give “expression” of the dramatic idea in unified style and form (expressionist dance). He was a student of Rudolf von Laban.

Jooss established several dance companies such as the Folkwang Tanztheater and Folkwang Schule, in Essen. One of his most memorable works is The Green Table (1932), a commentary on the futility of war and the horrors it causes, perhaps inspired by medieval pictures of people dancing with death.

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