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Around the World in a Hundred Years
Around the World
in a Hundred Years:
From Henry the Navigator
to Magellan

Explorers of North America, pamphlet
Explorers of North America, pamphlet

Nat'l Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers
Nat'l Geographic
World Atlas
for Young Explorers

Women of Discovery
Women of Discovery:
A Celebration of
Intrepid Women Who
Explored the World

As Told at the Explorers Club
As Told at
the Explorers Club:
More than Fifty Gripping Tales of Adventure

Explorers South America
Explorers of
South America

Nat'l Geographic's Beyond 2000
Nat'l Geographic's
Beyond 2000

Teacher's Best - The Creative Process

Great Explorers List
posters, charts & maps for social studies teachers and home schoolers, theme office decor.

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• “Adventure is not outside man; it is within.” ~ George Eliot
• “I am actually not at all a man of science, not an observer, not an experimenter, not a thinker. I am by temperament nothing but a conquistador — an adventurer, if you want it translated — with all the curiosity, daring, and tenacity characteristic of a man of this sort.” ~ Sigmund Freud
• “Creative people who can't help but explore other mental territories are at greater risk, just as someone who climbs a mountain is more at risk than someone who just walks along a village lane.” ~
R. D. Laing
• “Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery. The adventure is a metaphysical one: it is a way of approaching life indirectly, of acquiring a total rather than a partial view of the universe. The writer lives between the upper and lower worlds: he takes the path in the order eventually to become the path himself. ~ Henry Miller


Harriet Chalmers Adams
Buzz Aldrin
Neil Armstrong
Diego de Almagro
Francisco de Almeida
Pedro de Alvarado
Roald Amundsen
Roy Chapman Andrews
George Anson
Juan Bautista de Anza
John James Audubon


William Baffin
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Willem Barents
Heinrich Barth
George Bass
Muhammad Ibn Battula

James Beckwourth
Gertrude Bell
Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen
Benjamin of Tudela
Vitus Bering
Jean de Bethencourt

Hiram Bingham
Isabella Bird Bishop
Adriaen Block
Aimé Bonpland
Daniel Boone
Louis Antoine de Bougainville
Michal Piotr Boym

Pierre-Paul Savorgnan De Brazza
St. Brendan the Navigator
Jim Bridger
James Bruce
Joseph Antoine Bruni D'Entrecasteaux
Richard F. Burton
Richard E. Byrd
John Byron


Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca
John Cabot
Sebastian Cabot
Pedro Alvares Cabral
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo
Antoine Laumet de La Mothe,
sieur de Cadillac

Verney Lovett Cameron
Christopher “Kit” Carson
Jacques Cartier
Thomas Cavendish

Samuel de Champlain
Hugh Clapperton
John Colter
Christopher Columbus
Captain James Cook
Francisco Coronado
Hernan Cortes
Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Davy Crockett


Captain William Dampier
Alexandra David-Neel
Bartholomeu Diaz
Sir Francis Drake
Jules Dumont d'Urville


Amelia Earhart
Isabelle Eberhardt
Juan Sebastian Elcano
Erik the Red
Leif Erikson
John Edward Eyre


Percy Fawcett
John Finley
Matthew Flinders
Phileas Fogg
Sir John Franklin
Simon Fraser
John C. Fremont
Sir Martin Frobisher


Jean François de Galaup,
comte de Lapérouse
Vasco da Gama
Alain Gerbault
Humphrey Gilbert
Christoper Gist
Hugh Glass
Robert Gray
Adolphus Greely
Sir Richard Grenville
Lemuel Gulliver


Dirk Hartog
Hanno the Navigator
Sven Anders Hedin
Matthew Henson
Louis Hennepin
Prince Henry the Navigator
Bjarni Herjolfsson
Thor Heyerdahl
Sir Edmund Hillary
Henry Hudson
Friedrich von Humboldt


Willem Janszoon
García Jofre de Loaísa
Martin & Osa Johnson
Louis Joliet
Simon Kenton
Mary Kingsley
Leonid Kulik


Alexander Gordon Laing
René Goulaine de Laudonnière
Lewis & Clark
Manuel Lisa
Dr. David Livingstone
Martín Ignacio de Loyola
Carl Sofus Lumholtz


Alexander Mackenzie
Ferdinand Magellan
Pere Marquette
Matthew Fontaine Maury
Robert McClure
Ynes Mexia
Henri Mohout
John Muir


Fridtjof Nansen
Captain Nemo
Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld
Alonso de Ojeda
Francisco de Orellana


Nathaniel B. Palmer
Mungo Park
Robert Peary
Ida Laura Pfeiffer
August Piccard
Zebulon Pike
Martin Alonso Pinzon
Francisco Pizarro
Marco Polo
Juan Ponce de Leon
Gaspar de Portolà
John Wesley Powell
Pytheas the Greek


Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada
Fernandes de Quiros
Sir Walter Raleigh
Knud Rasmussen
Hormuzd Rassam
Nain Singh Rawat
Jean Ribault
Jacob Roggeveen
James Clark Ross
Johannes Ruysch


Robert de LaSalle
Robert Falcon Scott
Frederick Selous
Ernest Shackleton
Joshua Slocum

Jedediah Smith
Captain John Smith
Sir George Somers
Hernando de Soto
John Hanning Speke
Lady Hester Stanhope
Henry Morgan Stanley


Junko Tabei
Abel Janszoon Tasman
Jean-Baptiste Tavernier
Guillaume Le Testu
David Thompson
Luís Vaz de Torres

Armin Vambery
Captain George Vancouver
Ludovico di Varthema
Giovanni da Verrazano
Amerigo Vespucci
Sebastian Vizcaino


Thomas Walker
Alfred Russel Wallace
Samuel Wallis
James Weddell
Charles Wilkes


Yermak (Timofeyevich)

Discovers of the Pacific Map Poster, 1974
Discoverers of the Pacific
Map Poster, 1974

World Explorer Map, Art Print
World Explorer Map,
Art Print

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