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Year of Healthy Living Calendars
Year of Healthy Living Calendars

FREE Nourishing the Planet
in the 21st Century

Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy
Eat, Dring and
Be Healthy:
The Harvard Medical School Guide to
Healthy Eating

Diet for a Small Planet
Diet for a
Small Planet

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Nutrition Health Educational Posters & Charts
for the science and cooking classroom, home schoolers, and nutritionists.

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Nutrition is the scientific study of the relationship between what is eaten (diet) and the state of health or condition of well-being to survive, regenerate, maintain function, and develop structural foundations as evidenced by stunted physical and intellectual development.

Malnutition (bad-nutrition) is the condition of an improper or inadequate diet where a nutrient is over or underabundant. For instance, lack of breastfeeding is a leading cause of malnutrition in infants.

Feast and Famine, Art Print
Feast and Famine,
Art Print

Famine, widespread scarcity of food resulting in malnutrition, starvation, epidemics and death, can be caused by environmental events such floods and droughts, economic disruptions, and political factors like armed conflict. It is estimated that more than 840 million people in the world are malnourished from lack of calories, 799 million of them live in the developing world and more than 153 million are children under the age of five.

The “diet” of a nation or region is based on the complex interaction of food supply availability with cultural preferences and traditions for preparation and consumption. Calories, the unit of measurement for energy stored in food as a combination of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, organic acids, polyois and ethanol, is only one way of measuring the quality of nutrition, and may leave out valuable considerations.

Losing or gaining one pound a week depends on either cutting or adding 500 calories per day (one pound = 3500 calories÷7=500). If you cut 250 calories from your daily intake and burn another 250 calories a day, you will lose one pound a week. Burning calories can be as easy - take a walk with your spouse, child, friend, or dog; using the stairs instead of the elevator; parking farther from the store or walk to the store; losing the remote control to change the channel; doing garden work. The American Academy of Family Physicians tells us that it is an accumulation of lifestyle habits that have the long term effects.


Nutrition Quotes ~
• “There is small danger of being starved in our land of plenty; but the danger of being stuffed is imminent.” ~ Sarah Josepha Hale
• “I pity the man who wants a coat so cheap that the man or woman who produces the cloth will starve in the process.” ~ Benjamin Harrison
• “What is food to one man may be fierce poison to others.” - Lucretius

My Pyramid, Steps to a Healthier You Poster
Kids, My Pyramid,
Steps to a Healthier You

My Pyramid, Steps to a Healthier You -

Make healthy food choices and be active every day. MyPyramid show that can benefit from taking small steps to improve your diet and lifestyle each day. Proportionality, Variety, Personalization (One size does not fit all.), Moderation, Activity.

My Pyramid Laminated Poster
My Pyramid
Laminated Poster

LESSON IDEA - Have your students calculate how many ounces of grain would be required for the classroom, the school, the families of students, and the community, that would satisfy a daily 2,000 calorie diet. For instance, recommends 6 oz of grain each day. Then research where this food is grown, how it is produced and marketed, the cost of feeding various size populations, the resources needed to feed 6 ounces of grain each person.

My Pyramid: Steps to a Healthier You Poster
My Pyramid:
Steps to a Healthier
You Poster

Another facet of the lesson could be baking bread, a study of the word companion (someone you break bread with), the health care costs of not eating a balanced diet.

Sharing Food posters and lesson plan ideas

Keys To Healty Eating Anatomical Chart
Keys To Healty Eating Anatomical Chart

Keys To Healty Eating Anatomical Chart
Defines and describes the role of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and vitamins and minerals in the body. Discusses various low-fat diets associated with vegetarianism, complimentary proteins, and healthy ways to eat meat. Lists good sources of fiber and vegetable protein. Shows recommended daily requirements of key vitamins and minerals and discusses supplements. Diagrams percent of calorie intake that should come from carbs, protein, and fats. Also available in Spanish.

Nutritious Pregnancy Wall Chart
Nutritious Pregnancy
Wall Chart

Nutritious Pregnancy Wall Chart
Shows food and herbal sources of protein, calcium, iron, and folic acid as well as how many grams of each are in common foods. Hang in the kitchen to be easily referenced at mealtimes.

reproductive system
female anatomical posters
child development posters

Catch a Rainbow Poster
Catch a Rainbow Poster

Catch a Rainbow

Stay healty by eathing 8-9 fruits & vegetables every day! Can you eat different colors today?

Portion Distortion Poster
Portion Distortion Poster

Portion Distortion

Measure up, Bigger isn't better, By the number, Everyday excess.

Did you know - The number of overweight people in the world – 1.1 billion – now equals the number of undernourished people?


• Author and food lover Orson Welles said “My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people.”

Handy Portions Poster
Handy Portions Poster

Handy Portions

When thinking about portions of the food you eat use this "handy" guide to help you. - 3 oz. of meat=same size as the palm of your hand; 1/2 cup cooked vegetables or past=same as one cupped hand; 1 oz. of cheese=same as length and width of you thumb; 1 teaspoon=same as the tip of your thumb; 1 cup of raw leafy vegetables of spinach=same as two cupped hands; 1 tablespoon=same as three thumb tips; 1 cup of dry cereal/popcorn or 1 medium piece of fruit=same as the size of your fist.

LESSON IDEA - If you are using this poster with younger children have them compare the size of their hand with an adult. Have samples of nonperishable food (pasta for example unless you want to share other food items as part of the lesson) and measure the portion in an adult hand, a child hand and a measuring cup.

You Are What You Eat Poster
You Are What You Eat Poster

You Are What You Eat

Remember - it's what's inside that counts. Top 10 healthy picks: carrots, soy, tuna, garlic, spinach, oatmeal, yogurt, broccoli, oranges, tomatoes.

50 Ways To Eat Healthier Poster
50 Ways To Eat Healthier Poster

50 Ways to Eat Healthier-

Make a fruit smoothie for breakfast or a snack, skip adding sugar to foods like cereal, fruit, or iced tea, change to a whole grain breakfast cereal, drink milk with your meals instead of soda, put sliced bananas or strawberries on your cereal, eat fruit for dessert, skip ordering “supersizes”, share your fries, put away the salt shaker, go to the farmers' market for freshest produce, plant a vegetable garden ...

Vegetarian? Laminated Poster
Laminated Poster

Are you a Vegetarian? Have you made a choice not to eat meat, poultry or fish?

Eat a variety of foods for you health | Quick, health food choices | Include vegetarian sources of protein for energy and growth.

• more vegetable posters

Drink Less Sugar, Laminated Poster
Drink Less Sugar,
Laminated Poster

Drink Healthy, Drink Light with less sugar ...

Who thinks about what they drink when munching of a burger, bagel, or banana?

Ace Lunch Laminated Poster
Ace Lunch Laminated Poster

Munch on an A-C-E Lunch - What's on Your Tray?

Grab something healthy for lunch if you want: • a bright brain, • a memorable smile, • shiny hair, • glowing skin, • energy to get you through the day.

Extra Smart Drings

A Healthy Habit: Read Food Labels Poster
A Healthy Habit: Read Food Labels Poster

A Healthy Habit: Read Food Labels

Scan the Nutrition Facts panel on packages to evaluate what's inside and compare the nutrient value of foods - hints include “Start Here” with serving size and end with “Footnotes”.

Dairy, Calcium Rich Food, Poster
Calcium Rich Foods, Poster

Get Your Calcium Rich Foods, creamy, fresh, simple, rich, Savor the Flavor.

dairy posters

Beauty Sold Here, Laminated Poster
Beauty Sold Here,
Laminated Poster

Beauty Sold Here - the benefits of healthy eating go beyond “good health.”

Try a clearer complexion, whiter teerth, brighter eyes, shinier hair, improved energy, and thwarted weight gain. You can't buy that in a bottle. Try it. Eat fruits and vegetables. Lean meats, beans, and fish. Lowfat milk. Whole grains. And plenty of water.

Vegetables - Vary Your Veggies, Poster
Vegetables - Vary Your Veggies, Poster

Vegetables - Vary Your Veggies - Fresh, Crunchy, Colorful, Bright - Bite into a bunch of good stuff!

vegetables posters

Eat Smart! - The likenesses of Einstein, Lincoln, Barack Obama, and Sherlock Holmes are such familiar images that even a suggestion of their countenance imparts the aura of wisdom.

Einstein, Eat Smart, Poster
Albert Einstein,
Eat Smart, Poster

Barack Obama, Eat Smart, Poster
Barack Obama,
Eat Smart, Poster

Abraham Lincoln, Eat Smart, Poster
Abraham Lincoln,
Eat Smart, Poster

Michelle Obama, Eat Smart, Poster
Michelle Obama,
Eat Smart, Poster

Take a look at Giuseppe Arcimboldo portraits of the Four Seasons- the faces of the seasons are composed of fruits, vegetables, and other edibles representative of the season.

Einstein posters
Lincoln posters
Holmes posters
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