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Spain Calendars
Spain Calendars

Spanish Living Language Calendars
Spanish Living Language Calendars


rojo = red
rosado = pink
azul = blue
verde = green
amarillo = yellow
anaranjado = orange
violeta = violet
dorado = gold
plateado = silver
blanco = white
negro = black
gris = gray
marron = brown


Hispanic Magazine
Hispanic Magazine

The Hispanic Way
The Hispanic Way

Music of New Mexico
Music of
New Mexico:
Hispanic Traditions

The Latino Holiday Book
The Latino
Holiday Book

From Rage to Hope
From Rage to Hope: Strategies for Reclaiming Black & Hispanic Students

Companion to Hispanic Studies
The Companion
to Hispanic Studies

The Hispanic Cookbook
The Hispanic Cookbook/La Cocina Hispano-Americana

Eats. Shoots and Leaves
De Colores & Other Latin-American Folk Songs for Children

Monopoly Spanish Version
Spanish Version

Teacher's Best - The Creative Process

Spanish Language Charts Educational Posters & Art Prints
for the Spanish language and social studies classrooms, home schoolers, offices.

Latinos > SPANISH LANGUAGE CHARTS < social studies

Todos Somos Diferentes- We're All Different, Art Print
Todos Somos Diferentes- We're All Different,
Art Print

Todos Somos Diferentes- We're All Different

“No nos hemos convertido en un crisol, sino en un precioso mosaico con gentre, creencias, anhelos, esperanzas y sueños diferentes”.
Jimmy Carter

South America posters
Central America posters
Mexico posters
Spain posters

Latino & Hispanic
Posters Index

Contemporary Latinos
Hispanic Heritage
Latino Writers

Salvador Dali
Rupert Garcia
Frieda Kahlo
Joan Miro
Pablo Picasso
Diego Rivera

Isabelle Allende
Julia Alvarez
Luis Alvarez
Jorge Luis Borges
Sandra Cisneros
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
Oscar Hijuelos
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Jose Marti
Gabriela Mistral
Nicholasa Mohr
Octavio Paz
Gary Soto
William Carlos Williams

Christopher Columbus
Hernan Cortes
Vasco de Gama
Juan Ponce de Leon
Francisco Pizarro

Musicians & Entertainers
Pablo Casals
Gloria Estefan
John Leguizamo
Rita Moreno
Chita Rivera
Graciela Rivera


Roberto Acuna
Luis Alvarez
Simon Bolivar
Carlos Castaneda
Cesar Chavez
Roberto Clemente
Jaime Escalante
Nancy Lopez
Ellen Ochoa
Lucy Parsons
Antonia Novello
Bill Richardson
Lucille Roybal-Allard
Ray Suarez

Circulatory System Poster
Circulatory System Poster

Circulatory System Poster
Sistema Circolatorio, Systeme Circulatoire, Sistema Circulatoro

• more circulatory system charts

Skeletal System poster
Skeletal System

Skeletal System Poster
Eng, Fr, Spanish

• more skeletal system charts

Keys to Healthy Eating Anatomical Chart in Spanish (Claves Para Una Alimentaci, n Saludable) Claves Para Una Alimentaci, n Saludable (Keys to Healthy Eating Anatomical Chart in Spanish)
This informative and completely updated chart covers all the major topics for good nutrition and health, translated into Spanish. It contains excellent descriptions of fats, types of cholesterol, carbohydrates (including the Glycemic Index), protein, and fiber. A table of the benefits and sources of vitamins for various life stages is included. The chart provides visual comparisons of portion sizes of food with other common items (e.g., a cup of pasta is about the size of a tennis ball). Other features include a step-by-step guide on how to read a food label and information on the latest food pyramid.

digestive system charts
nutrition posters

Enchilada Recipe, Art Print
Enchilada Recipe,
Art Print

Enchilada Recipe

Mexico posters

Snakes - International Edition (English - French - German - Spanish) Poster
Snakes - International Edition (English - French - German - Spanish) Poster

Snakes Poster, International Edition (English - Italian - French - German - Spanish)

reptiles & amphibians posters

Olympus Mons Volcano, Mars
Giant Tortoise on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador,
Photographic Print

The Spanish word for saddleback, galapagos, was given to the equitorial islands 600 miles off the coast of the South American country of Ecuador because the giant tortoises they found there reminded them of saddles. The Galapagos Islands is where Charles Darwin started to think about natural selection as the driving force of evolving species.

How the World Says Hello, Art Print
How the World
Says Hello,
Art Print

How the World
Says Hello -
China: ni hao
Frane: bonjour
Mexico: hola
Greece: kalinera
India: eije
Kenya: jambo
USA: hello
Russia: zdravstvuite

• more peace & justice posters

Pedernal by Georgia O'Keeffe 1941-42, Art Print
Pedernal by
Georgia O'Keeffe

Did you know the Spanish word for flint is 'pedernal"?

The Spanish explorers and colonists gave the name Pedernal (9,862 ft) to the flat topped butte in the northern New Mexico Jemez Mountains. Local Native American's made arrowheads, knives, spearpoints and and scrapers from the stone they found here. Noted American artist Georgia O’Keeffe lived nearby and painted the peak numerous times.

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