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Famous opera singers, vocalists ~

Marion N. Talley
Richard Tauber
Renata Tebaldi

Luisa Tetrazzini
Maggie Teyte
Lawrence M. Tibbett

Helen Traubel
Margaret Truman

Marion Talley, 1927, Photo Print
Marion Talley, 1927,
Photo Print

Marion Talley
b. 12-20-1906; Nevada, MO
d. 1-3-1983; Los Angeles

The Talley family moved to Kansas City when Marion was 6 months old. She debuted at Metropolitan Opera, age 19, the youngest prima donna in Met history. Talley retired for a few years, had a come back in Chicago, tried Hollywood, and then withdrew from public performance to concentrate on family.

Richard Tauber, Austrian Opera Singer based in Britain, Photographic Print
Richard Tauber,
Photographic Print

Richard Tauber
b. 5-16-1891; Linz, Austria
d. 1-8-1948; London (lung cancer)

Tenor Richard Tauber is considered one of the greatest singers of the 20th century.

Renata Tebaldi
b. 2-1-1922; Pesaro, Italy
d. 12-19-2004; San Marino

Soprano Renata Tebaldi, who had been stricken with polio at age three, focused primarily of verismo roles. Her voice teacher was Carmen Melis.

Luisa Tetrazzini, Italian Opera Singer in 1909, Photographic Print
Luisa Tetrazzini,
Photographic Print

Luisa Tetrazzini
b. 6-29-1871; Florence, Italy
d. 4-28-1941; Milan

Coloratura soprano Luisa Tetrazzini was very successful operatic and concert singer in Europe and America from the 1890s through to the 1920s. The dish Chicken Tetrazzini is thought to be named for her.

Maggie Teyte, Photographic Print
Maggie Teyte,
Photographic Print

Maggie Teyte (née Margaret Tate)
b. 4-17-1888; England
d. 5-26-1976

Maggie Teyte was a British operatic soprano & sister-in-law to music hall singer Lottie Collins.

Under Your Spell, Lawrence Tibbett, Wendy Barrie, 1936, Giclee Print
Under Your Spell,
Lawrence Tibbett,
Wendy Barrie, 1936,
Giclee Print

Lawrence M. Tibbett
b. 11-15-1896; Bakersfield, CA
d. 7-15-1960; New York City

Baritone Lawrence Tibbett sang with the Metropolitian Opera, in the movies, on the radio and did numerous recordings.

Actress Helen Traubel Rehearsing for 'The Mikado' for a TV Program, Photographic Print
Helen Traubel
for 'The Mikado',
Photographic Print

Helen Traubel
b. 6-16-1899; St. Louis, MO
d. 7-28-1972; Santa Monica, CA

Singer Margaret Truman, Photographic Print
Margaret Truman,
Photographic Print

Margaret Truman
b. 2-17-1924; Independence, MO
d. 1-29-2008; Chicago, IL

Margaret Truman, the only child of President Harry S Truman and Bess Truman, was a singer and later, author.

Operatic Tenor Richard Tucker Singing the Role of Enzo in Ponchielli's Opera "La Gioconda", Photographic Print
Richard Tucker as Enzo
in Ponchielli's
“La Gioconda”,
Photographic Print

Richard Tucker
b. 8-28-1913; Brooklyn, NY
d. 1-8-1975; Kalamazoo, MI (heart attack before performance.

Tenor Richard Tucker, who made his debut at the Metropolitain in 1945, is the only person whose funeral was held on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.

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