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August Observances: poster links resource links
National Immunization Month health posters CDC
National Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month MS Explained poster Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy
National Water Quality Month water posters EPA
First Week of August
World Breastfeeding Week Nursing Mother, Cassatt La Leche League
National Clown Week National Clown Week
Second Week of August
Tolkien Conference - 2012 (2013-March) Tolkien Society
Third Week of August
Fourth Week of August
August Holidays
8-26, Women's Equality Day Women Activists List

Women's Equality Day Resource File

August Notable Dates
b. 8-1-1770 - William Clark, explorer Lewis & Clark Posters
b. 8-1-1744 - Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, zoologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Resource File
b. 8-1-1779 - Francis Scott Key, lawyer & amateur poet Fort McHenry National Park
b. 8-1-1818 - Maria Mitchell, astronomer Maria Mitchell Resource File
b. 8-1-1819 - Herman Melville, author CP Links for Learning - Melville
b. 8-1-1837 - “Mother” Jones, activist Mother Jones Resource File
b. 8-1-1914 - Devi Dja, Balinese dancer Balinese Dance Resource File
b. 8-1-1930 - Geoffrey Holder, dancer Geoffrey Holder Resource File

b. 8-2-1834 - Frédéric Bartholdi, architect Frédéric Bartholdi Resource File
b. 8-2-1871 - John Sloan, artist John F. Sloan Resource File
b. 8-2-1922 - Shimon Perez, politician & 1994 Nobel Peace Prize Shimon Perez Resource File
b. 8-2-1924 - James Baldwin, author CP Links for Learning - Baldwin
b. 8-2-1937 - Gundula Janowitz, lyric soprano Gundula Janowitz Resource File
b. 8-2-1942 - Isabel Allende, author CP Links for Learning - Allende

b. 8-3-1785 - Oliver Hazard Perry, War of 1812 hero Oliver Hazard Perry Resource File
b. 8-3-1832 - Edward Wilmot Blyden, author & educator Edward Wilmot Blyden Resource File
b. 8-3-1841 - Juliana Horatia Ewing, author Juliana Horatia Ewing Resource File
b. 8-3-1871 - Vernon Louis Parrington, historian Vernon Louis Parrington Resource File
b. 8-3-1887 - Rupert Brooke, poet Rupert Brooke Resource File
b. 8-3-1893 - Huey P. Long, politician Huey P. Long Resource File
b. 8-3-1900 - Ernie Pyle, journalist Ernie Pyle Resource File
b. 8-3-1900 - John T. Scopes, educator (Scopes Monkey Trial) John T. Scopes Resource File
b. 8-3-1905 - Maggie Kuhn, social activist Maggie Kuhn Resource File
b. 8-3-1905 - Delores del Rio, actress Delores del Rio Resource File
b. 8-3-1940 - Martin Sheen, actor Martin Sheen Resource File

b. 8-4-1841 - William Henry Hudson, author, naturalist, ornithologist William Henry Hudson Resource File
b. 8-4-1859 - Knut Hamsun, author Knut Hamsun Resource File
b. 8-4-1901 - Louis Armstrong, musician CP Links for Learning - Armstrong
b. 8-4-1901 - Benny Carter, musician Benny Carter Resource File
b. 8-4-1912 - Raoul Wallenberg, humanitarian Raoul Wallenberg Resource File
b. 8-4-1913 - Robert Hayden, poet & educator Robert Hayden Resource File
b. 8-4-1961 - Barack Obama, 44th US president Barack Obama Resource File

b. 8-5-1397 - Guillaume Dufay, composer Guillaume Dufay Resource File
b. 8-5-1815 - John Edward Eyre, explorer John Edward Eyre Resource File
b. 8-5-1850 - Guy de Maupassant, author Guy de Maupassant Resource File
b. 8-5-1860 - Louis Wain, artist Louis Wain Resource File
b. 8-5-1880 - Ruth Sawyer, children's author Ruth Sawyer Resource File
b. 8-5-1889 - Conrad Aiken, poet Conrad Aiken Resource File
b. 8-5-1934 - Wendell Berry, environmentalist Wendell Berry Resource File
b. 8-5-1946 - Shirley A. Jackson, physicist Shirley A. Jackson Bio-
b. 8-5-1930 - Neil Armstrong, astronaut NASA Biography

d. 8-6-1585 - Yermak Timofeyevich, explorer Yermak Resource File
b. 8-6-1809 - Alfred, Lord Tenneyson, poet Alfred, Lord Tenneyson Resource File
b. 8-6-1881 - Dr. Alexander Fleming, physician and researcher Alexander Fleming Resource File
b. 8-6-1883 - Scott Nearing, teacher, environmentalist Scott Nearing Resource File
b. 8-6-1908 - Helen Jacobs, tennis player Helen Jacobs Resource File
b. 8-6-1911 - Lucille Ball, actress Museum TV
b. 8-6-1916 - Richard Hofstadter, historian Richard Hofstadter Resource File
b. 8-6-1919 - Pauline Betz, tennis champion Pauline Betz Resource File
b. 8-6-1928 - Andy Warhol, artist Andy Warhol Resource File
• 8-6-1945 - US Drops A-Bomb on Japan City of Hiroshima Peace Ceremony

b. 8-7-1742 - Nathanael Greene, Revolutionary War hero Nathanael Greene Resource File
b. 8-7-1848 - Alice James, diarist Alice James Resource File
b. 8-7-1867 - Emil Nolde, Expressionist artist Emil Nolde Resource File
b. 8-7-1876 - Mata Hari, femme fatale & spy Mata Hari Resource File
b. 8-7-1884 - Billie Burke, actress Emil Nolde Resource File
b. 8-7-1890 - Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, activist Elizabeth Gurley Flynn Resource File
b. 8-7-1903 - Ralph Bunche, diplomat Ralph Bunche: An American Odyssey

b. 8-8-1763 - Charles Bulfinch, architect Charles Bulfinch Resource File
b. 8-8-1901 - Ernest O. Lawrence, physicist Ernest O. Lawrence Resource File
b. 8-8-1792 - Percy Bysshe Shelley, poet Percy Bysshe Shelley Resource File
d. 8-8-1856 - Madame Vestris, contralto opera singer Madame Vestris Resource File
b. 8-8-1866 - Matthew Henson, explorer Matthew Henson Resource File
b. 8-8-1884 - Sara Teasdale, poet Sara Teasdale Resource File
b. 8-8-1896 - Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Resource File
b. 8-8-1902 - Paul Dirac, physicist Paul Dirac Resource File
b. 8-8-1921 - Esther Williams, swimmer & movie actress Esther Williams Resource File
d. 8-8-1931 - Roger Penrose, physicist Roger Penrose Resource File
d. 8-8-1936 - Mourning Dove (Christine Quintasket), activist & author Mourning Dove Resource File

b. 8-9-1593 - Izaak Walton, author Izaak Walton Resource File
b. 8-9-1754 - Pierre Charles L'Enfant, architect Pierre Charles L'Enfant Resource File
b. 8-9-1776 - Amedeo Avogadro, physicist Amedeo Avogadro Resource File
b. 8-9-1819 - W. T. G. Morton, dentist W. T. G. Morton Resource File
b. 8-9-1896 - Jean Piaget, psychologist Jean Piaget Resource File
b. 8-9-1897 - Leonide Massine, ballet dancer & choreographer Leonide Massine Resource File
b. 8-9-1928 - Camilla Wicks, violinist Camilla Wicks Resource File
b. 8-9-1963 - Whitney Houston, singer & actress Whitney Houston Resource File

• 8-10-1821 - Missouri admitted to the Union, 24th Missouri Facts
b. 8-10-1868 - Hugo Eckener, aviator Hugo Eckener Resource File
b. 8-10-1874 - Herbert Hoover, 31st US President White House Bio - Hoover
b. 8-10-1898 - Jack Haley, entertainer Jack Haley Resource File

b. 8-11-1896 - Louise Bogan, poet & critic Louise Bogan Resource File
b. 8-11-1921 - Alex Haley, author Alex Haley Resource File
b. 8-11-1950 - Steve Wozniack, Apple Computers Steve Wozniak Resource File

d. 8-12-30 BC - Cleopatra, Egyptian pharoah Cleopatra Resource File
d. 8-12-1676 - Metacomet “King Philip”, Native Amercian King Philip Resource File
b. 8-12-1737 - Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, food activist Antoine-Augustin Parmentier Resource File
b. 8-12-1774 - Robert Southey, poet Robert Southey Resource File
b. 8-12-1859 - Katherine Lee Bates, poet Katherine Lee Bates Resource File
b. 8-12-1866 - Jacinto Benavente y Martinez, dramatist Jacinto Benavente y Martinez Resource File
b. 8-12-1867 - Edith Hamilton, author Edith Hamilton Resource File
b. 8-12-1887- Erwin Schrödinger, physicist Erwin Schrödinger Resource File
b. 8-12-1890/91 - Lillian Evanti, soprano opera singer Lillian Evanti Resource File
b. 8-12-1910 - Eliot Noyes, architect Eliot Noyes Resource File
b. 8-12-1945 - Jean Nouvel, architect Jean Nouvel Resource File

b. 8-13-1818 - Lucy Stone, human rights activist Lucy Stone Resource File
b. 8-13-1860 - Annie Oakley, sharpshooter Annie Oakley Resource File
b. 8-13-1865 - Emma Eames, opera singer Emma Eames Resource File
b. 8-13-1912 - Salvador Luria, biologist Salvador Luria Resource File
b. 8-13-1918 - Frederick Sanger, biologist Frederick Sanger Resource File
b. 8-13-1948 - Kathleen Battle, soprano opera singer Kathleen Battle Resource File
b. 8-13-1955 - Joycelyn Elders, physician & professor Jocelyn Elders Resource File

b. 8-14-1734 - Thomas Sumter, Revolutionary War Thomas Sumter Resource File
b. 8-14-1867 - John Galsworthy, author John Galsworthy Resource File
• 8-14-1935 - Social Security Act aging & maturity anatomy posters Social Security Online
• 8-14-1945 - Japan Surrenders, WWII
b. 8-14-1959 - Magic Johnson, basketball player Magic Johnson Resource File
b. 8-14-1966 - Halle Berry, actress Halle Berry Resource File

b. 8-15-1771 - Sir Walter Scott, author Sir Walter Scott Digital Library
b. 8-15-1787 - Eliza Lee Cabot Follen, author & abolitionist Eliza Lee Cabot Follen Resource File
b. 8-15-1810 - Louise Colet, poet & inspiration for Madame Bovary Louise Colet Resource File
b. 8-15-1818 - Biddy Mason, nurse & midwife Biddy Mason Resource File
b. 8-15-1845 - Walter Crane, artist Walter Crane Resource File
b. 8-15-1858 - Edith Nesbit, children's author Edith Nesbit Resource File
b. 8-15-1872 - Sri Aurobindo, yogi, visionary Sri Aurobindo Resource File
b. 8-15-1875 - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, composer Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Resource File
b. 8-15-1879 - Ethel Barrymore, actress Ethel Barrymore Resource File
b. 8-15-1885 - Edna Ferber, author Edna Ferber Resource File
b. 8-15-1898 - Lillian Carter, nurse, & mother of Jimmy Carter Lillian Carter Resource File
b. 8-15-1912 - Julia Child, chef Julia Child Resource File
b. 8-15-1917 - Bishop Oscar Romero, human rights Oscar Romero Resource File
b. 8-15-1925 - Oscar Peterson, musician Oscar Peterson Resource File
b. 8-15-1933 - Stanley Milgram, psychologist Stanely Milgram Resource File

b. 8-16-1645 - Jean de la Bruyere, author Jean de la Bruyere Resource File
b. 8-16-1679 - Catharine Trotter Cockburn, author Catharine Cockburn Resource File
b. 8-16-1744 - Pierre Mechain, astronomer Pierre Mechain Resource File
b. 8-16-1827 - Frances Buss, educator & suffragette Frances Buss Resource File
b. 8-16-1832 - Wilhelm Wundt, physician & psychologist Wilhelm Wundt Resource File
b. 8-16-1876 - Ivan Bilibin, illustrator Ivan Bilibin Resource File
b. 8-16-1884 - Hugo Gernsback, author & inventor Hugo Gernsback Resource File
b. 8-16-1888 - T. E. Lawrence, author T. E. Lawrence Resource File
b. 8-16-1902 - Wallace Thurman, author Wallace Thurman Resource File
b. 8-16-1910 - Mae Clarke, actress Mae Clarke Resource File
b. 8-16-1910 - Georgette Heyer, author Georgette Heyer Resource File
b. 8-16-1911 - E. F. Schumacher, economist, environmentalist E. F. Schumacher Resource File
b. 8-16-1920 - Charles Bukowski, author Charles Bukowski Resource File
b. 8-16-1933 - Stuart Roosa, astronaut Stuart Roosa Resource File
b. 8-16-1945 - Suzanne Farrell, ballerina Suzanne Farrell Resource File
b. 8-16-1956 - Madonna, entertainer Madonna Resource File

b. 8-17-1601 - Pierre de Fermat, mathematician Pierre de Fermat Resource File
b. 8-17-1786 - Davy Crockett, frontiersman Davy Crockett Resource File
b. 8-17-1798 - Thomas Hodgkin, physician Thomas Hodgkin Resource File
b. 8-17-1801 - Fredrika Bremer, author & activist Fredrika Bremer Resource File
b. 8-17-1863 - Gene Stratton-Porter, author & conservationist Gene Stratton-Porter Resource File
b. 8-17-1871 - Orville Wright, inventor NASA History of Flight
b. 8-17-1887 - Marcus Garvey, activist CP Links for Learning - Marcus Garvey
b. 8-17-1887 - Mae West, actress Mae West Resource File
b. 8-17-1920 - Maureen O'Hara, actress Maureen O'Hara Resource File
b. 8-17-1930 - Ted Hughes, poet Ted Hughes Resource File
b. 8-17-1932 - Gabriel Kolko, historian Gabriel Kolko Resource File

b. 8-18-1750 - Antonio Salieri, composer Antonio Salieri Resource File
b. 8-18-1774 - Meriwether Lewis, explorer Meriwether Lewis Resource File
b. 8-18-1810 - Jules Perrot, choreographer Jules Perrot Resource File
b. 8-18-1899 - Pietro Belluschi, architect Pietro Belluschi Resource File
b. 8-18-1931 - Seymour Chwast, artist Seymour Chwast Resource File
b. 8-18-1934 - Roberto Clemente, baseball player Roberto Clemente Resource File
b. 8-18-1952 - Patrick Swayze, actor & dancer Patrick Swayze Resource File

b. 8-19-1646 - John Dryden, poet & playwright John Dryden Resource File
b. 8-19-1646 - John Flamsteed, astronomer John Flamsteed Resource File
b. 8-19-1689 - Samuel Richardson, author Samuel Richardson Resource File
b. 8-19-1807 - Jane Loudon, author Jane Loudon Resource File
b. 8-19-1883 - Coco Chanel, fashion designer Coco Chanel Resource File
b. 8-19-1883 - Leonid Kulik, explorer Leonid Kulik Resource File
b. 8-19-1902 - Ogden Nash, poet Ogden Nash Resource File
b. 8-19-1906 - Philo T. Farnsworth, inventor Philo T. Farnsworth Resource File
d. 8-19-1924 - Ferdinand Cheval, naive architect Ferdinand Cheval Resource File
d. 8-19-1935 - F. Story Musgrave, astronaut F. Story Musgrave Resource File
b. 8-19-1946 - Bill Clinton, 42nd US President Bill Clinton Biography - White House

d. 8-20-1630 - Maria van Oosterwyck, artist Maria van Oosterwyck Resource File
d. 8-20-1643 - Anne Hutchinson, theologian Anne Hutchinson Resource File
b. 8-20-1778 - Bernardo O'Higgins, Chilean Independence Leader Bernardo O'Higgins Resource File
b. 8-20-1779 - Jons Jakob Berzelius, scientist Jons Jakob Berzelius Resource File
• 7-20-1794 - Battle of Fallen Timbers, in present-day Maumee, Ohio
b. 8-20-1827 - Joseph Strauss, composer Joseph Strauss Resource File
b. 8-20-1833 - Benjamin Harrison, 23rd US President Benjamin Harrison Biography
b. 8-20-1881 - Edgar Guest, author Edgar Guest Resource File
b. 8-20-1843 - Christina Nilsson, opera singer Christina Nilsson Resource File
b. 8-20-1890 - H. P. Lovecraft, author H. P. Lovecraft Resource File
b. 8-20-1901 - Salvatore Quasimodo, Nobel Literature 1959 Salvatore Quasimodo Resource File
b. 8-20-1910 - Eero Saarinen, architect Eero Saarinen Resource File
b. 8-20-1935 - Ron Paul, politician & physician Ron Paul Resource File

b. 8-21-1798 - Jules Michelet, historian Jules Michelet Resource File
b. 8-21-1805 - Auguste Bournonville, ballet dancer Auguste Bournonville Resource File
b. 8-21-1872 - Aubrey Beardsley, artist Aubrey Beardsley Resource File
b. 8-21-1876 - Constantin von Economo, physician Constantin von Economo Resource File
b. 8-21-1904 - Count Basie, musician Count Basie bookmark Count Basie Biography
Count Basie Resource File
b. 8-21-1932 - Melvin Van Peebles, film maker Melvin Van Pebbles Resource File
b. 8-21-1936 - Wilt Chamberlain, basketball player Wilt Chamberlain Resource File
b. 8-21-1958 - Steve Case, founder of AOL Steve Case Resource File
b. 8-21-1973 - Sergey Brin, co-founder Google Sergey Brin Resource File
• 8-21-1959 - Hawaii becomes the 50th state Hawaii Facts

b. 8-22-1727 - Johann Joseph Gassner, exorcist Johann Joseph Gassner Resource File
b. 8-22-1773 - Aime Bonpland, botantist & explorer Aime Bonpland Resource File
b. 8-22-1822 - Virginia Poe, wife Edgar Allan Poe Virginia Poe Resource File
b. 8-22-1862 - Claude Debussy, composer Claude Debussy Resource File
b. 8-22-1883 - Raymonde de Laroche, aviator & actress Raymonde de Laroche Resource File
b. 8-22-1893 - Dorothy Parker, author Dorothy Parker Resource File
b. 8-22-1915 - David Dellinger, peace & justice activist David Dellinger Resource File
b. 8-22-1917 - John Lee Hooker, musician John Lee Hooker Resource File
b. 8-22-1920 - Ray Bradbury, author Ray Bradbury Resource File
b. 8-22-1920 - Denton Cooley, heart surgeon Denton Cooley Resource File
b. 8-22-1949 - Diana Nyad, swimmer Diana Nyad Resource File
b. 8-22-1970 - Giada de Laurentiis, chef Giada de Laurentiis Resource File
d. 8-22-1978 - Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya Founding Father Jomo Kenyatta Resource File

d. 8-23-1305 - William Wallace, “Braveheart”
William Wallace Resource File
b. 8-23-1741 - Jean François de Galaup, explorer Jean-Francois de Galaup Resource File
b. 8-23-1769 - Georges Cuvier, zoologist Georges Cuvier Resource File
b. 8-23-1854 - Moritz Moszkowski, composer Moszkowski Resoruce File
b. 8-23-1868 - Edgar Lee Masters, poet Edgar Lee Masters Resource File
b. 8-23-1912 - Gene Kelly, dancer & actor Gene Kelly Resource File
b. 8-23-1944 - Antonia Novello, MD Antonia Novello Resource File
• 8-23-1966 - 1st Photo of Earth from Moon NASA Photo Gallery

b. 8-24-1484 - Bartolome de las Casas, historian Bartolome de las Casas Resource File
b. 8-24-1552 - Lavinia Fontana, artist Lavinia Fontana Resource File
b. 8-24-1759 - William Wilberforce, abolitionist William Wilberforce Resource File
b. 8-24-1847 - Charles Follen McKim, architect Charles Follen McKim Resource File
b. 8-24-1862 - May Sinclair, author May Sinclair Resource File
b. 8-24-1899 - Jorge Luis Borges, author Jorge Luis Borges Bio
b. 8-24-1913 - Malcolm S. Knowles, educator Malcolm S. Knowles Resource File
b. 8-24-1922 - Howard Zinn, historian & educator Howard Zinn Resource File
b. 8-24-1929 - Yasser Arafat, Palestinian leader & Nobel Peace Prize Yasser Arafat Resource File
b. 8-24-1947 - Paulo Coelho, lyricist & author Paulo Coelho Resource File
b. 8-24-1951 - Oscar Hijuelos, author Oscar Hijuelos Resource File

d. 8-25-79 AD - Pliny the Elder, Eruption of Vesuvius
Pliny the Elder Resource File
b. 8-25-1723 - George Stubbs, artist George Stubbs Resource File
b. 8-25-1744 - Johann Gottfried Herder, philosopher Johann Gottfried Herder Resource File
b. 8-25-1807 - Narcisse Virgile Díaz, painter Narcisse Virgile Díaz Resource File
b. 8-25-1836 - Bret Harte, author Bret Harte Resource File
b. 8-25-1873 - Blanche Bates, actress Blanche Bates Resource File
b. 8-25-1910 - Ruby Keeler, dancer & actress Ruby Keeler Resource File
b. 8-25-1918 - Leonard Bernstein, composer Leonard Bernstein Resource File
b. 8-25-1927 - Althea Gibson, athlete Althea Gibson Resource File
b. 8-25-1949 - Gene Simmons, musician Gene Simmons Resource File
b. 8-25-1968 - Rachael Ray, chef Rachael Ray Resource File

b. 8-26-1743 - Antoine Lavoisier, scientist Antoine Lavoisier Resource File
b. 8-26-1880 - Guillaume Apollinaire, author Guillaume Apollinaire Resource File
b. 8-26-1874 - Zona Gale, author Zona Gale Resource File
b. 8-26-1903 - Bruno Bettelheim, psychologist/author Bruno Bettelheim Resource File
b. 8-26-1904 - Christopher Isherwood, author Christopher Isherwood Resource File
b. 8-26-1906 - Albert Sabin, medical researcher Albert Sabin Resource File

d. 8-27-1521 - Josquin des Pres, composer Josquin des Pres Resource File
b. 8-27-1770 - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, philosopher Hegel Resource File
b. 8-27-1865 - Charles G. Dawes, Nobel Peace Prize 1929 Charles G. Dawes Resource File
b. 8-27-1886 - Eric Coates, composer Eric Coates Resource File
b. 8-27-1899 - C. S. Forester, author C. S. Forester Resource File
b. 8-27-1908 - Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th US President Lyndon Baines Johnson Bio
b. 8-27-1909 - Lester Young, musician Lester Young Resource File
b. 8-27-1910 - Mother Teresa, Skopje, Macedonia CP Links for Learning - Mother Teresa
b. 8-27-1932 - Antonia Fraser, historian & author Antonia Fraser Resource File

b. 8-28-865 - Rhazes, polymath, physician, philosopher Rhazes Resource File
b. 8-28-1728 - John Stark, Revolutionary War Hero John Stark Resource File
b. 8-28-1749 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, philosopher, author & scientist Johan Wolfgang von Goethe Resource File
b. 8-28-1774 - Mother Seton, religious activist Mother Seton Resource File
b. 8-28-1828 - Leo Tolstoy, author Leo Tolstoy Biography
b. 8-28-1882 - Alfred Leete, illustrator Alfred Leete Resource File
b. 8-28-1908 - Roger Tory Peterson, ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson Institute
• 8-28-1565 - St. Ausgustine, Florida established City of St. Augustine Official site
b. 8-28-1913 - Richard Tucker, opera Richard Tucker Resource File
b. 8-28-1915 - Tasha Tudor, artist Tasha Tudor Resource File
b. 8-28-1925 - Donald O'Connor, dancer & actor Donald O'Connor Resource File
b. 8-28-1952 - Rita Dove, poet Rita Dove Resource File
• 8-28-1963 - Martin Luther King, Jr. - “I Have A Dream” Speech, Washington, D.C. CP Links for Learning - MLKing, Jr.

d. c. 8-29-1533 - Atahualpa, last Inca Emperor Atahualpa Resource File
b. 8-29-1632 - John Locke, philosopher John Locke Resource File
b. 8-29-1809 - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., poet & physician CP Links for Learning - O. W. Holmes
b. 8-29-1809 - Ingrid Bergman, actress Ingrid Bergman Resource File
b. 8-29-1817 - John Leech, artist John Leech Resource File
b. 8-29-1862 - Maurice Maeterlinck, author, Nobel Literature 1911 Maurice Maeterlinck Resource File
b. 8-29-1920 - Charlie Parker, musician CP Links for Learning - Parker
b. 8-29-1924 - Dinah Washington, musician Dinah Washington Resource File
b. 8-29-1958 - Michael Jackson, entertainer Michael Jackson Resource File
• 8-29-2005 - Hurricane Katrina makes landfall

b. 8-30-1797 - Mary Shelley, author (née Wollestonecraft Godwin) Mary Shelly Resource File
b. 8-30-1855 - Evelyn de Morgan, artist Evelyn de Morgan Resource File
b. 8-30-1871 - Ernest Rutherford, scientist Ernest Rutherford Resource File
b. 8-30-1901 - John Gunther, journalist John Gunther Resource File
b. 8-30-1901 - Roy Wilkins, civil rights activist Roy Wilkins Resource File
b. 8-30-1907 - John Mauchly, physicist & computer scientist John Mauchly Resource File
b. 8-30-1931 - Jack Swigert, astronaut & politician Jack Swigert Resource File

b. 8-31-1821 - Hermann von Helmholtz, scientist Hermann von Helmholtz Resource File
b. 8-31-1834 - Amilcare Ponchielli, composer Amilcare Ponchielli Resource File
b. 8-31-1870 - Maria Montessori, educator CP Links for Learning - Montessori
d. 8-31-1895 - Ely S. Parker, Civil War officer Ely S. Parker Resource File
b. 8-31-1908 - William Saroyan, author William Saroyan Resource File
b. 8-31-1936 - Marva Collins, educator Marva Collins’ Way at
b. 8-31-1945 - Itzhak Perlman, violinist Itzhak Perlman Resource File
August Facts & Tidbits

August: Threshing Wheat, Master Ermengaut, Giclee PrintAugust, 8th month of the year, was renamed in honor of Augustus Caesar because many important events in his rise to power happened in the former Sextillis (sixth month in the former ten month Roman calendar). Augustus is Latin for “majestic,” “the increaser,” or “venerable”. Other names for August include “Lughnasadh” in honor of the god Lugh (Gaelic - Ireland), and Japanese “hatsuki”.

Astrological Signs Astrology Resource File
Leo: July 23 - August 22 Leo poster
Leo, the Lion Ecard
fixed, fire, social; “I am,” passionate, dramatic, independent, noble, creative, leader, egotistical, heart/back; generous, proud, theatrical.
Virgo: August 23 - September 22 Virgo poster
Virgo, the Virgin Ecard
mutable, air, social; “I serve,” practical, work and service oriented, critical, common sense, intelligent, health conscious, fussy, intestines/ digestion; practical, efficient, critical.

Peridot - success, peace, & good luck
Jade - symbol of many virtues (Confucius)
Sardonyx - courage and victory

Minerals Chart Art Print Birthstones: Univ of Washington
Peridot Resource File
Jade Resource File
Sardonyx Resource File

gladiolus - strength of character & splendid beauty

flower posters Gladiolus Resource File
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