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November Teachable Moments | autumn posters list

November Observances:

poster links resource links
National Adoption Awareness Month National Adoption Awareness
Alzheimer's Awareness Month Alzheimer's Association
Child Safety & Protection Month Food Safety poster
Childhood Safety posters
Safety Quiz
National Native American Indian Heritage Month

Nat'l American Indian Heritage Month
American Indians & the Natural Worlds

Diabetes Awareness Month American Diabetes Association
Epilepsy Awareness Month Epilepsy Foundation
Flu & Pneumonia Campaign Cntr for Disease Control & Prevention
First Week of November
The first Sunday in November - Daylight time ends and clocks are set back one hour at 2:00 a.m. local daylight time, which becomes 1:00 a.m. local standard time. (Daylight savings time begins the second Sunday in March, set clocks ahead one hour at 2:00 a.m. local standard time, which becomes 3:00 a.m. local daylight time.)

Daylight Saving Time Date Calculator

Persistence of Time, Salvador Dali

U.S. Naval Observatory

World Time Zones

Second Week of November
Third Week of Novemberz
American Education Week Poster & Logo Art

National Education Assoc

Geographic Awareness Week geography posters National Geographic Association- education
Fourth Week of Novemberz
November Holidays
11-3-2013, Diwali, Festival of Lights
(10-23-14 | 11-11-15 | 10-30-16)
India posters What is Diwali?
10/1 - 11/2, Dias de los Muertos Mexico posters

Day of the Dead Mini-Unit

11-1, All Saints Day - All Hallows Christianity posters All Saints Day Resource File
11-2, All Souls Day Christianity posters All Soul's Day Resource File
11-11, Veteran's Day, WWI Armistice 1918 WWI posters Liberty Mem. Museum, Nat'l WWI Museum
Hapsburg Dynasty Resource File
11-13, World Kindness Day peace posters Acts of Kindness
11-15, America Recycles Day environment posters America Recycles Organization
11-15-12 - Muharram, Islamic New Year
(11-4-13; 10-25-14; 10-14-15)
Islamic posters Islam- Resource & Information
Muslin New Year
11-17, World Peace Day (also see International Day of Peace 9-21) peace posters
Fourth Thursday of November - Thanksgiving Thanksgiving posters
November Notable Dates
d. 11-1-1546 - Giulio Romano, architect Giulio Romano Resource File
d. 11-1-1815 - Crawford Long, physician Crawford Long Resource File
b. 11-1-1871 - Stephen Crane, author CP Links for Learning - Crane
b. 11-1-1880 - Alfred Wegener, geophysicist Alfred Wegener Resource File
b. 11-1-1896 - Edmund Blunden, poet Edmund Blunden Resource File
b. 11-1-1938 - Nicholasa Mohr, author Nicholasa Mohr Resource File

b. 11-2-1732 - John Dickinson, Revolutionary War John Dickinson Resource File
b. 11-2-1734 - Daniel Boone, explorer Daniel Boone Homestead, Pennsylvania
b. 11-2-1755 - Marie Antoinette Marie Antoinette Resource File
b. 11-2-1795 - James K. Polk, 11th US President White House Bio- Polk
b. 11-2-1808 - Jules Amedee Barbey d'Aurevilly, author Jules Barbey d'Aurevilly Resource File
b. 11-2-1885 - Harlow Shapley, astronomer Harlow Shapley Resource File
• 11-2-1889 - North Dakota joins the Union, 39th North Dakota Facts
• 11-2-1889 - South Dakota joins the Union, 40th South Dakota Facts
b. 11-2-1865 - Warren G. Harding, 29th US President White House Bio- Harding
b. 11-2-1913 - Carmen Amaya, flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya Resource File
b. 11-2-1915 - Beryl McBurnie, dancer Beryl McBurnie Resource File

b. 11-3-1718 - Fourth Earl of Sandwich History of the Sandwich
b. 11-3-1794 - William Cullen Bryant, author William Cullen Bryant Bio
b. 11-3-1801 - Vincenzo Bellini, composer Vincenzo Bellini Resource File
b. 11-3-1841 - Eugenius Warming, ecologist Eugenius Warming Resource File
b. 11-3-1877 - Rosalie Edge, conservationist, suffragette Rosalie Edge Resource File
b. 11-3-1901 - Andre Malraux, author Andre Malraux Resource File

b. 11-4-1862 - Eden Phillpotts, author Eden Phillpotts Resource File
b. 11-4-1879 - Will Rogers, humorist Will Rogers Resource File
b. 11-4-1905 - Lois Mailou Jones, artist Lois Mailou Jones Resource File
b. 11-4-1906 - Sterling North, author Sterling North Resource File
• 11-4-1922 - King Tut's Tomb discovered, Egypt King Tut-ankh-amun
b. 11-4-1975 - Curtis Stone, celebrity chef Curtis Stone Resource File

b. 11-5-1711 - Kitty Clive, actress Kitty Clive Resource File
b. 11-5-1855 - Eugene V. Debs, labor leader Eugene V. Debs Resource File
b. 11-5-1857 - Ida M. Tarbell, activist & journalist Ida Tarbell Resource File
b. 11-5-1885 - Will Durant, historian & teacher Will Durant Resource File
b. 11-5-1892 - John Alcock, aviator John Alcock Resource File
b. 11-5-1892 - J.B.S. Haldane, biologist J.B.S. Haldane Resource File
b. 11-5-1913 - Vivien Leigh, actress Vivien Leigh Resource File

b. 11-6-1814 - Adolphe Sax, musician & inventor of the saxophone Adolphe Sax Resource File
b. 11-6-1816 - William Wells Brown, author William Wells Brown Resource File
b. 11-6-1838 - Mary Ellen Edwards, illustrator
b. 11-6-1854 - John Philip Sousa, composer John Philip Sousa Resource File
b. 11-6-1906 - Louise Brooks, actress Louise Brooks Resource File
b. 11-6-1921 - James Jones, author James Jones Resource File

b. 11-7-1847 - Lotta Crabteee, entertainer Lotta Crabtree Resource File
b. 11-7-1867 - Marie Curie, physicist CP Links for Learning - Curie
b. 11-7-1882 - Dmitry Smirnov, opera tenor Dmitry Smirnov Resource File
b. 11-7-1888 - C. V. Raman, physicist C. V. Raman Resource File
b. 11-7-1913 - Albert Camus, author & philosopher Albert Camus Resource File
b. 11-7-1926 - Joan Sutherland, opera singer Joan Sutherland Resource File
b. 11-7-1943 - Joni Mitchell, singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell Resource File

d. 11-8-1656 - Martin of Tours - saint Martin of Tours Resource File
b. 11-8-1656 - Edmund Halley, astronomer Edmund Halley Resource File
b. 11-8-1656 - John Byron, navigator & explorer John Byron Resource File
b. 11-8-1737 - Joseph Antoine Bruni D'Entrecasteaux, explorer Bruni D'Entrecasteaux Resource File
b. 11-8-1847 - Bram Stoker, author Bram Stoker Resource File
b. 11-8-1884 - Hermann Rorschach, psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach Resource File
b. 11-8-1897 - Dorothy Day, social activist Dorothy Day Resource File
b. 11-8-1913 - June Havoc, dancer & actress June Havoc Resource File
b. 11-8-1922 - Dr. Christiaan Barnard, heart surgeon Dr. Christiaan Barnard Resource File
b. 11-8-1949 - Bonnie Raitt, musician Bonnie Raitt Resource File
b. 11-8-1966 - Gordon Ramsay, chef Gordon Ramsay Resource File

d. 11-9-1610 - Sir George Somers, explorer George Somers Resource File
b. 11-9-1721 - Mark Akinside, poet & physician Mark Akinside Resource File
b. 11-9-1731 - Benjamin Banneker, astronomer & mathematician CP Links for Learning - Banneker
b. 11-9-1818 - Ivan Turgenev, author Ivan Turgenev Resource File
b. 11-9-1853 - Stanford White, architect Stanford White Resource File
b. 11-9-1868 - Marie Dressler, actress Maria Dressler Resource File
b. 11-9-1871 - Florence Sabin, physician & scientist Florence Sabin Resource File
b. 11-9-1922 - Dorothy Dandridge, actress Dorothy Dandridge Resource File
b. 11-9-1923 - Alice Coachman, Olympic Gold Medalist Alice Coachman Resource File
b. 11-9-1928 - Anne Sexton, poet Anne Sexton Resource File
b. 11-9-1934 - Carl Sagan, astronomer Planetary Society
b. 11-9-1942 - Eliot Wigginton, oral historian & educator Eliot Wigginton Resource File

b. 11-10-1620 - Ninon de l'Enclos, author Ninon de l'Enclos Resource File
b. 11-10-1697 - William Hogarth, artist William Hogarth Resource File
b. 11-10-1730 - Oliver Goldsmith, author Oliver Goldsmith Resource File
b. 11-10-1759 - Friedrich Schiller, philosopher Friedrich Schiller Resource File
b. 11-10-1851 - Francis Maitland Balfour, biologist Francis Maitland Balfour Resource File
b. 11-10-1859 - Theophile Alexandre Steinlen, artist Theophile Alexandre Steinlen Resource File
b. 11-10-1879 - Vachel Lindsay, poet & author Vachel Lindsay Resource File
b. 11-10-1892 - Mabel Normand, actress Mabel Normand Resource File
b. 11-10-1923 - Robert Carrier, restaurateur & cookbook author Robert Carrier Resource File
b. 11-10-1933 - Ronald Evans, astronaut Ronald Evans Resource File

b. 11-11-1483 - Martin Luther, theologian Martin Luther Resource Guide
b. 11-11-1493 - Paracelsus, physician, alchemist Paracelsus Resource Guide
b. 11-11-1744 - Abigail Adams, First Lady CP Links for Learning Abigail Adams
b. 11-11-1821 - Feodor Dostoyevsky, author Feodor Dostoyevsky Resource File
b. 11-11-1858 - Marie Bashkirtseff, artist & feminist Marie Bashkirtseff Resource File
b. 11-11-1863 - Paul Signac, artist Paul Signac Resource File
b. 11-11-1872 - Maude Adams, actress Maude Adams Resource File
b. 11-11-1885 - George S. Patton, general George S. Patton Resource File
b. 11-11-1888 - Johannes Itten, artist & color theorist Johannes Itten Resource File
b. 11-11-1911 - Caleb Gattegno, educator Caleb Gattegno Resource File
b. 11-11-1914 - Daisy Bates, civil rights activist & writer Daisy Bates Resource File
b. 11-11-1922 - Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Resource File
b. 11-11-1938 - Carlos Fuentes Macias, author Carlos Fuentes Macias Resource File
b. 11-11-1972 - Adam Beach, actor Adam Beach Resource File

b. 11-12-1615 - Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, author Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz Resource File
b. 11-12-1666 - Mary Astell, feminist & author Mary Astell Resource File
b. 11-12-1729 - Louis Antoine de Bougainville, explorer Louis Antoine de Bougainville Resource File
b. 11-12-1769 - Amelia Opie, author Amelia Opie Resource File
b. 11-12-1815 - Elizabeth Cady Stanton, feminist CP Links for Learning - Elizabeth Cady Stanton
b. 11-12-1817 - Baha'u'llah, founder Bahá'í faith Bahai faith
b. 11-12-1746 - Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles, scientist Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles Resource File
b. 11-12-1833 - Alexader Borodin, composer & chemist Alexander Borodin Resource File
b. 11-12-1866 - Sun Yat-sen, physician & activist Sun Yat-sen Resource File
b. 11-12-1890 - Lily Kronberger, figure skater Lily Kronberger Resource File
b. 11-12-1905 - Louise Thaden, pioneer aviator Louise Thaden Resource File
b. 11-12-1929 - Grace Kelly, actress & princess Grace Kelly Resource File
b. 11-12-1931 - Rita Moreno, dancer Rita Moreno Resource File
b. 11-12-1939 - Lucia Popp, soprano opera singer Lucia Popp Resource File
b. 11-12-1945 - Neil Young, singer Neil Young Resource File
b. 11-12-1961 - Nadia Comaneci, gymnast Nadia Comaneci Resource File

b. 11-13-354 - Saint Augustine of Hippo St. Augustine of Hippo Resource File
b. 11-13-1785 - Lady Caroline Lamb, novelist Caroline Lamb Resource File
b. 11-13-1831 - James Clerk Maxwell, mathematician James Clerk Maxwell Resource File
b. 11-13-1850 - Robert Louis Stevenson, author Robert Louis Stevenson bio
b. 11-13-1856 - Louis Brandeis, jurist Louis Brandeis Resource File
b. 11-13-1884 - Sophie Tucker, singer Sophie Tucker Resource File
b. 11-13-1886 - Mary Wigman, dancer, choreographer, dance teacher Mary Wigman Resource File
b. 11-13-1908 - C. Vann Woodward, historian & professor C. Vann Woodward Resource File
b. 11-13-1947 - Amory Lovins, environmentalist Amory Lovins Resource File

b. 11-14-1765 - Robert Fulton, inventor Robert Fulton Resource File
b. 11-14-1797 - Sir Charles Lyell, geologist Sir Charles Lyell Resource File
b. 11-14-1805 - Fanny Cäcilie Mendelssohn, composer Fanny Mendelssohn Resource File
b. 11-14-1840 - Claude Monet, artist CP Links for Learning - Monet
b. 11-14-1865 - Frederick Jackson Turner, historian & educator Frederick Turner Jackson Resource File
b. 11-14-1885 - Sonia Delaunay, artist Sonia Delaunay Resource File
b. 11-14-1900 - Aaron Copland, composer Aaron Copland Resource File
b. 11-14-1930 - Edward White II, astronaut Edward White II Resource File
b. 11-14-1933 - Fred Haise, astronaut Fred Haise Resource File
b. 11-14-1944 - Karen Armstrong, theologian & author Karen Armstrong Resource File
b. 11-14-1954 - Condoleezza Rice, diplomat Condoleezza Rice Resource File

d. 11-15-1280 - Albertus Magnus, theologian & philosopher Albertus Magnus Resource File
d. 11-15-1594 - Sir Martin Frobisher, explorer Sir Martin Frobisher Resource File
b. 11-15-1738 - William Herschel, astronomer William Herschel Resource File
b. 11-15-1793 - Michel Chasles, mathematician Michel Chasles Resource File
b. 11-15-1862 - Gerhart Hauptmann, author Gerhart Hauptmann Resource File
b. 11-15-1887 - Georgia O'Keeffe, artist CP Links for Learning - O'Keeffe
b. 11-15-1887 - Marianne Moore, poet Marianne Moore Resource File
b. 11-15-1896 - Lawrence M. Tibbett, opera singer Lawrence M. Tibbett Resource File
b. 11-15-1902 - Theodore Ward, playwright Theodore Ward Resource File
b. 11-15-1933 - Theodore Roszak, historian Theodore Roszak Resource File
b. 11-15-1957 - Bill Richardson, politician & statesman Bill Richardson Resource File

d. 11-16-1625 - Sofonisba Anguisciola, artist Sofonisba Anguisciola Resource File
b. 11-16-1827 - Charles Eliot Norton, author & professor Charles Eliot Norton Resource File
b. 11-16-1873 - W. C. Handy, musician W. C. Handy Bio - Univ of N. Alabama
b. 11-16-1895 - Paul Hindemith, composer Paul Hindemith Resource File
• 11-16-1907 - Oklahoma joins the Union, 46th Oklahoma Facts
b. 11-16-1922 - Jose Saramago, author Jose Saramago Resource File
b. 11-16-1930 - Chinua Achebe, author Chinua Achebe Resource File
b. 11-16-1977 - Oksana Baiul, figure skater Oksana Baiul Resource File

d. 11-17-1642 - Jakob Bohme, mystic Jakob Böhme Resource File
b. 11-17-1749 - Nicolas Appert, chef, confectioner, & “father of canning” Nicolas Appert Resource File
b. 11-17-1878 - Grace Abbott, activist social worker Grace Abbott Resource File
b. 11-17-1878 - Lise Meitner, physicist Lise Meitner Resource File
b. 11-17-1896 - Lev Vygotsky, psychologist & educator Lev Vygotsky Resource File
b. 11-17-1903 - Konrad Lorenz, zoologist & psychologist Konrad Lorenz Resource File
b. 11-17-1916 - Shelby Foote, historian Shelby Foote Resource File
b. 11-17-1948 - Howard Dean, politician & physician Howard Dean Resource File

b. 11-18-1727 - Philibert Commercon, naturalist

Philibert Commerçon Resource File
b. 11-18/9-1786 - Carl Maria von Weber, composer Carl Maria von Weber Resource File
b. 11-18-1832 - Adolf Erik Nordenskiold, explorer Adolf Erik Nordenskiold Resource File
b. 11-18-1860 - Ignace Jan Paderewski, pianist Paderewski Bio
b. 11-18-1899 - Eugene Ormandy, violinist & conductor Eugene Ormandy Resource File
b. 11-18-1923 - Alan Shepard, astronaut Alan Shepard Resource File
b. 11-18-1936 - Carol Gilligan, psychologist Carol Gilligan Resource File
b. 11-18-1939 - Margaret Atwood, author Margaret Atwood Resource File
b. 11-18-1945 - Wilma Mankiller, Native American leader Every Day is a Good Day: Reflections of Contemporary Indigenous Women

d. 11-19-1692 - Thomas Shadwell, poet & playwright
Thomas Shadwell Resource File
b. 11-19-1752 - George Rogers Clark, Revolutionary War George Rogers Clark Resource File
b. 11-19-1831 - James A. Garfield, 20th US President White House Bio- Garfield
• 11-19-1863 - Gettysburg Address, Gettysburg, PA Library of Congress
b. 11-19-1875 - Hiram Bingham, historian, explorer, politician, educator Hiram Bingham Resource File
b. 11-19-1966 - Rocco DiSpirito, chef Rocco DiSpirito Resource File
b. 11-19-1977 - Kerri Strug, gymnast Kerri Strug Resource File

b. 11-20-1858 - Selma Lagerlof, author Selma Lagerlof Resource File
b. 11-20-1884 - Norman Thomas, activist Norman Thomas Resource File
b. 11-20-1889 - Edwin Hubble, astronomer; Hubble Telescope posters Edwin Hubble Resource File
b. 11-20-1903 - Alexandra Danilova, ballerina Alexandra Danilova Resource File
b. 11-20-1903 - Maya Plisetskaya, ballerina Maya Plisetskaya Resource File
b. 11-20-1910 - Anna Pauline "Pauli" Murray, activist Pauli Murray Resource File
b. 11-20-1923 - Nadine Gordimer, author Nadine Gordimer Resource File
b. 11-20-1924 - Benoit B. Mandelbrot, mathematician Benoit B. Mandelbrot Resource File
b. 11-20-1936 - Don DeLillo, author Don DeLillo Resource File

• 11-21-1620 - Pilgrims first Landed on Cape Cod, Massachusetts Pilgrim Hall Museum
b. 11-21-1694 - Voltaire, author Voltaire Resource File
b. 11-21-1694 - Alice Calhoun, actress Alice Calhoun Resource File
b. 11-21-1729 - Josiah Bartlett, physician & Signer of the Declaration of Indpendence Josiah Bartlett Resource File
b. 11-21-1761 - Dorothea Jordan, actress Dorothea Jordan Resource File
b. 11-21-1852 - Francisco Tárrega, guitarist & composer Francisco Tárrega Resource File
b. 11-21-1863 - Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch - ”Q”, author Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch Resource File
b. 11-21-1885 - Helen Fairchild, nurse Helen Fairchild Resource File
b. 11-21-1898 - Rene Magritte, painter Rene Magritte Resource File
b. 11-21-1902 - Isaac Bashevis Singer, author Isaac Bashevis Singer Resource File
b. 11-21-1904 - Coleman Hawkins, musician Coleman Hawkins Resource File
b. 11-21-1912 - Eleanor Powell, dancer & actress Eleanor Powell Resource File
b. 11-21-1929 - Marilyn French, activist & author Marilyn French Resource File

b. 11-22-1643 - Robert de LaSalle explorer Robert de LaSalle Resource File
b. 11-22-1819 - George Eliot, author George Eliot Resource File
b. 11-22-1857 - George Gissing, author George Gissing Resource File
b. 11-22-1859 - Cecil James Sharp, musician Cecil James Sharp Resource File
b. 11-22-1862 - Warwick Goble, illustrator Warwick Goble Resource File
b. 11-22-1869 - Andre Gide, author Andre Gide Resource File
b. 11-22-1898 - Wiley Post, aviator Wiley Post Resource File
b. 11-22-1930 - Owen Kay Garriott, astronaut Owen Kay Garriott Resource File
b. 11-22-1942 - Guion Bluford, astronaut Guion Bluford Resource File
b. 11-22-1943 - Billie Jean King, tennis player Billie Jean King Resource File
b. 11-22-1946 - Deepak Chopra, physician & author Deepak Chopra Resource File
• 11-22-1963 - JFKennedy Assassinated, US President White House Bio- Kennedy

d. 11-23-1616 - Richard Hakluyt, travel writer & geographer Richard Hakluyt Resource File
d. 11-23-1632 - Baruch Spinoza, philosopher Baruch Spinoza Resource File
d. 11-23-1783 - Ann Eliza Bleecker, writer Ann Eliza Bleecker Resource File
b. 11-23-1804 - Franklin Pierce, 14th US President White House Bio- Pierce
b. 11-23-1860 - Hjalmar Branting, Nobel Peace Prize 1921 Hjalmar Branting Resource File
b. 11-23-1892 - Erte, artist Erte Resource File

b. 11-24-1713 - Laurence Sterne, author Laurence Sterne Resource File
b. 11-24-1784 - Zachary Taylor, 12th US President White House Bio- Taylor
d. 11-24-1807 - Joseph Brant, Native American Joseph Brant Resource File
d. 11-24-1821 - Thomas Henry Buckle, historian Henry Thomas Buckle Resource File
b. 11-24-1848 - Lilli Lehmann, opera soprano Lilli Lehmann Resource File
b. 11-24-1849 - Frances Hodgson Burnett, author Frances Hodgson Burnett Resource File
b. 11-24-1859 - Cass Gilbert, architect Cass Gilbert Resource File
b. 11-24-1864 - Henri de Toulose-Lautrec, artist Toulose-Lautrec Resource File
b. 11-24-1870 - Robert Sengstacke Abbott, publisher & activist Robert Sengstacke Abbott Resource File
b. 11-24-1876 - Walter Burley Griffin, architect Walter Burley Griffin Resource File
b. 11-24-1888 - Dale Carnegie, writer & lecturer Dale Carnegie Resource File
d. 11-24-1963 - Lee Harvey Oswald, assassinated by Jack Ruby on national TV Lee Harvey Oswald Resource File

b. 11-25-1562 - Lope de Vega, author Lope de Vega Resource File
b. 11-25-1609 - Henrietta-Maria, Queen Mary of England Henrietta-Maria Resource File
b. 11-25-1712 - Abbé Charles-Michel de l'Épée Abbe Charles-Michel de l'Épée Resource File
b. 11-25-1846 - Carrie A. Nation, Temperance Leader Carrie A. Nation Resource File
b. 11-25-1913 - Lewis Thomas, physician Lewis Thomas Resource File

b. 11-26-1731 - William Cowper, poet & translator William Cowper Resource File
b. 11-26-1792 - Sarah More Grimke, activist Grimke Sisters Resource File
b. 11-26-1832 - Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, physician Mary Edwards Walker Resource File
d. 11-26-1877 - Angelo Patri, educator & author Angelo Patri Resource File
d. 11-26-1883 - Sojourner Truth (b. c.1797) CP Links for Learning - Sojourner Truth
b. 11-26-1909 - Eugene Ionesco, playwright Eugene Ionesco Resource File
b. 11-26-1937 - Boris Yegorov, first physician in space Boris Yegorov Resource File
b. 11-26-1939 - Tina Turner, entertainer Tina Turner Resource File

b. 11-27-1701 - Anders Celsius, astronomer Anders Celsius Resource File
b. 11-27-1746 - Robert R. Livingston, Revolutionary War Robert R. Livingston Resource File
b. 11-27-1809 - Frances Anne Kemble, author & actress Frances Anne Kemble Resource File
b. 11-27-1874 - Charles A. Beard, historian Charles A. Beard Resource File
b. 11-27-1904 - Eddie South, violinist Eddie South Resource File
b. 11-27-1909 - James Agee, author James Agee Resource File
b. 11-27-1942 - Jimi Hendrix, musician Jimi Hendrix Resource File

d. 11-28-1694 - Matsuo Basho, poet Matsuo Basho Resource File
b. 11-28-1628 - John Bunyon, author & theologian John Bunyon Resource File
b. 11-28-1632 - Jean Baptiste Lully, composer Jean Baptiste Lully Resource File
b. 11-28-1757 - William Blake, artist & author William Blake Resource File
b. 11-28-1829 - Anton Rubinstein, composer Anton Rubinstein Resource File
b. 11-28-1907 - Charles Alston, artist Charles Alston Resource File
b. 11-28-1908 - Claude Levi-Strauss, anthropologist, historian Claude Levi-Strauss Resource File
b. 11-28-1912 - Morris Louis, artist Morris Louis Resource File
b. 11-28-1943 - Randy Newman, composer Randy Newman Resource File
b. 11-28-1949 - Alexander Godunov, ballet dancer & actor Alexander Godunov Resource File

b. 11-29-1799 - Amos Bronson Alcott, educator & Transcendentalist Amos Bronson Alcott Resource File
b. 11-29-1797 - Gaetano Donizetti, composer Gaetano Donizetti Resource File
b. 11-29-1825 - Jean-Martin Charcot, physician, “father of modern neurology” Jean-Martin Charcot Resource File
b. 11-29-1834 - Louisa May Alcott, author CP Links for Learning - Alcott
b. 11-29-1835 - Empress Dowager Cixi, ruler Empress Dowager Cixi Resource File
b. 11-29-1895 - Busby Berkeley, choreographer Busby Berkeley Resource File
b. 11-29-1898 - C. S. Lewis, author C. S. Lewis Resource File
b. 11-29-1908 - Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. politician & pastor Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Resource File
b. 11-29-1918 - Madeleine L'Engle, author Madeliene L'Engle Resource File
b. 11-29-1919 - Pearl Primus, dancer & anthropologist Pearl Primus Resource File
b. 11-29-1947 - Petra Kelly, founder Green Party Petra Kelly Resource File

b. 11-30-1508 - Andrea Palladio, architect Andrea Palladio Resource File
b. 11-30-1667 - Jonathan Swift, author Jonathan Swift Resource File
b. 11-30-1817 - Theodore Mommsen, author & historian Theodor Mommsen Resource File
b. 11-30-1835 - Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain, author CP Links for Learning - Twain
b. 11-30-1874 - Winston Churchill, statesman, historian, artist, orator Nobel Prize for Literature, 1953
b. 11-30-1874 - Lucy Maud Montgomery, author Lucy Maud Montgomery Resource File
b. 11-30-1900 - Mary Lasker, health activist Mary Lasker Resource File
b. 11-30-1907 - Jacques Barzun, historian Jacques Barzun Resource File
b. 11-30-1924 - Shirley Chisholm, educator & politician CP Links for Learning - Chisholm
November Facts & Tidbits

November: Gathering Acorns, Master Ermengaut, Giclee PrintNovember, 11th month of the year, name comes from the Latin novem for “nine”, because November was the ninth month in the Roman calendar until January and February were added to the monthless winter time.

Astrological Signs Astrology
Scopio: October 23 - November 21 Scorpio poster
Scorpio, the Scorpion Ecard
fixed, water, social; “I desire,” intense, controlling, sexual, compulsive, deep, secretive, mysterious, obsessive, genitals; passionate, sensitive, anxious.
Sagittarius: Nov 22 - Dec 21 Sagittarius poster
Sagittarius, the Archer Ecard
mutable, fire, universal; “I seek,” philosophic, fun-loving, adventurous, blundering, wanderlust, scattered, hips/thighs; free, straightforward, careless.

Topaz - fire, wisdom
Citrine - lighthearted, hopeful

Minerals Chart Art Print

Birthstone (U of Washington)
Topaz Resource File

chrysanthemum - optimism, cheerfulness

flower posters Chrysanthemum reference

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