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A Guide to Our Policies and Other Tidbits of Information is designed to help educators and learners make connections that are the essence of learning.

    'The Creative Process' publishing business emerged from Community for Creative Studies, the precursor to Collegium Spiritus, in the 1970s by reproducing an original oil portrait of Albert Einstein by Frank Szasz as a poster with the quote “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Over the years the number of images and formats grew and we called the series the Global PathMarkers.

    The Creative ProcessThe Creative Process went online in 1998 as to provide our primary end customers - educators - with retail access to the Global PathMarkers, and provide support & worldwide exposure for our community activities.

    As of the summer of 2007 we restructured our web presence to make the community portal the name implies, the Global PathMarkers have their own domain, that are linked to the educational poster galleries here at

    We are able to offer educational posters, charts, maps, prints, and photographs featuring notable people, places, and events, and ‘bookshelfs’ of interesting reading organized around ten areas of concern, are here at through affiliate programs.


    The Global PathMarker series is an eclectic group of people who were chosen as exemplars of the ‘great individual’ or hero archetype, the essential seed and fruit of creative activity in culture. Our aim is to stimulate curiosity and contemplation about the mysterious creative ‘oneness’ of life by celebrating its diversity as expressed by courageous visionary leaders. Global PathMarker format & product details.

    Albert Einstein’s portrait by Frank Szasz was our first Global PathMarker. Szasz also painted our Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Mark Twain, as well as Eleanor Roosevelt, Albert Schweitzer, Count Basie, Sarah Vaughan, Franz Liszt, Pope John XXIII, and a series of Native Americans: Iroquois Chief Leon Shenandoah, Mohawk Chief Jake Swamp, Tom Banyacya of the Hopi, Black Elk as an Elder, a Medicine Woman, a Dancer, a Youth and a Young Child for the Global PathMarkers that we have available in a special limited edition of biographical bookmarks. We are also pleased to offer Szasz' portrait of Carl Gustav Jung, published by CCHD Jung Project, KCMO. The Maria Montessori portrait was painted by Ernst Ulmer. All of the Global PathMarkers images are copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

    Please contact us to put a Global PathMarker image on your site- we request that the image be linked back to us and identified as displayed courtesy of The Creative Process.


Our educational poster galleries and bookshelves are built on affiliate agreements with other online retailers. When we find the same poster is available at several sources you can check for price comparison, special discounts, framing options and shipping from the links at, giving you the best choices and values for your searching time and dollars. [List of affiliates.]

Please note that The Creative Process only has our own publications- the Global PathMarker poster art prints, notecards and biographical bookmarks, in stock; we do not stock the other posters, books, and calendars that you see on this site, they are available online at the links provided. I don't have free samples to distribute but I have searched the web for sources of free and low cost posters.

We started online with as a means of marketing our Global PathMarker images and provide an online presence for the community, education, and peace and justice projects we are involved in. In order to maximize our ROI (fancy acronymn for trying to create a cash flow that lets us keep doing what we are doing) we formed agreements with online sellers to promote their products that enhanced our mission and collegues.

Please contact us for specific details on our program if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of The Creative Process - basically you would put Global PathMarkers on your site, the links back to us would contain a tracking code, if a Global PathMarker product was purchased because of your link (and within the time frame) you would earn a commission.


    Unless otherwise specified products on are purchased from the online retailer we provide links to - once you have been referred to the selling site they provide for the transaction and fulfillment of your selections on that site and track that sale to our affiliate account. In cases where I have provided several links for the same product you can compare price and shipping for the best offer at that time.

    To order Global PathMarkers see the shopping cart on


    When you contact us we collect only enough data from you to answer your questions in regard to using the site and to send occasional announcements concerning, and/or

    We have never sent, nor ever will send, spam. We are, in fact, victimized twice by spammers- not only do we have to delete hundreds of emails a day from our computers, our domain,, is abused by a behavior called "spoofing." An email will appear originate with (or another innocent domain), but will in fact, be sent by someone else who has a program that hides their identity and uses ours. Please check out the links below for ideas about protecting your email address and computer from being used without your knowledge, reporting spam, and legal penalties.

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    BTW- sending unsolicited email is not the crime, disguising your identity is-
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