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Medical Cartoons Calendars
Medical Cartoons Calendars

Human Body Models
Human Body Models

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Notable Health Care Givers: Physicians & Nurses: “J...-”
educational posters for health classrooms, homeschoolers and professional offices.

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Notable physicians and nurses ~

John Hughlings Jackson
Aletta Jacobs
Harriet Jacobs

Mae Jemison
Edward Jenner

Sophia Jex-Blake
Carl Gustav Jung

John Hughling Jackson, Neurologist, Giclee Print
John Hughling Jackson, Neurologist, Giclee Print

John Hughlings Jackson
b. 4-4-1835; Yorkshire, England
d. 10-7-1911; London

Neurologist John Hughlings Jackson, through careful observation and detailed reporting, provided important diagnostic tools for the understanding of epilepsy.

Oliver Sacks cites Jackson as an inspiration for his work.

Memories: My Life as an International Leader in Health, Suffrage, and Peace
Memories: My Life as an International Leader in Health, Suffrage, and Peace

Aletta Jacobs
b. 2-9-1854; Sappemeer, Netherlands
d. 8-10-1929; Baarn

Aletta Jacobs was the first woman to receive a medical degree in Holland. Her experiences in medical school and treating women patients lead her to become a national and international leader in the campaigns for birth control, the women's world peace movement, and women's suffrage. She worked with Jane Addams and Carrie Chapman Catt.

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl - Harriet Jacobs
Incidents in the
Life of a Slave Girl -
Harriet Jacobs

Harriet Jacobs
b. 1813; Edenton, NC
d. 3-7-1897; Washington, DC

Harriet Jacobs spent seven years hiding in a crawl space to avoid the advances of her owner and still be close enough to hear the voices of her children, before escaping North. She wrote her autobiography, Incidents in the Life of A Slave Girl, to awaken Northern women to the abuses done to female slaves.

Harriet Jacob quote ~
• “The bill of sale!? Those words struck me like a blow. So I was sold at last! A human being sold in the free city of New York!... I well know the value of that bit of paper, but much as I love freedom, I do not like to look upon it. I am deeply grateful to the generous friend who procured it, but I despise the miscreant who demanded payment for what never rightfully belonged to him or his.”

The quote refers to Cornelia Willis, her employer and friend, buying her freedom for $300 in 1852.

FYI - Jacobs worked as a nurse-maid in the home of literary editor Nathaniel Parker Willis.

Astronaut Mae Jemison, First African American Woman in Space as Sts 47 Endeavour Mission Specialist, Photographic Print
Mae Jemison, astronaut,
Photographic Print

Mae Jemison
b. 10-17-1956; Decatur, AL

Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space, served as a STS-47 Endeavour Mission Specialist. Jemison is also a medical doctor, and served in the Peace Corps.

Find Where The Wind Goes: Moments From My Life

Edward Jenner, Giclee Print
Edward Jenner,
Giclee Print

Edward Jenner
b. 5-17-1749; England
d. 1-26-1823

Edward Jenner, physician and scientist, is famous for his study of smallpox and the introduction of a vaccine that has eradicated the disease from nature. Jenner noted that the milkmaids who were infected with cowpox, did not succumb to smallpox.

Smallpox was a contagious disease responsible for killing an estimated 60 million Europeans in the 18th century alone, leaving survivors scarred, some infertile, and one third blinded. Smallpox is also believed to be the disease that killed nearly all the Native Americans when the European's "discovered" the New World.

Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster: The Discovery of the Smallpox Vaccine

Susan Dimock
Dr. Sophia Jex-Blake

(no commercially
available image)

Sophia Jex-Blake
b. 1-21-1840; Hastings, England
d. 1-7-1912

Physician, teacher and feminist Sophia Jex-Blake, one of the first female doctors in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, campaigned for medical education for women and was involved in founding a medical school for women in London and one in Edinburgh, where she also started a women's hospital.

Sophia Jex-Blake: A Woman Pioneer in Nineteenth Century Medical Reform

Carl Jung, portrait by Frank Szasz

Dr. Carl Gustav Jung,
Global PathMarker Fine Art Print

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
Carl Gustav Jung

The Creative Process publishes the Global PathMarkers posters, note cards and biographical bookmarks.

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