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January Observances poster links resource links
Birth Defects Prevention Month pregnancy posters National Birth Defects Prevention Network
National Volunteer Blood Donor Month circulatory system posters American Assoc of Blood Banks
National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month disease- cancer posters National Cervical Cancer Coalition
Glaucoma Awareness Month
Eye Health Care Month
eye disorders posters Prevent Blindness Org
Hot Tea Month beverages posters Tea & Health
Oatmeal Month grains posters Sunshine Granola Recipe
Poverty Awareness Month
Migrant Mother poster Catholic Campaign to End Poverty
Stamp Collecting Month American Philatelic Society
National School Board Month famous educators posters National School Boards Association
Thyroid Disease Awareness Month lymphatic system posters America Assoc of Clinical Endocrinologists
First Week of January
Diet Resolution Week Dietary Guideline -
Second Week of January
Third Week of January
Special Education Week National Education Assoc
Fourth Week of January
Catholic Schools Week National Catholic Education Assoc
January Holidays
1-1, New Year's Day New Year's posters

1-1, Last Day of Kwanzaa Kwanzaa posters
1-13, Lohri - Bonfire Festival India posters
3rd Sunday in January, World Religion Day theology posters Bahå'î
3rd Monday January, MLKing Day Martin Luther King, Jr. posters CP Links for Learning - King
January Notable Dates
b. 1-1-1484 - Hyldrych Zwingli, theologian Huldrych Zwingli Resource File
b. 1-1-1631 - Katherine “Orinda” Philips, author Katherine Philips Resource File
b. 1-1-1735 - John Lamb, patriot John Lamb Resource File
b. 1-1-1735 - Paul Revere, patriot Paul Revere Resource File
b. 1-1-1745 - Anthony Wayne, Revolutionary War Anthony Wayne Resource File
b. 1-1-1752 - Betsy Ross, seamtress Betsy Ross House
b. 1-1-1767 - Maria Edgeworth, author Maria Edgeworth Resource File
b. 1-1-1800 - Constantine Hering, physician Constantine Hering Resource File
b. 1-1-1842 - Charlotte Mason, educator Charlotte Mason Resource File
b. 1-1-1854 - Sir James George Frazer, anthropologist & writer James George Frazer Resource File
b. 1-1-1863 - Emancipation Proclamation - “... on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free...” see Abraham Lincoln Emancipation Proclamation
b. 1-1-1863 - Pierre de Coubertin, educator, founder modern Olympics Pierre de Coubertin Resource File
b. 1-1-1879 - E. M. Forster, author E. M. Forster Resource File
b. 1-1-1879 - Ernest Jones, psychoanalyst Ernest Jones Resource File
b. 1-1-1894 - Satyendra Nath Bose, physicist Satyendra Nath Bose Resource File
b. 1-1-1919 - J. D. Salinger, author J. D. Salinger Resource File

• 1-2-1788 - Georgia Ratification, 4th State Georgia Facts
b. 1-2-1884 - Oscar Micheaux, film producer Oscar Micheaux Resource File
b. 1-2-1886 - Florence Lawrence, America's First Movie Star Florence Lawrence Resource File
b. 1-2-1902 - Tallulah Bankhead, actress Tallulah Bankhead Resource File
b. 1-2-1917 - Vera Zorina, ballerina Vera Zorina Resource File
b. 1-2-1920 - Isaac Asimov, author Isaac Asimov Resource File
b. 1-2-1927 - Yuri Grigorovich, ballet dancer Yuri Grigorovich Resource File

b. 1-3-106 BC - Cicero, philosopher Cicero Resource File
d. 1-3-1543 - Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo Resource File
d. 1-3-1641 - Jeremiah Horrocks, astronomer Jeremiah Horrocks Resource File
b. 1-3-1733 - Sir Richard Arkwright, inventor Sir Richard Arkwright Resource File
• 1-3-1777 - Contintental Army defeats the British at Princeton, NJ
b. 1-3-1793 - Lucretia Mott, feminist & suffragette Lucretia Mott Resource File
b. 1-3-1806 - Henriette Sontag, opera singer Henriette Sontag Resource File
b. 1-3-1881 - Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Expressionist sculptor Wilhelm Lehmbruck Resource File
b. 1-3-1887 - August Macke, Expressionist artist August Macke Resource File
b. 1-3-1892 - J. R. R. Tolkein, author J. R. R. Tolkien Resource File
b. 1-3-1897 - Marion Davies, actress Marion Davies Resource File
b. 1-3-1905 - Anna May Wong, actress Anna May Wong Resource File
b. 1-3-1909 - Victor Borge, pianist & comedian Victor Borge Resource File
• 1-3-1959 - Alaska Admission, 49th State Alaska Facts & Information

b. 1-4-1643 - Isaac Newton, scientist CP Isaac Newton Links for Learning
d. 1-4-1705 - Countess d'Aulnoy, literary salon Countess d'Aulnoy Resource File
b. 1-4-1785 - Jacob Grimm, folklorist Jacob Grimm Resource File
b. 1-4-1809 - Louis Braille, teacher Louis Braille bio
b. 1-4-1883 - Max Eastman, author & social activist Max Eastman Resource File
b. 1-4-1895 - Leroy Grumman, aviation Leroy Grumman Resource File
b. 1-4-1915 - Marie-Louise von Franz, Jungian scholar Marie-Louise von Franz Resource File
b. 1-4-1937 - Grace Bumbry, mezzo-soprano Grace Bumbry Resource File
b. 1-4-1943 - Doris Kearns Goodwin, historian Doris Kearns Goodwin Resource File

b. 1-5-1779 - Stephen Decatur, US Naval hero Stephen Decatur Resource File
b. 1-5-1779 - Zebulon Pike, explorer Zebulon Pike Resource File
b. 1-5-1846 - Rudolf Christof Eucken, philosopher & author Rudolf Christof Eucken Resource File
b. 1-5-1868 - Sissieretta Jones, opera singer Sissieretta Jones Resource File
b. 1-5-1905 - John Opel, business man John Opel Resource File
b. 1-5-1931 - Alvin Ailey, dancer & choreographer Alvin Ailey Resource File
b. 1-5-1932 - Umberto Eco, author Umberto Eco Resource File
d. 1-5-1943 - George Washington Carver, botanist & educator George Washington Carver Learning Links

b. 1-6-1628 - Charles Perrault, author Charles Perrault Resource File
b. 1-6-1798 - Marie Dorval, actress Marie Dorval Resource File
b. 1-6-1799 - Jedediah Smith, explorer Jedediah Smith Resource File
b. 1-6-1832 - Gustave Dore, artist Gustave Dore Resource File
• 1-6-1838 - Telegraph First Demonstrated Samuel F. B. Morse
b. 1-6-1838 - Max Bruch, composer Max Bruch Resource File
b. 1-6-1878 - Carl Sandburg, poet Carl Sandburg Resource File
b. 1-6-1883 - Khalil Gibran, author Khalil Gibran Resource File
b. 1-6-1925 - Kim Dae-jung, Nobel Peace Prize Kim Dae-jung Resource File
b. 1-6-1945 - Barry Lopez, environmentalist & author Barry Lopez Resource File
b. 1-6-1957 - Nancy Lopez, athlete Nancy Lopez Resource File
b. 1-6-1960 - Nigella Lawson, food author & chef Nigella Lawson Resource File

b. 1-7-1718 - Israel Putnam, Revolutionary War Israel Putnam Resource File
b. 1-7-1800 - Millard Fillmore, 13th US President White House Bio - Fillmore
b. 1-7-1839 - Marie Louise de la Ramee, “Ouida”, author Marie Louise de la Ramee Resource File
b. 1-7-1891 - Zora Neale Hurston, author CP Links for Learning - Hurston
b. 1-7-1910 - Galina Ulanova, ballerina Galina Ulanova Resource File
b. 1-7-1943 - Sadako Sasaki, origami cranes Sadako Sasaki Resource File

b. 1-8-1037 - Su Shi, poet Su Shi Resource File
d. 1-8-1324 - Marco Polo, explorer Marco Polo Resource File
b. 1-8-1638 - Elisabetta Sirani, artist Elizabetta Sirani Resource File
b. 1-8-1823 - Alfred Russel Wallace, biologist & explorer Alfred Russel Wallace Resource File
b. 1-8-1824 - Wilkie Collins, author Wilkie Collins Resource File
b. 1-8-1825 - Henri Giffard, aviator Henri Giffard Resource File
b. 1-8-1861 - Emily Greene Balch, 1946 Nobel Peace Prize Emily Greene Balch Resource File
b. 1-8-1868 - Frank Watson Dyson, astronomer Frank Watson Dyson Resource File
b. 1-8-1881 - John G. Neihardt, poet, author, historian, professor John G. Neihardt Resource File
b. 1-8-1885 - A. J. Muste, peace activist A. J. Muste Resource File
b. 1-8-1891 - Bronislava Nijinska, ballerina Bronislava Nijinska Resource File
b. 1-8-1902 - Carl Rogers, psychologist Carl Rogers Resource File
b. 1-8-1911 - Gypsy Rose Lee, dancer Gypsy Rose Lee Resource File
b. 1-8-1935 - Elvis Presley, musician Elvis Presley Resource File
b. 1-8-1941 - Graham Chapman, comedian & physician Graham Chapman Resource File
b. 1-8-1942 - Stephen Hawking, physicist Stephen Hawking Resource File

• 1-9-1788 - Connecticut Ratification, 5th State About Connecticut
• 1-9-1793 - 1st US Balloon Ascention, Philadelphia U. S. Centennial of Flight Commission
• 1-9-1799 - 1st “Income Tax” U. S. Treasury Department
b. 1-9-1859 - Carrie Chapman Catt, activist Carrie Chapman Catt Resource File
d. 1-9-1901 - Edward Mitchell Bannister, artist Edward Mitchell Bannister Resource File
b. 1-9-1908 - Simone de Beauvoir, feminist Simone de Beauvoir Resource File
b. 1-9-1913 - Richard Nixon, 37th US President Richard Nixon Resource File
b. 1-9-1922 - Har Gobind Khorana, biologist Har Gobind Khorana Resource File
b. 1-9-1941 - Joan Baez, musician Joan Baez Resource File
b. 1-9-1959 - Rigoberta Menchu, Nobel Peace Prize 1992 Rigoberta Menchu Resource File

b. 1-10-1738 - Ethan Allen, patriot Ethan Allen Resource File
b. 1-10-1834 - Lord Acton, historian & educator Lord Acton Resource File
b. 1-10-1853 - Jessie Bond, actress & singer Jessie Bond Resource File
b. 1-10-1859 - Francisco Ferrer, educator Francisco Ferrer Resource File
b. 1-10-1864 - George Washington Carver, botanist CP Links for Learning - Carver
b. 1-10-1936 - Stephen Ambrose, historian & educator Stephen Ambrose Resource File

b. 1-11-1755 - Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary War Alexander Hamilton Resource File
b. 1-11-1842 - William James, psychologist, philosopher, and author William James Resource File
b. 1-11-1842 - Albert Hofmann, chemist, experiemental psychologist Albert Hofmann Resource File
b. 1-11-1887 - Aldo Leopold, environmentalist & author Aldo Leoopold Resource File
b. 1-11-1903 - Alan Paton, author & activist Alan Paton Resource File
• 1-11-1912 - Lawrence, MA- Bread and Roses textile strike begins Textile Strike Resource File
b. 1-11-1963 - Tracy Caulkins, swimmer Tracy Caulkins Resource File
b. 1-11-1971 - Mary J. Blige, singer Mary J. Blige Resource File

b. 1-12-1577 - Jan Baptista Van Helmont, chemist Jan Baptista Van Helmont Resource File
b. 1-12-1729 - Edmund Burke, philosopher Edmund Burke Resource File
b. 1-12-1812 - Edouard Seguin, educator & physician Edouard Seguin Resource File
b. 1-12-1856 - John Singer Sargent, artist John Singer Sargent Bio
b. 1-12-1870 - Ada Belle Thoms, nurse Adah Belle Thoms Resource File
b. 1-12-1876 - Jack London, author Jack London Resource File
b. 1-12-1884 - Louis Horst, musician Louis Horst Resource File
b. 1-12-1901 - Kurt Jooss, dance artist Kurt Jooss Resource File
b. 1-12-1904 - Ray Bolger, dancer & actor Ray Bolger Resource File
b. 1-12-1908 - Jose Limon, dancer Jose Limon Resource File
b. 1-12-1910 - Luise Rainer, actress Luise Rainer Resource File
b. 1-12-1923 - Ira Hayes, Pima, US Marine at Iwo Jima flag raising Ira Hayes Resource File
b. 1-12-1923 - Alice Miller, psychologist Alice Miller Resource File
b. 1-12-1944 - Joe Frazier, boxer Joe Frazier Resource File
b. 1-12-1964 - Jeff Bezos, founder of Jeff Bezos Resource File

b. 1-13-1598 - Francois Mansart, architect Francois Mansart Resource File
d. 1-13-1599 - Edmund Spenser, poet Edmund Spenser Resource File
d. 1-13-1691 - George Fox, founder of Quakers George Fox Resource File
b. 1-13-1808 - Salmon P. Chase, Chief Justice Salmon Portland Chase Resource File
b. 1-13-1832 - Horatio Alger, author Horatio Alger Resource File
b. 1-13-1887 - Hedd Wyn, poet Hedd Wyn Resource File
b. 1-13-1901 - A. B. Guthrie, author A. B. Guthrie Resource File
b. 1-13-1904 - Nathan Milstein, violinists Nathan Milstein Resource File
b. 1-13-1905 - Kay Francis, actress Kay Francis Resource File
b. 1-13-1925 - Gwen Verdon, dancer & actress Gwen Verdon Resource File
b. 1-13-1952 - Geoffrey Canada, educator & activist Geoffrey Canada Resource File

b. 1-14-1451 - Franchino Gaforio, composer Francino Gaforio Resource File
b. 1-14-1741 - Benedict Arnold, Revolutionary War Benedict Arnold Resource File
b. 1-14-1841 - Berthe Morisot, artist Berthe Morisot Resource File
b. 1-14-1844 - William Forsell Kirby, entomologist William Forsell Kirby Resource File
b. 1-14-1850 - Jean de Reszke, opera singer Jean de Reszke Resource File
b. 1-14-1863 - Richard F. Outcault, artist Richard F. Outcault Resource File
b. 1-14-1866 (?) - George Gurdjieff, mystic & philosopher George Gurdjieff Resource File
b. 1-14-1875 - Albert Schweitzer, humanitarian Albert Schweitzer Resource File
b. 1-14-1886 - John Dos Passos, author John Dos Passos Resource File
b. 1-14-1892 - Martin Niemoller, theologian Martin Niemoller Resource File
b. 1-14-1901 - Bebe Daniels, actress Bebe Daniels Resource File
b. 1-14-1943 - Shannon Lucid, astronaut & biochemist

d. 1-15-1151 - Abbot Suger, historian Abbot Suger Resource File
b. 1-15-1622 - Moliere (Jean-Baptist Poquelin), playwright Moliere Resource File
b. 1-15-1798 - Auguste Comte, philosopher Auguste Comte Resource File
b. 1-15-1809 - Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, mutualist philosopher Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Resource File
b. 1-15-1850 - Sofia Kovalevskaya, mathematician & professor Sofia Kovalevskaya Resource File
b. 1-15-1862 - Loie Fuller, dancer Loie Fuller Resource File
b. 1-15-1890 - Palmer Hayden, artist Palmer Hayden Resource File
b. 1-15-1895 - Artturi Ilmari Virtanen, biologist Artturi Ilmari Virtanen Resource File
b. 1-15-1900 - Paulette Duval, dancer & actress Paulette Duval Resource File
b. 1-15-1908 - Edward Teller, physicist Edward Teller Resource File
b. 1-15-1929 - Martin Luther King, Jr., celebrated 3rd Monday in January. CP Links for Learning - King
b. 1-15-1933 - Ernest J. Gaines, author Ernest J. Gaines Resource File

b. 1-16-1741 - Hester Trale, diarist Hester Thrale Resource File
b. 1-16-1821 - Heinrich Barth, explorer Heinrich Barth Resource File
b. 1-16-1908 - Ethel Merman, actress & singer Ethel Merman Resource File
b. 1-16-1932 - Dian Fossey, zoologist Dian Fossey Resource File
b. 1-16-1934 - Marilyn Horne, mezzo-soprano opera singer Marilyn Horne Resource File
b. 1-16-1950 - Debbie Allen, dancer & actress Debbie Allen Resource File

b. 1-17-1501 - Leonhart Fuchs, botanist Leonhart Fuchs Resource File
b. 1-17-1600 - Pedro Calderon de la Barca, author Pedro Calderon de la Barca Resource File
b. 1-17-1706 - Benjamin Franklin, Boston, MA CP Links for Learning - Franklin
d. 1-17-1771 - Charles Brockden Brown, author Charles Brocken Brown Resource File
d. 1-17-1795 - Samuel Wallis, explorer Samuel Wallis Resource File
b. 1-17-1820 - Anne Bronte, author Bronte Links for Learning
b. 1-17-1828 - Ede Remenyi, violinist Ede Remenyi Resource File
b. 1-17-1875 - Cora Wilson Stewart, educator Cora Wilson Stewart Resource File
b. 1-17-1886 - Glenn L. Miller, aviator Glenn L. Martin Resource File
b. 1-17-1899 - Nevil Shute Norway, author & aviator Nevil Shute Norway Resource File
b. 1-17-1914 - William Stafford, poet & pacifist William Stafford Resource File
b. 1-17-1926 - Moira Shearer, ballet dancer Moira Shearer Resource File
b. 1-17-1931 - James Earl Jones, actor James Earl Jones Resource File
b. 1-17-1933 - Eartha Kitt, singer & actress Eartha Kitt Resource File
b. 1-17-1933 - Shari Lewis, puppeteer Shari Lewis Resource File
b. 1-17-1942 - Muhammad Ali, athlete CP Links for Learning - Ali
b. 1-17-1964 - Michelle Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama Resource File

b. 1-18-1752 - John Nash, architect John Nash Resource File
b. 1-18-1782 - Daniel Webster, statesman Daniel Webster Bio
b. 1-18-1856 - Daniel Hale Williams, physician Daniel Hale Williams Resource File
d. 1-18-1863 - Mangas Coloradas, Apache chief Mangas Coloradas Resource File
b. 1-18-1867 - Ruben Dario, poet Ruben Dario Resource File
b. 1-18-1882 - A. A. Milne, author Pooh's Library at Amazon
b. 1-18-1884 - Arthur Ransome, author Arthur Ransome Resource File
b. 1-18-1888 - Sir Thomas Sopwith, aviator Thomas Sopwith Resource File

d. 1-19-1547 - Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, poet Henry Howard Resource File
b. 1-19-1736 - James Watts, scientist & inventor James Watts Resource File
b. 1-19-1809 - Edgar Allan Poe, author CP Edgar Allan Poe Links for Learning
b. 1-19-1839 - Paul Cezanne, artist Paul Cezanne Resource File
b. 1-19-1943 - Janis Joplin, singer Janis Joplin Resource File
d. 1-19-1946 - Constance Benson, actress Constance Benson Resource File
b. 1-19-1947 - Paula Deen, celebrity cook Paula Deen Resource File
b. 1-19-1992 - Shawn Johnson, gymnast Shawn Johnson Resource File

b. 1-20-1732 - Richard Henry Lee, Revolutionary War Richard Henry Lee Resource File

b. 1-20-1775 - Andre-Marie Ampere, physicist

Andre-Marie Ampere Resource File
b. 1-20-1806 - Nathaniel Parker Willis, author Nathaniel Parker Willis Resource File
b. 1-20-1814 - David Wilmot, statesman David Wilmot Resource File
d. 1-20-1820 - Red Jacket, Seneca chief Red Jacket Resource File
b. 1-20-1855 - Amedee-Ernest Chausson, composer Ernest Chausson Resource File
b. 1-20-1865 - Yvette Guilbert, cabaret singer Yvette Guilbert Resource File
b. 1-20-1872 - Julia Morgan, architect Julia Morgan Resource File
b. 1-20-1873 - Johannes Vilhelm Jensen, author Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Resource File
b. 1-20-1876 - Josef Hofmann, pianist Josef Hofmann Resource File
b. 1-20-1889 - Allan Lockheed, aviation Allan Lockheed Resource File
b. 1-20-1891 - Mischa Elman, violinist Mischa Elman Resource File
b. 1-20-1930 - “Buzz” Aldin, astronaut Buzz Aldrin Resource File
b. 1-20-1940 - Carol Heiss, figure skater Carol Heiss Resource File
d. 1-20-1988 - Abdul Ghaffar Khan, peace activist Abdul Ghaffar Khan Resource File

d. 1-21-1519 - Vasco Nunez de Balboa, explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa Resource File
b. 1-21-1813 - John C. Fremont, explorer John C. Fremont Resource File
b. 1-21-1840 - Sophia Jex-Blake, physician, educator, feminist Sophia Jex-Blake Resource File
b. 1-21-1890 - Florizel von Reuter, violinist Florizel von Reuter Resource File
b. 1-21-1906 - Igor Moiseyev, folk dance choreographer Igor Molseyev Resource File
b. 1-21-1912 - Konrad E. Bloch, biologist Konrad E. Bloch Resource File

b. 1-22-1561 - Sir Francis Bacon, philosopher Francis Bacon Resource File
b. 1-22-1788 - Lord Byron, poet Selected Poetry of Lord Byron
b. 1-22-1849 - Johan August Strindberg, author Johan August Strindberg Resource File
b. 1-22-1878 - Constance Collier, actress Constance Collier Resource File
b. 1-22-1890 - Fred M. Vinson, jurist Fred M. Vinson Resource File
b. 1-22-1897 - Rosa Ponselle, opera singer Rosa Ponselle Resource File
b. 1-22-1904 - George Balanchine, choreographer George Balanchine Resource File
b. 1-22-1904 - William Warfield, bass-baritone opera singer William Warfield Resource File
b. 1-22-1908 - Lev Davidovich Landau, physicist Lev Davidovich Landau Resource File
b. 1-22-1934 - Graham Kerr, chef Graham Kerr Resource File
1-22-1973, Roe v Wade U. S. Supreme Court decision which established that laws against abortion violate a constitutional right to privacy, overturning more than 100 years of judicial precedent and all 50 of the state laws outlawing or restricting abortion. Background on Roe v Wade

d. 1-23-1622 - William Baffin, explorer William Baffin Resource File
b. 1-23-1737 - John Hancock, Revolutionary War John Hancock Resource File
b. 1-23-1752 - Muzio Clementi, pianist & composer Muzio Clementi Resource File
b. 1-23-1783 - Stendhal, author Stendhal Resource File
b. 1-23-1832 - Edouard Manet, artist Edouard Manet Resource File
b. 1-23-1872 - Joseph Plecnik, architect Joseph Plecnik Resource File
b. 1-23-1910 - Django Reinhardt, guitarist & composer Django Reinhardt Resource File
b. 1-23-1918 - Gertrude Elion, biologist Gertrude Elion Resource File
b. 1-23-1930 - Derek Walcott, author Derek Walcott Resource File
b. 1-23-1933 - Chita Rivera, dancer Chita Rivera Resource File
b. 1-23-1951 - Sully Sullenberger, aviator Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger Resource File

b. 1-24-1664 - John Vanbrugh, architect & dramatist John Vanbrugh Resource File
b. 1-24-1670- William Congreve, playwright & poet William Congreve Resource File
b. 1-24-1712 - Friedrich II (The Great) Friedrich II Resource File
b. 1-24-1732 - Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais, author Pierre Beaumarchais Resource File
b. 1-24-1754 - Andrew Ellicott, surveyor Andrew Ellicott Resource File
b. 1-24-1776 - E. T. A. Hoffman, author E. T. A. Hoffman Resource File
b. 1-24-1795 - Farinelli - opera singer Farinelli Resource File
• 1-24-1848 - Gold Discovered at Sutter's Mill, CA The Discovery of Gold in California by Gen. John A. Sutter
b. 1-24-1862 - Edith Wharton, author Edith Wharton Resource File
b. 1-24-1864 - Marguerite Durand, author Marguerite Durand Resource File
b. 1-24-1901 - Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, artist Adolphe Mouron Cassandre Resource File
b. 1-24-1915 - Robert Motherwell, artist Robert Motherwell Resource File
b. 1-24-1925 - Maria Tallchief, ballet dancer

Maria Tallchief Resource File

b. 1-24-1954 - Oprah Winfrey, TV host, actress Oprah Winfrey (Biography) at
b. 1-24-1968 - Mary Lou Retton, gymnast Mary Lou Retton Resource File

b. 1-25-1627 - Robert Boyle, scientist Robert Boyle Resource File
b. 1-25-1746 - Madame de Genlis, author & educator Madame de Genlis Resource File
b. 1-25-1759 - Robert Burns, poet Robert Burns Resource File
b. 1-25-1860 - Charles Curtis, 31st Vice President (under Herbert Hoover) Charles Curtis Resource File
b. 1-25-1882 - Virginia Woolf, author International Virginia Woolf Society
b. 1-25-1874 - W. Somerset Maugham, author W. Somerset Maugham Resource File
b. 1-25-1929 - Vivian Paley, educator Vivian Paley Resource File
d. 1-25-1974 - Nora Holt, musician Nora Holt Resource File

d. 1-26-1467 - Guillaume Budé, scholar Guillaume Budé Resource File
d. 1-26-1748 - Pierre Rameau, French Baroque dance master Pierre Rameau Resource File
b. 1-26-1850 - Samuel Gompers, labor leader Samuel Gompers Resource File
b. 1-26-1880 - General Douglas MacArthur, military MacArthur Memorial, Norfolk, VA
b. 1-26-1884 - Roy Chapman Andrews, explorer Roy Chapman Andrews Resource File
b. 1-26-1892 - Bessie Coleman, aviator Bessie Coleman Resource File
b. 1-26-1906 - Lester Horton, dancer Lester Horton Resource File
b. 1-26-1944 - Angela Davis, activist Angela Davis Resource File

b. 1-27-1756 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Resource File
b. 1-27-1775 - Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling, philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling Resource File
b. 1-27-1832 - Lewis Carroll, author CP Links for Learning - Lewis Carroll
b. 1-27-1832 - Edouard Lalo, composer Edouard Lalo Resource File
b. 1-27-1869 - William Marion Cook, composer William Marion Cook Resource File
b. 1-27-1878 - Dorothy Scarborough, author Dorothy Scarborough Resource File
b. 1-27-1910 - Felix Candela, architect Felix Candela Resource File
b. 1-27-1944 - Mairead Corrigan, 1976 Nobel Peace Prize Mairead Corrigan Resource File
b. 1-27-1948 - Mikhail Baryshnikov, ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov Resource File
b. 1-27-1955 - John Roberts, jurist John Roberts Resource File
• 1-27-1973 - Vietnam War Peace Accords Vietnam War - Wikipedia

d. 1-28-1596 - Sir Francis Drake, explorer Sir Francis Drake Resource File
b. 1-28-1611 - Johannes Hevelius, astronomer Johannes Hevelius Resource File
b. 1-28-1807 - Robert McClure, explorer Robert McClure Resource File
b. 1-28-1841 - Henry Morton Stanley, explorer Henry Morton Stanley Resource File
b. 1-28-1853 - Jose Marti, author Jose Marti Resource File
• 1-28-1861 - Kansas Admitted, 34th state Kansas Facts & History
b. 1-28-1873 - Colette, author Colette Resource File
b. 1-28-1878 - Ruth St. Denis, dancer Ruth St. Denis Resource File
b. 1-28-1895 - Wallace Neff, architect Wallace Neff Resource File
b. 1-28-1896 - Malvin Gray Johnson, artist Malvin Gray Johnson Resource File
b. 1-28-1912 - Jackson Pollock, artist Jackson Pollock Resource File
• 1-28-1986 - Challenger Space Shuttle Tragedy NASA History Division

b. 1-29-1688 - Emanuel Swedenborg, theologian Emanuel Swedenborg Resource File
b. 1-29-1737 - Thomas Paine, patriot Thomas Paine Resource File
b. 1-29-1782 - Daniel François Esprit Auber, composer Daniel Auber Resoure File
b. 1-29-1843 - William McKinley, 25th president White House Bio - McKinley
b. 1-29-1850 - Ebenezer Howard, founder Garden City movement Ebenezer Howard Resource File
b. 1-29-1860 - Anton Chekov, author Anton Chekov Resource File
b. 1-29-1866 - Romain Rolland, author Romain Rolland Resource File
b. 1-29-1867 - Vincente Blasco Ibanez, author Vincente Blasco Ibanez Resource File
b. 1-29-1905 - Barnett Newman, artist Barnett Newman Resource File
b. 1-29-1923 - Paddy Chayefsky, dramatist Paddy Chayefsky Resource File
b. 1-29-1927 - Edward Abbey, author & environmentalist Edward Abbey Resource File
b. 1-29-1939 - Germaine Greer, feminist & author Germaine Greer Resource File

b. 1-30-1708 - Georg Dionysius Ehret, botanical llustrator Georg Dionysius Ehret Resource File
b. 1-30-1771 - George Bass, explorer & surgeon George Bass Resource File
d. 1-30-1838 - Osceola, Seminole War Chief Osceola Resource File
b. 1-30-1866 - Frank Gelett Burgess, artist & author Frank Gelett Burgess Resource File
b. 1-30-1882 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 32nd US President White House Bio - FDR
b. 1-30-1909 - Saul Alinsky, author & community organizer Saul Alinsky Resource File
b. 1-30-1912 - Barbara Tuchman, historian Barbara Tuchman Resource File

b. 1-31-1713 - Anthony Benezet, teacher and abolitionist Anthony Benezet Resource File
b. 1-31-1734 - Robert Morris, patriot Robert Morris Resource File
b. 1-31-1769 - Andre-Jacques Garnerin, aviator Andre-Jacques Garnerin Resource File
b. 1-31-1797 - Franz Schubert, composer Franz Schubert Resource File
b. 1-31-1872 - Zane Grey, author Zane Grey Resource File
b. 1-31-1881 - Anna Palova, ballerina Anna Palova Resource File
b. 1-31-1895 - Justine Johnstone, actress and physician Justine Johnstone Resource File
b. 1-31-1902 - Alva Myrdal, Nobel Peace Prize, 1982 Alva Myrdal Resource File
b. 1-31-1914 - Jersey Joe Walcott, boxer Jersey Joe Walcott Resource File
b. 1-31-1915 - Thomas Merton, theologian & author Thomas Merton Resource File
b. 1-31-1919 - Jackie Robinson, athlete - baseball player CP Links for Learning - Robinson
b. 1-31-1921 - Carol Channing, actress Carol Channing Resource File
b. 1-31-1921 - Mario Lanza, opera singer Mario Lanza Resource File
b. 1-31-1923 - Norman Mailer, author Norman Mailer Resource File
b. 1-31-1935 - Kenzaburo Oe, author, Nobel Literature 1994 Kenzaburo Oe Resource File
b. 1-31-1937 - Philip Glass, composer Philip Glass Resource File
January Facts & Tidbits

January: Janus, Giclee PrintJanuary, first month of the year, is named for Janus, the Roman god of doors, gates, beginnings, and and endings, hence his two faces for looking forward and backwards. Janus is the root of the word describing the caretaker of doors and halls (passage ways), a janitor.

The original Roman calendar consisted of 10 months (304 days) as they considered winter a monthless period. Circa 700 BCE the months of January and February were separated so the calendar would match a standard lunar year, plus one day, to equal 355 days, and thus avoiding the Roman superstition of even numbers.

January Astrological Signs Astrology Resource File
Capricorn: Dec 22 - Jan 19 Capricorn poster
Capricorn, the Archer Ecard
cardinal, earth, universal; “I build,” ambitiou, cautious, authoritative, cunning, competent, stable, saturnine, knees/skeleton; prudent, cautious, suspicious.
Aquarius: Jan 20 - Feb 18 Aquarius poster
Aquarius, the Water Carrier Ecard
fixed, air, universal; “I know,” friendships, cause-oriented, the group, society, progressive, eccentric, aloof, calves/ankles; democratical, unconventional, detached.
January Birthstones

Garnets signify light heart, loyalty, affection. The name “garnet” comes from Latin granatus (“grain”), possibly a reference to Punica granatum (“pomegranate”), a fruit with red seeds similar in shape, size, and color to some garnet crystals.

Minerals Chart Art Print

Birthstone (U of Washington)
Garnets Resource File
January Flowers

Carnation - love, fascination, and distinction
Snowdrop - first bulbs to bloom in spring.

flower posters Carnation Resource File
Snowdrop Resource File

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