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October Observances: poster links resource links
Dental Hygiene Month dental posters Dental Hygiene Month
Dinosaur Month dinosaur posters Smithsonian Nat'l Museum of Natural History
Family History Month family tree posters National Park Service - Celebrate Family History
Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15-Oct 15) Latino posters Hispanic Heritage Month
Stamp Collecting Month postage stamps posters American Philatelic Society
UNICEF Month peace posters United Nations Children's Fund
First Week of October
National Breastfeeding Week Mary Cassatt La Leche League
National Newspaper Week Headlines posters National Newspaper Assoc
World Space Week astronomy posters
Second Week of October
National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Week diseases posters National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness
National Fire Prevention Week Nat'l Fire Protection Assoc.
School Lunch Week nutrition posters School Nutrition Assoc.
Third Week of October
National Chemistry Week science posters National Science Teachers Assoc
National Food Bank Week food posters America's Second Harvest
National Health Education Week health posters National Center for Health Education 
Infection Control Week disease posters Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
National Pharmacy Week medicinal posters US Dept of Health & Human Services 
Reading Week
vintage reading posters American Library Association
Wolf Awareness Week mammals posters Timber Wolf Alliance
Fourth Week of October
National Magic Week Soc of American Magicians
Respiratory Care Week respiratory anatomy posters Respiratory Care Week
World Rainforest Week rain forest posters - rainforest
October Holidays
10-12, 1492 Columbus Day (observed 2nd Monday of October) Columbus posters
11-3-2013, Diwali, Festival of Lights
(10-23-14 | 11-11-15 | 10-30-16)
India posters What is Diwali?
10-14-2013 - Eid al-Adha
(10-4-2014 | 9-23-2015 | 9-12-16)
Islam posters The Islamic Garden
10/31- Halloween Halloween posters
October Notable Dates
b. 10-1-1507 - Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, architect Giacomo Barazzi da Vignola Resource File
b. 10-1-1847 - Annie Besant, activist Annie Besant Resource File
b. 10-1-1881 - William Boeing, aviation William Boeing Resource File
b. 10-1-1903 - Vladimir Horowitz, pianist Vladimir Horowitz Resource File
b. 10-1-1915 - Jerome Bruner, educational psychologist Jerome Bruner Resource File
b. 10-1-1924 - Jimmy Carter, 39th US President White House Bio - Carter
b. 10-1-1924 - William Rehnquist, jurist William Rehnquist Resource File
b. 10-1-1935 - Julie Andrews, singer & actress Julie Andrews Resource File

b. 10-2-1718 - Elizabeth Montagu, social reformer Elizabeth Montagu Resource File
b. 10-2-1800 - Nat Turner, slave rebellion leader Nat Turner Resource File
b. 10-2-1851 - Marshal Ferdinand Foch, military WWI Ferdinand Foch Resource File
b. 10-2-1854 - Patrick Geddes, biologist & town planner Patrick Geddes Resource File
b. 10-2-1869 - Mahatma Gandhi, activist & humanitarian CP Links for Learning - Gandhi
b. 10-2-1871 - Cordell Hull, Nobel Peace Prize Cordell Hull Resource File
b. 10-2-1904 - Graham Greene, author Graham Greene Resource File
b. 10-2-1951 - Gordon Sumner “Sting”, musician Sting Resource File

b. 10-3-1790 - John Ross, Cherokee leader John Ross Resource File
b. 10-3-1858 - Eleonora Duse, actress Eleonora Duse Resource File
b. 10-3-1862 - Alice B. Woodward, artist Alice B. Woodward Resource File
b. 10-3-1867 - Pierre Bonnard, artist Pierre Bonnard Resource File
b. 10-3-1900 - Thomas Wolfe, author Thomas Wolfe Resource File
b. 10-3-1916 - James Herriot, author James Herriot Resource File
b. 10-3-1935 - Charles Duke, astronaut Charles Duke Resource File
b. 10-3-1941 - Chubby Checker, musician Chubby Checker Resource File

b. 10-4-1814 - Jean-François Millet, artist Jean-François Millet Resource File
b. 10-4-1822 - Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th US President White House Bio - Hayes
b. 10-4-1880 - Damon Runyon, author Damon Runyon Resource File
b. 10-4-1941 - Anne Rice, author Anne Rice Resource File

b. 10-5-1703 - Jonathan Edwards, theologian Jonathan Edwards Resource File
b. 10-5-1713 - Denis Diderot, philosopher & author Denis Diderot Resource File
b. 10-5-1777 - Guillaume Dupuytren, physician Guillaume Dupuytren Resource File
d. 10-5-1813 - Tecumseh, war chief Tecumseh Resource File
b. 10-5-1829 - Chester Alan Arthur, 21st US President White House Bio - Arthur
b. 10-5-1882 - Robert M. Goddard, scientist Robert M. Goddard Resource File
d. 10-5-1895 - Ada Cavendish, actress Ada Cavenish Resource File
b. 10-5-1911 - Flann O'Brien, author Flann O'Brien Resource File
b. 10-5-1929 - Richard “Dick” Gordon, astronaut Richard F. Gordon Resource File
b. 10-5-1936 - Vaclav Havel, playwright & statesman Vaclav Havel Resource File
b. 10-5-1959 - Maya Lin, architect, Vietnam War Memorial Maya Lin Resource File

b. 10-6-1552 - Matteo Ricci, Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci Resource File
b. 10-6-1820 - Jenny Lind, singer Jenny Lind Resource File
b. 10-6-1846 - George Westinghouse, industrialist George Westinghouse Resource File
b. 10-6-1862 - Albert J. Beveridge, historian & politician Albert J. Beveridge Resource File
b. 10-6-1887 - Le Corbusier, architect Le Corbusier Resource File
b. 10-6-1887 - Maria Jeritza, opera singer Maria Jeritza Resource File
b. 10-6-1905 - Helen Wills, tennis player Helen Wills Resource File
b. 10-6-1906 - Janet Gaynor, actress Janet Gaynor Resource File
b. 10-6-1914 - Thor Heyerdahl, explorer Thor Heyerdahl Resource File
b. 10-6-1917 - Fannie Lou Hamer, activist Fannie Lou Hamer Resource File

b. 10-7-1675 - Rosalba Carriera, artist Rosalba Carriera Resource File
b. 10-7-1728 - Caesar Rodney, Revolutionary War Caesar Rodney Resource File
b. 10-7-1849 - James Whitcomb Riley, poet James Whitcomb Riley Resource File
b. 10-7-1885 - Niels Bohr, physicist Niels Bohr Resource File
b. 10-7-1927 - R. D. Laing, psychiatrist R. D. Laing Resource File
b. 10-7-1934 - June Allyson, dancer & actress June Allyson Resource File
b. 10-7-1934 - Amiri Baraka, poet & playwright Amiri Baraka Resource File
b. 10-7-1966 - Sherman Alexie, author Sherman Alexie Resource File

b. 10-8-1807 - Harriet Taylor Mill, women's rights Harriet Taylor Mill Resource File
b. 10-8-1890 - Eddie Rickenbacker, aviation Eddie Rickenbacer Resource File
b. 10-8-1895 - Juan Peron, Argentina President Juan Peron Resource File
b. 10-8-1920 - Frank Herbert, science fiction author Frank Herbert Resource File
b. 10-8-1930 - Faith Ringgold, artist Faith Ringgold Resource File
b. 10-8-1941 - Jesse Jackson, political activist CP Links for Learning - Jackson

b. 10-9-1782 - Lewis Cass, statesman Lewis Cass Resource File
b. 10-9-1835 - Camille Saint-Saens, composer Camille Saint-Saens Resource File
b. 10-9-1837 - Frances Wayland Parker, educator Francis Wayland Parker Resource File
b. 10-9-1860 - Leonard Wood, physician & military officer Leoanrd Wood Resource File
b. 10-9-1863 - Edward W. Bok, author & editor Edward W. Bok Resource File
b. 10-9-1874 - Nikolai Roerich, author, painter, philosopher Nicholas Roerich Resource File
b. 10-9-1892 - Ivo Andric, Nobel Literature 1961 Ivo Andric Resource File
b. 10-9-1919 - Irmgard Seefried, soprano Irmgard Seefried Resource File
b. 10-9-1940 - John Lennon, Beatle, peace activist John Lennon Resource File
b. 10-9-1950 - Jody Williams, peace activist Jody Williams Resource File

d. 10-10-1659 - Abel Janszoom Tasman, explorer Abel Janszoom Tasman Resource File
b. 10-10-1731 - Henry Cavendish, scientist Henry Cavendish Resource File
b. 10-10-1813 - Guiseppe Verdi, composer Guiseppe Verdi Resource File
b. 10-10-1858 - Maurice Prendergast, artist Maurice Prendergast Resource File
b. 10-10-1861 - Fridtjof Nansen, explorer Fridtjof Nansen Resource File
b. 10-10-1900 - Helen Hayes, actress Helen Hayes Resource File
b. 10-10-1917 - Thelonious Monk, musician Thelonious Monk Resource File
b. 10-10-1930 - Harold Pinter, playwright Harold Pinter Resource File

d. 10-11-1670 - Louis Le Vau, architect Louis Le Vau Resource File
b. 10-11-1872 - Emily Wilding Davison, suffragette Emily Davison Resource File
b. 10-11-1872 - Harlan F. Stone, Supreme Court Justice Harlan F. Stone Resource File
b. 10-11-1884 - Eleanor Roosevelt, First Lady, human rights activist CP Links for Learning - Roosevelt
b. 10-11-1885 - Francois Mauriac, author Francois Mauriac Resource File
b. 10-11-1918 - Jerome Robbins, dancer & choreographer Jerome Robbins Resource File
b. 10-11-1926 - Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk, peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh Resource File
b. 10-11-1936 - James M. McPherson, historian, & professor James M. McPherson Resource File

b. 10-12-1840 - Helena Modjeska, actress Helena Modjeska Resource File
b. 10-12-1879 - Wallace Stevens, poet Wallace Stevens Resource File
b. 10-12-1908 - Ann Petry, author Ann Petry Resource File
b. 10-12-1935 - Luciano Pavarotti, opera singer Luciano Pavarotti Resource File
b. 10-12-1975 - Marion Jones, track & field athlete Marion Jones Resource File

b. 10-13-1821 - Rudolf Virchow, physician & anthropologist Rudolf Virchow Resource File
b. 10-13-1853 - Lillie Langtry, opera singer Lillie Langtry Resource File
b. 10-13-1862 - Mary Henrietta Kingsley, author Mary Henrietta Kingsley Resource File
b. 10-13-1870 - Della Fox, entertainer Della Fox Resource File
b. 10-13-1890 - Conrad Richter, author Conrad Richter Resource File
b. 10-13-1901 - Edith Spurlock Sampson, activist Edith Spurlock Sampson Resource File
b. 10-13-1902 - Arna Bontemps, poet & educator Arna Bontemps Resource File
b. 10-13-1909 - Art Tatum, jazz musician Art Tatum Resource File
b. 10-13-1925 - Margaret Thatcher, politician Margaret Thatcher Resource File
b. 10-13-1969 - Nancy Kerrigan, figure skater Nancy Kerrigan Resource File

b. 10-14-1718 - William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania William Penn Resource File
b. 10-14-1824 - Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, painter Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli Resource File
b. 10-14-1882 - Éamonn de Valera, Irish revolutionary Éamonn de Valera Resource File
b. 10-14-1888 - Katharine Mansfield, author Katherine Mansfield Resource File
b. 10-14-1890 - Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President White House Bio - Eisenhower
b. 10-14-1893 - Lillian Gish, actress Lillian Gish Resource File
b. 10-14-1894 - e. e. cummings, poet E. E. Cumming's Life
b. 10-14-1906 - Hannah Arendt, author, philosopher, educator Hannah Arendt Resource File
10-14-1947 - Chuck Yaeger breaks the sound barrier Chuck Yeager Resource File

b. 10-15-70BC - Virgil, poet Virgil Resource File
b. 10-15-1608 - Evangelista Torricelli, physicist Evangelista Torricelli Resource File
b. 10-15-1726 - Francoise Duparc, artist Francoise Duparc Resource File
b. 10-15-1814 - Mikhail Lermontov, poet Mikhail Lermontov Resource File
b. 10-15-1831 - Isabella Bird Bishop, traveller & author Isabella Bird Bishop Resource File
b. 10-15-1844 - Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche Resource File
b. 10-15-1867 - Josep Puig i Cadafalch, architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch Resource File
b. 10-15-1880 - Marie Stopes, MD, activist & scientist Marie Stopes Resource File
b. 10-15-1881 - P. G. Wodehouse, author P. G. Wodehouse Resource File
b. 10-15-1896 - Celestin Freinet, educator Celestin Freinet Resource File
b. 10-15-1899 - William C. Menninger, psychologist William C. Menninger Resource File
b. 10-15-1917 - Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. Resource File
b. 10-15-1926 - Michel Foucault, historian Michel Foucault Resource File
b. 10-15-1957 - Alfie Kohn, education reformer Alfie Kohn Resource File
b. 10-15-1959 - Emeril Lagasse, chef Emeril Lagasse Resource File
• 10-15-1997 - Cassini-Hugyens launched NASA/ESA/ASI

d. 10-16-1555 - Hugh Latimer & Nicholas Ridley, martyrs The Oxford Martyrs Resource File
b. 10-16-1758 - Noah Webster, Dictionary Day Noah Webster House Museum
b. 10-16-1854 - Oscar Wilde, poet & playwright Oscar Wilde Resource File
b. 10-16-1874 - Oscar Mueller, artist Oscar Mueller Resource File
b. 10-16-1888 - Eugene O'Neill, playwright Eugene O'Neill Resource File
b. 10-16-1898 - William O. Douglas, Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas Resource File
b. 10-16-1927 - Günter Grass, author Gunter Grass Resource File
b. 10-16-1928 - Mary Daly, activist theologian & educator Mary Daly Resource File
b. 10-16-1962 - Tamara McKinney, ski racer Tamara McKinney Resource File

b. 10-17-1711 - Jupiter Hammon, poet Jupiter Hammon Resource File
b. 10-17-1864 - Elinor Glyn, novelist & scripwriter Elinor Glyn Resource File
b. 10-17-1883 - A. S. Neill, educator A. S. Neill Resource File
b. 10-17-1895 - Doris Humphrey, dancer Doris Humphrey Resource File
b. 10-17-1898 - Shinichi Suzuki, violinist & teacher Shinichi Suzuki Resource File
b. 10-17-1900 - Jean Arthur, actress Jean Arthur Resource File
b. 10-17-1903 - Nathanael West, author Nathanael West Resource File
b. 10-17-1915 - Arthur Miller, playwright Arthur Miller Resource File
b. 10-17-1933 - William Anders, astronaut William Anders Resource File
b. 10-17-1956 - Mae Jemison, astronaut Mae Jemison Resource File

b. 10-18-1616 - Nicholas Culpeper, physician, herbalist Nicholas Culpeper Resource File
b. 10-18-1859 - Henri Bergson, philosopher Henri Bergson Resource File
b. 10-18-1898 - Lotte Lenya, actress Lotte Lenya Resource File
b. 10-18-1902 - Miriam Hopkins, actress Miriam Hopkins Resource File
b. 10-18-1926 - Chuck Berry, musician Chuck Berry Resource File
b. 10-18-1948 - Ntozake Shange, author & feminist Ntozake Shange Resource File
b. 10-18-1956 - Martina Navratilova, tennis player Martina Navratilova Resource File
b. 10-18-1961 - Wynton Marsalis, musician Wynton Marsalis Resource File

b. 10-19-1433 - Marsilio Ficino, philosopher Marsilio Ficino Resource File
b. 10-19-1605 - Sir Thomas Browne, author Thomas Browne Resource File
b. 10-19-1784 - Leigh Hunt, author Leigh Hunt Resource File
b. 10-19-1884 - Clarence Pickett, peace activist Clarence Pickett Resource File
b. 10-19-1885 - Fannie Hurst, poet & critic Fannie Hurst Resource File
b. 10-19-1895 - Lewis Mumford, historian Lewis Mumford Resource File
b. 10-19-1899 - Miguel Ángel Asturias, author

Miguel Angel Asturias Resource File

b. 10-19-1910 - Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, astrophysicist Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar Resource File
b. 10-19-1956 - Carlo Urbani, physician Carlo Urbani Resource File

b. 10-20-1632 - Christopher Wren, architect Christopher Wren Resource File
b. 10-20-1822 - Thomas Hughes, author Thomas Hughes Resource File
b. 10-20-1854 - Alphonse Allais, poet & humorist Alphonse Allais Resource File
b. 10-20-1854 - Arthur Rimbaud, poet Arthur Rimbaud Resource File
b. 10-20-1859 - John Dewey, philosopher John Dewey books at
b. 10-20-1885 - “Jelly Roll” Morton, musician Jelly Roll Morton Resource File
b. 10-20-1901 - Adelaide Hall, dancer, actress, singer Adelaide Hall Resource File

b. 10-21-1772 - Samuel Taylor Coleridge, poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge Resource File
b. 10-21-1833 - Alfred Nobel, chemist Alfred Nobel Resource File
10-21-1879, Thomas A. Edison solved vacuum problem in lightbulb, illuminating a carbon filament for 40 hours. CP Links for Learning - Edison
b. 10-21-1886 - Eugene Burton Ely, aviator Eugene Eckener Resource File
b. 10-21-1887 - Isa Kremer, opera singer Isa Kremer Resource File
b. 10-21-1891 - Ted Shawn, dancer Ted Shawn Resource File
b. 10-21-1895 - Edna Purviance, actress Edna Purviance Resource File
b. 10-21-1904 - Patrick Kavangh, author Patrick Kavanagh Resource File
b. 10-21-1917 - Dizzy Gillespie, jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie Reosurce File
b. 10-21-1929 - Ursula K. Le Guin, author Ursula K. Le Guin Reosurce File

b. 10-22-1811 - Franz Liszt, composer & pianist Franz Liszt Resource File
b. 10-22-1844 - Sarah Bernhardt, actress Sarah Bernhardt Links for Learning
b. 10-22-1844 - Louis Riel, Métis leader Louis Riel Resource File
b. 10-22-1870 - Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin, Nobel Literature 1933 Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin Resource File
b. 10-22-1875 - Harriet Chalmers Adams, explorer Harriet Chalmers Adams Resource File
b. 10-22-1903 - George W. Beadle, biochemist George W. Beadle Resource File
b. 10-22-1919 - Doris Lessing, author Doris Lessing Resource File
b. 10-22-1925 - Robert Rauschenberg, artist Robert Rauschenberg Resource File

b. 10-23-1844 - Robert Bridges, poet & physician Robert Bridges Resource File
b. 10-23-1942 - Anita Roddick, activist Anita Roddick Resource File

b. 10-24-1632 - Anton van Leeuwenhoek Anton van Leeuwenhoek Resource File
b. 10-24-1788 - Sarah Josepha Hale, author & editor Sarah Josepha Hale Resource File
b. 10-24-1830 - Belva A. Lockwood, activist Belva Lockwood Resource File
b. 10-24-1868 - Alexandra David-Neel, traveler Alexandra David-Neel Resource File
b. 10-24-1904 - Moss Hart, playwright Moss Hart Resource File
b. 10-24-1923 - Denise Levertov, poet Denise Levertov Resource File
10-24-1945 - United Nations Established - peace posters United Nations Official Site

d. 10-25-1400 - Geoffrey Chaucer, author Geoffrey Chaucer Resource File
b. 10-25-1800 - Thomas Macaulay, historian, poet, politician Thomas Macaulay Resource File
b. 10-25-1811 - Evariste Galois, mathematician Evariste Galois Resource File
b. 10-25-1825 - Johann Strauss II, composer Johann Strauss II Resource File
b. 10-25-1838 - Georges Bizet, composer Georges Bizet Resource File
b. 10-25-1881 - Pablo Picasso, Spain CP Links for Learning - Picasso
b. 10-25-1888 - Richard E. Byrd, explorer Richard E. Byrd Resource File
b. 10-25-1902 - Henry Steele Commager, author Henry Steele Commager Resource File
b. 10-25-1914 - John Berryman, poet John Berryman Resource File
b. 10-25-1935 - Rusty Schweickart, astronaut Rusty Schweickart Resource File

b. 10-26-1797 - Giuditta Pasta, opera singer Giuditta Pasta Resource File
b. 10-26-1902 - Beryl Markham, aviator Beryl Markham Resource File
b. 10-26-1911 - Mahalia Jackson, gospel singer Mahalia Jackson Resource File
b. 10-26-1947 - Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady, presidental candidate; US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Resource File

b. 10-27-1466 - Eramus, theologian Eramus Resource File
b. 10-27-1728 - Capt. James Cook, explorer James Cook Resource File
b. 10-27-1736 - James Macpherson, author James Macpherson Resource File
b. 10-27-1782 - Niccolò Paganini, composer Niccolò Paganini Resource File
b. 10-27-1844 - Klas Pontus Arnoldson, writer & Nobel Peace 1908 Klas Pontus Arnoldson Resource File
b. 10-27-1858 - Theodore Roosevelt, US President White House Bio Theodore Roosevelt
b. 10-27-1867 - Viola Allen, actress Viola Allen Resource File
b. 10-27-1870 - Roscoe Pound, legal scholar & botanist Roscoe Pound Resource File
b. 10-27-1889 - Enid Bagnold, author Enid Bagnold Resource File
b. 10-27-1914 - Dylan Thomas, poet & author Dylan Thomas Resource File
b. 10-27-1923 - Roy Lichtenstein, artist Roy Lichtenstein Resource File
b. 10-27-1924 - Ruby Dee, actress, poet, activist Ruby Dee Resource File
b. 10-27-1932 - Sylvia Plath, author Sylvia Plath Resource File
b. 10-27-1940 - Maxine Hong Kingston, author CP Links for Learning - Maxine Hong Kingston
b. 10-27-1952 - Francis Fukuyama, author, philosopher, professor Francis Fukuyama Resource File

b. 10-28-1697 - Giovanni Antonio Canal “Canaletto”, artist Canaletto Resource File
10-28-1793 - Cotton Gin Invented Cotton Gin Reource File
b. 10-28-1798 - Levi Coffin, abolitionist Levi Coffin Resource File
b. 10-28-1846 - Auguste Escoffier, chef Auguste Escoffier Resource File
10-28-1886 - Statue of Liberty Dedicated Statue of Liberty National Park Serv
b. 10-28-1886 - Joan Plowright, actress Joan Plowright Resource File
b. 10-28-1903 - Evelyn Waugh, author Evelyn Waugh Resource File
b. 10-28-1914 - Jonas Salk, physician Jonas Salk Resource File
b. 10-28-1955 - Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates Resource File

d. 10-29-1618 - Sir Walter Raleigh, explorer Sir Walter Raleigh Resource File
b. 10-29-1740 - James Boswell, author James Boswell Resource File
b. 10-29-1891 - Fanny Brice, comedienne & singer Fanny Brice Resource File
b. 10-29-1905 - Gertrude Ederle, swimmer Gertrude Ederle Resource File
10-29-1929 - Wall Street Crash Wall Street Crash Resource File

b. 10-30-1735 - John Adams, US President White House Bio - John Adams
b. 10-30-1741 - Angelica Kauffmann, artist Angelica Kauffmann Resource File
b. 10-30-1751 - Richard Brinsley Sheridan, author Richard Brinsley Sheridan Resource File
b. 10-30-1762 - André Chénier, poet André Chénier Resource File
b. 10-30-1853 - Andre-Charles Messager, composer Andre-Charles Messager Resource File
b. 10-30-1857 - Gertrude Atherton, author Gertrude Atherton Resource File
b. 10-30-1858 - Louise Abbema, artist Louise Abbema Resource File
b. 10-30-1885 - Ezra Pound, author Ezra Pound Resource File
b. 10-30-1894 - Jean Rostand, biologist, natural philosopher Jean Rostand Resource File

95 Theses of Martin Luther, Wittenberg
b. 10-31-1632 - Johannes Vermeer, artist Johannes Vermeer Resource File
b. 10-31-1711 - Laura Bassi, scientist & teacher Laura Bassi Resource File
b. 10-31-1795 - John Keats, poet John Keats Resource File
b. 10-31-1686 - Senesino, opera singer Senesino Resource File
b. 10-31-1860 - Juliette Gordon Low, founder Girl Scouts Juliette Gordon Low Resource File
b. 10-31-1883 - Marie Laurencin, artist Marie Laurencin Resource File
b. 10-31-1896 - Ethel Waters, jazz singer Ethel Waters Resource File
b. 10-31-1905 - Evelyn Reed, activist & anthropologist Evelyn Reed Resource File
b. 10-31-1917 - Harry Harlow, psychologist Harry Harlow Resource File
b. 10-31-1917 - William Hardy McNeill, historian William Hardy McNeill Resource File
b. 10-31-1930 - Michael Collins, astronaut Michael Collins Resource File
b. 10-31-1932 - Katherine Paterson, author Katherine Paterson Resource File
October Facts & Tidbits
October, 10th month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, was the eigthth month in the Roman Calendar and has retained the Latin word octo for eight as its name.

• “October is a fine and dangerous season in America, a wonderful time to begin anything at all. You go to college, and every course in the catalogue looks wonderful.” ~ Thomas Merton

Astrological Signs Astrology
• Libra: September 23 - October 22 Libra poster
Libra, the Scales Ecard
cardinal, air, social; “We are,” partnerships, balance, grace, charm, cooperative, social, ideas, lazy, kidneys/lumbar; co-operative, fair, lazy.
• Scopio: October 23 - November 21 Scorpio poster
Scorpio, the Scorpion Ecard
fixed, water, social; “I desire,” intense, controlling, sexual, compulsive, deep, secretive, mysterious, obsessive, genitals; passionate, sensitive, anxious.

Opal - love & hope
Tourmaline - peace stone / dispel fear

Minerals Chart Art Print

Birthstones: Univ of Washington
Opal Resource File
Tourmaline Resource File

calendula - sun (calendar),
• [marigold]
• cosmos

October's Flower, the Calendula, Art Print
October's Flower,
the Calendula
Art Print

Calendula Resource File

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