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Notable women activists ~

Eva Sars Nansen
Carrie A. Nation
Ada Negri

Florence Nightingale
Caroline Norton

Rose O'Neill
Amelia Opie

Eva Sars Nansen Wife of Explorer Fridtjof Nansen, Strand Magazine Article, 1896
Eva Sars Nansen Wife of Explorer Fridtjof Nansen, Strand Magazine Article, 1896

Eva Helene Nansen, née Sars
b. 12-17-1858; Christiania (Oslo), Norway
d. 12-9-1907; Lysaker (pneumonia)

Eva Nansen, the wife of famed Norwegian explorer and Nobel Peace Prize winner Fridjof Nansen, was a mezzosoprano singer and pioneer of women's skiing.

Anti Liquor: the Fruits of Temperance, the Progress of Intemperance, Woman's Holy War, Giclee Print (of N. Currier Lithography)
Anti Liquor: ...
Woman's Holy War,
Giclee Print
(of N. Currier Lithography)

Carrie A. Nation
b. 11-25-1846; Garrard County, Kentucky
d. 6-9-1911; Leavenworth, Kansas

Carrie Nation, née Moore, was a leader in the temperance movement, starting a chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Medicine Lodge, Kansas. She was known for smashing the stock of saloons with rocks and finally a hatchet. She is buried in Belton, Missouri.

Carrie A. Nation quotes ~
• “Men are nicotine-soaked, beer-besmirched, whiskey-greased, red-eyed devils.”
• “I felt invincible. My strength was that of a giant. God was certainly standing by me. I smashed five saloons with rocks before I ever took a hatchet.”

Ada Negri, Italian Teacher and Writer Publishing Poems and Political, Mystical and Feminist Works, Giclee Print
Ada Negri
Giclee Print

Ada Negri
b. 2-3-1870; Lodi, Italy
d. 1-11-1945; Milan

Ada Negri was a village school teacher, a poet and the first woman to be admitted to the Italian Academy (1940). She also published political, mystical and feminist works.

Florence Nighingale, Giclee Print
Florence Nighingale,
Giclee Print

Florence Nightingale
b. 5-12-1820; Florence, Italy
d. 8-13-1910

Florence Nightingale also as mathematician.

BTW- she was named for the city of her birth.

Caroline Norton (nee Sheridan), English Writer, Photographic Print
Caroline Norton, Photographic Print

Caroline Norton (née Sheridan)
b. 3-22-1808; London, England
d. 6-15-1877

Caroline Norton, famous British society beauty, feminist and author of the early and mid nineteenth century, wrote both to support herself and bring attention to granting rights to married and divorced women, as a result of her unsuccessful marriage. Norton was the daughter of playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

Fisher's Drawing Room Scrap-Book: 1849 by Caroline E. S. Norton

Rose O'Neill: The Girl Who Loved to Draw
Rose O'Neill:
The Girl Who
Loved to Draw

Rose O'Neill
b. 6-25-1874; Wilkes-Barre, PA
d. 4-6-1944; Springfield, MO

Illustrator Rose O'Neill created a popular comic called Kewpie and the famous Kewpie doll is based on her imagination.

O'Neill supported her large family with her work till the Great Depression left her broke. O'Neill was also a women's rights activist.

Kewpie doll

Amelia Opie, Writer, 2nd Wife of John Opie, Giclee Print
Amelia Opie
Giclee Print

Amelia Opie
née Alderson
b. 11-12-1769; Norwich, England
d. 12-1-1852; Norwich

Writer Amelia Opie is noted for her radical principles. She was friends with Mary Wollstoncraft, Sarah Siddons and Madame de Stael, and joined the Society of Friends (Quakers) who are known for their social activism. She was married to the painter John Opie who encouraged her literary pursuits.

Memorials of the life of Amelia Opie, selected and arranged from her letters, diaries, and other manuscripts

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