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Teacher's Best - The Creative Process

Historic Headlines Posters from The London Herald
for world and American history in the classroom and home schoolers.

history > HISTORIC HEADLINES | Daily Mirror < social studies

The Historic Headlines series of educational history posters from the London Herald depicts Twentieth Century world events and famous people: Flying Machine, Titanic Sinks, Scott Killed at South Pole, Wall Street Crash, Edward VIII Abdicates, VE Day, Everest Conquered, Bannister Breaks Four Minute Mile, Busby Babes Killed, Kennedy Assassinated, 1966 World Cup, First Man on the Moon, Nixon Resigns, Berlin Wall Tumbles, Mandela Freed and The Treble.

Dewey Defeats Truman Headline photo, LIFE MagazineHEADLINES are the large, bold text featured at the top of the front page of a newspaper to introduce the lead story of the day. Headlines are usually written in the present tense and without articles such as "a" and "the", sometimes the attempt to keep headlines short and sweet lead to unintended meaning, for example- "Local High School Dropouts Cut in Half".

Also the competition between newspapers to be the first to publish important news have led to erronous announcements. A picture of newly elected President of the United States Harry S Truman, holding up the prematurely distributed November 4, 1948 edition of the Chicago Tribune at Union Station in St. Louis, Missouri with the headline, DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN, illustrates this phenomena.

FYI ~ herald (n.) a person who annouces important news; a royal or official messenger; “Hark the herald angels sing”.

Flying Machine Takes to the Air Poster, London Herald Headline Poster
Flying Machine
Takes to the Air!

Flying Machine Takes to the Air!
Friday, December, 18, 1903

Wright Brothers Make First Powered Flight, Heavier than Air Machine

aviation posters
Wright Brothers posters

Historic Headlines - Titanic Sinks Poster, London Herald, April, 1912
Titanic Sinks
London Herald,

Titanic Sinks
Tuesday, April 16, 1912

Great loss of life, World's Greatest Lines Strikes Iceburg, Titanic - The Tragic Story

(OTHER NEWS) - Total Eclipse of the Sun Expected, New Discoveries in Pompeii, Home Rule Bill for Ireland.

Historic Headlines -Scott Killed at the South Pole Poster, London Herald, November, 1912
Scott Killed at the South Pole Poster, London Herald,

Scott Killed at the South Pole
Tuesday, February 11, 1913

British Antarctic Disaster, Found Dead Just 10 Mies from Safety, "News of a Terrible Calamity"

• more Explorer posters
Antarctica posters

Plymouth Elects Lady Astor: First Woman M.P., Giclee Print of "The Daily Mirror" front pae 11-29-1919
Plymouth Elects Lady Astor:
First Woman M.P.
The "Daily Mirror",
Giclee Print

American born Nancy Witcher Langhorne Astor, Viscountess Astor, was the first woman to serve as a member of the British House of Commons. She was the wife of Waldorf Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor, and also an adherant to her particuliar understanding of Mary Baker Eddy's Christian Science.
b. 5-19-1879; Danville, Virginia
d. 5-2-1964; England

Pioneer of Women's Rights posters

Historic Headlines- Wall Street Crash Poster, London Herald, October 25, 1929
Wall Street Crash!
London Herald,

Wall Street Crash!
Friday, October 25, 1929

Black Thursday in America, Stocks Plunge and Eleven Commit Suicide, What Went Wrong?

Ten Days That Shook the Nation - Stock Market Crash of 1929 poster

Historic Headlines - Edward VIII Abdicates Poster, London Herald, January 20, 1936
Edward VIII Abdicates Poster, London Herald,

Edward VIII Abdicates
Saturday, December 12, 1936

King Renounces Crown for Love, Duke of York Succeeds as George VI, Windsor Broadcast, Mrs. Wallis Simpson

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Historic Headlines - Rejoicing Crowds Celebrate Victory Poster, London Herald, May 5, 1945
Rejoicing Crowds
Celebrate Victory
London Herald,

Rejoicing Crowds Celebrate Victory in Europe
Wednesday, May 9, 1945

End to German War Declared

• more WWII posters

Historic Headlines - Everest Conquered Poster, London Herald, May 29, 1953
Everest Conquered!
London Herald,

Everest Conquered!
May 29, 1953

British Expedition Reaches Summit for Coronation Day, Hillary and Tenzing on Top of the World.

mountain posters
Tibet posters
Nepal posters

Historic Headlines - Bannister Breaks Four Minute Mile Poster, London Herald, May 6, 1954
Bannister Breaks Four Minute Mile London Herald, 5-5-6-1954

Bannister Breaks Four Minute Mile,
May 6, 1954

Greatest Record in Sport Falls, Miracle Mile for British Medical Student

The greatest barrier in world sport was finally crossed yesterday when Roger Bannister became the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes.
Mr. Bannister, a 25 year old medical student, broke the record on Oxford University's famous cinder track at Iffley Road, during a match between the University and the Amateur Athletic Association.
The four minute mile was once considered by experts to present an impossible challenge to the human race and has always been seen as the 'Holy Grail' of the middle distance runner. In the breaking of the world record held for nine years by the Swede, Gunder Hagg, Bannister has secured for himself a permanent place in the pantheon of the greatest sportsmen of all time.

(OTHER NEWS) - Racial Segregation Set to be Outlawed in US Schools - US Supreme Court is set to rule on the integration of white and black children into single schools in southern US states.

Historic Headlines - Busby Babes Killed in Plane Tragedy, Munich, Poster, London Herald, February 7, 1958
Busby Babes Killed
in Plane Tragedy, Munich,
London Herald, 2-7-1958

Busby Babes Killed in Plane Tragedy, February 7, 1958

Disaster in Munich,
Manchester in Mourning

Historic Headlines - Kennedy Assassinated Poster London Herald, Nov 22, 1963
Kennedy Assassinated
London Herald Headline

Kennedy Assassinated
Nov 22, 1963

America Mourns Camelot Dream, Lyndon Johnson sworn in on Air Force One

• Kennedy posters
Presidential posters

Historic Headlines - 1966 World Cup Poster, London Herald, July 30, 1966
1966 World Cup
London Herald Headline

World Cup Glory!
Sunday, July 30, 1966

England Beat Germany to Win the World Cup 4-2
Hat-trick Hero Geoff Hurst

Great Britain posters

First Man on the Moon Poster London Herald Headline
First Man
on the Moon
London Herald Headline

First Man on the Moon
Monday, July 21, 1969

'One small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind'

Triumph for Apollo Crew
Aldrin, Collins and Armstrong

Kennedy to be Charged - Senator Edward Kennedy is to charged after failing to report an accident in which a woman passenger in his car, Mary Jo Kopechne, drowned when the car plunged off a bridge at Chappaquiddick .
Rolling Stone Mourned - The world of Rock and Roll mourns the death of Rolling Stone, Brian Jones, who drowned in his swimming pool earlier this month. The coronor declared that Mr. Jones' death was the result 'of alcohol and drugs'.
Franco's Heir - Later this week, the Spanish leader General Franco is expected to mane Prince Juan Carlos, the son of the current pretender to the Spanish throne, as his heir as Head of State and the future King of Spain.

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Moon posters

Historic Headlines - Nixon Quits Poster, London Herald, August 9, 1974
Nixon Quits
London Herald Headline

Nixon Quits,
Friday, August 9, 1974

Watergate Scandal Claims the Ultimate Victim, First US President to Resign, Watergate - A President's Disgrace, Ford - New Model President

Presidential posters

Historic Headlines - Berlin Wall Tumbles Poster London Herald, November 9, 1989
Berlin Wall Tumbles
London Herald,

Berlin Wall Tumbles
Saturday, November 11, 1989

'Beginning of the End' for Communism, Germany Re-unified, Breaching the Wall

Germany posters

Historic Headlines - Nelson Mandela Freed Poster, London Herald, February 11, 1990
Nelson Mandela Freed,
London Herald,

Nelson Mandela Freed
Monday, February 11, 1990

50,000 Celebrate in Cape Town, South Africa Enters New Age of Hope, Mandela's Lifetime Campaign Against Apartheid

• more Nelson Mandela posters
Africa posters
Peace and Justice posters

Historic Headlines - The Treble Poster, London Herald, 1999
London Herald,

Thursday, May 29, 1999

90th minute miracle brings Manchester United European Glory; One Amazing Night, One Amazing Team

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