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Teacher's Best - The Creative Process

Heroes from History Posters
for the social studies classroom and home schoolers.

social studies > HEROES FROM HISTORY < childrens posters

Educational posters from the “Heroes” poster series with short biographical statement and time line, celebrate prominent individuals who have made significant contributions to the creative process of life: Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Harriet Tubman, George Washington, and Booker T. Washington.

Albert Einstein Poster
Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
b. 3-14-1879; Ulm, Germany
d. 4-18-1955; Princeton, NJ

Poster Text: “One of the most brilliant mathematical physicists of the 20th century, Albert Einstein's theories on matter, energy, space, time and gravity are the basis for our understanding of the universe. An outspoken pacifist he also made many contribution to peace in his lifetime.”

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Poster
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
b. 1-15-1929; Atlanta, GA
d. 4-4-1968; Memphis, TN

Poster Text: “Martin Luther King, Jr. was a civil rights leader and a Baptist minister. His policy of nonviolent protest and direct action for social change was the leading force in the civil rights movement from 1957 to 1968.”

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Abraham Lincoln Poster
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln
b. 2-12-1809; Kentucky
d. 4-15-1865; Wash., DC

Poster Text: “Abraham Lincoln educated himself by reading books. He worked as a store clerk and a lawyer before becoming the 16th president of the United States. He is best known for holding the country together during the Civil War, for ending slavery and for delivering the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln is pictured on the U.S. penny and the five-dollar bill.”

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Isaac Newton Poster
Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton
b. 12-25-1642; England
d. 3-20-1727; London

Poster Text: “Known as one of the greatest scientists of all time, Isaac Newton was a physicist, mathematician and astronomer. He discovered the law of gravity and created the field of calculus. Newton's laws of motion and theory of gravitation are cornerstones of modern physics.”

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Harriet Tubman Poster
Harriet Tubman Poster

Harriet Tubman
b. c. 1820; Dorchester County, MD
d. 3-10-1913; NY

Poster Text: “Harriet Tubman devoted her life to fighting slavery. She was a conductor on the Underground Railroad, a secret system run by people of all races who helped slaves escape to freedom.”

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George Washington Poster
George Washington

George Washington
b. 2-22-1732; Westmoreland Co., VA
d. 12-14-1799; Mt. Vernon, VA

Poster Text: “Called the “Father of His Country” George Washington is one of the most important people in U.S. history. He is best known for his courage, sense of fairness and good judgment, which earned him great respect while serving as a military and politicl leader. The capital of the United States is named after George Washington, as is Washington state. His portrait is on the one-dolar bill and his profile is on the quarter.”

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Booker T. Washington Poster
Booker T. Washington

Booker T. Washington
b. April 5, 185?; VA
d. 11-15-1915

Poster Text: “Born a slave, Booker T. Washington became the most important black educator and leader of his time. He was also the founder of the Tuskegee Institute, one of the leading African-American schools in America.”

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