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Acting: The First Six Lessons
The First Six Lessons

Charlotte : Being a True Account of an Actress's Flamboyant Adventures in Eighteenth-Century London's Wild and Wicked Theatrical World
Charlotte : Being a True Account of an Actress's Flamboyant Adventures in Eighteenth-Century London's Wild and Wicked Theatrical World

Three Tragic Actresses : Siddons, Rachel, Ristori
Three Tragic Actresses: Siddons, Rachel, Ristori

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Notable actresses ~

Dorothy Lamour
Elissa Landi
Lillie Langtry
Florence Lawrence

Gertrude Lawrence
Vivien Leigh
Lotte Lenya

Marie Lloyd
Sophia Loren
Bessie Love

Dorothy Lamour, 1943, Poster
Dorothy Lamour,
1943, Poster

Dorothy Lamour
née Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton
b. 12-10-1914; New Orleans, LA
d. 9-22-1996; Los Angeles,CA

Actress and singer Dorothy Lamour he is best remembered for appearing in the comic series of “Road to... ” movies starring alongside Bing Crosby and Bob Hope.

Elissa Landi, Film Actress of Austrian Extraction Leading Lady of the 1930s, Photographic Print
Elissa Landi,
Photographic Print

Elissa Landi
b. 12-6-1904; Venice, Italy
d. 10-21-1948; Kingston, NY (cancer)

Elissa Landi, was a film actress and leading lady of the 1930s.

Portrait of Liilie Langtry, Giclee Print
Lillie Langtry,
Giclee Print

Liilie Langtry
née Emilie Charleotte Le Breton
b. 10-13-1853; Island of Jersey
d. 2-12-1929; Monaco

Lillie Langtry, a renowned beauty nicknamed the “Jersey Lily”, went into acting as a means of financial support. She also used her celebrity status to endorse products like soap and cosmetics.

Langtry had a number of prominent lovers, including the future king of England, Edward VII. She is also linked to the eccentric Judge Roy Bean (1825-1903) who was so obsessed with her that he lived in a town named Langtry and called his West Texas saloon “The Jersey Lily” after her, though they never met. She did however, visit the place after his death.

FYI - The floral symbol of the Isle of Jersey is the Amaryllis belladonna, popular named the Jersey Lily.

The Days I Knew by Lillie Langtry

Florence Lawrence, The Biograph Girl
Florence Lawrence,
The Biograph Girl

(no commerically available poster)

Florence Lawrence
née Florence Annie Bridgwood
b. 1-2-1886; Hamilton, Ont, Canada
d. 12-28-1938; West Hollywood, CA (suicide)

Silent movie and stage actress Florence Lawrence is considered the first movie star, as she was the first player identified in her films. Usually the silent movie actors were not given credit for fear if the public knew who they were, the actor could command a higher salary (she did). Beginning in 1906 Lawrence appeared in more than 270 films for different motion picture companies. In 1915 she suffered injuries on set that required a long recuperation and effectively ended her ability to work.

Lawrence, a mentor to fellow Canadian Mary Pickford, was also the inventor of the first turn and stop signals for cars (which she failed to patent).

In 1991 actor Roddy McDowell paid for a commemorative plaque reading “The Biograph Girl: The First Movie Star”, for Lawrence's unmarked grave, who had died broke and nearly forgotten.

Gertrude Lawrence, Actress, Photographic Print
Gertrude Lawrence,
Photographic Print

Gertrude Lawrence
b. 6-4-1898; London
d. 9-6-1952; NYC

Gertrude Lawrence is best remembered for her work in musical comedy.

The King and I poster

Vivien Leigh English Actress of Stage and Film, Photographic Print
Vivien Leigh,
Photographic Print

Vivien Leigh
b. 11-5-1913; Darjeeling, British India
d. 7-8-1967; London (tuberculosis)

Vivien Leigh, née Vivian Mary Hartley, was an English actress of stage and film, perhaps best remembered for her role as Scarlett O'Hara in Margaret Mitchell's novel that was made into a movie Gone With the Wind.

Lotte Lenya, Austrian Singer and Actress, February 13, 1962, Giclee Print
Lotte Lenya,
Giclee Print

Lotte Lenya
née Karoline Wilhelmine Charlotte Blamauer
b. 10-18-1898; Vienna, Austria
d. 11-27-1981; NYC

Lotte Lenya was a singer and actress best remembered for her work with her husband Kurt Weill's A Threepenny Opera (1928), and a nomination for an Academy Award for a supporting role in The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone (1961).

May Lillie, Photographic Print
May Lillie,
Photographic Print

May Lillie
née Manning
b. 3-12-1869; Philadelphia
d. 9-17-1936; Pawnee, OK, injuries from auto accident

May Lillie, one of the first women to perform as a rider and sharpshooter in American Wild West Shows, was the wife and business partner of her husband Gordon Lillie, better remembered as “Pawnee Bill”.

Marie Lloyd Music Hall Entertainer Wearing a Large Feathered Hat, Photographic Print
Marie Lloyd,
Photographic Print

Marie Lloyd
née Matilda Alice Victoria Wood
b. 2-12-1870; Hoxton, London
d. 10-7-1922; Middlesex

Marie Lloyd was a popular, and risque, music hall singer.

Actress Sophia Loren Impishly Peering over the Top of Roma Newspaper, Photographic Print
Actress Sophia Loren,
Photographic Print

Sophia Loren
b. 9-20-1934; Rome

• more Alfred Eisenstaedt photographs
Sophia Loren /LIFE® Cover, Sept. 16, 1966

Bessie Love, Photographic Print
Bessie Love,
Photographic Print

Bessie Love
née Juanita Horton
b. 9-10-1898; Midland, TX
d. 4-26-1986; London, England

Bessie Love was a star of silent films and early talking pictures. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Broadway Melody (1929).

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