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September Observances:

poster links resource links
Classical Music Month classical composers posters National Assoc for Music Education
Children's Good Manners Month ummm - the good manners site now has a malware warning ...
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month health posters Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
Eye Health & Safety Month eye posters Prevent Blindness America
Food Education Safety Month food safety poster National Food Safety Education
Healthy Aging Month health posters Healthy Aging Month
School Achievement Month Developing Strategies for Increasing Student Success
Sickle Cell Month Sickle Cell Disease Assoc of America
Women's Achievement Month womens posters Women Equality Resource Center

First Week of September

National Sobriety Checkpoint Week MADD
National Payroll Week National Payroll Week
Second Week of September
Assisted Living Week Assisted Living Online
Suicide Prevention Week American Assoc of Suicidology
Third Week of September
Constitution Week historic documents posters Citizenship Day and Constitution Week Proclamation
National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration health posters N'tl Rehabilitation Awareness Found.
Reye’s Syndrome Awareness Week health posters N'tl Reye’s Syndrome Foundation
Fourth Week of September
Banned Books Week Banned Books posters American Libra`ry Association
International Deaf Awareness Week hearing / ears posters National Assoc of the Deaf
National Dog Week dog posters National Dog Week site
September Holidays
Labor Day, 1st Monday in September Images of Labor posters

Grandparents Day, 1st Sunday after Labor Day Grandmother & grandchildren print
9-17 Citizenship Day - Constitution signed in 1787 historic documents posters Citizenship Day and Constitution Week Proclamation
9-4-2013 Rosh Hashana, Jewish New Year
(9-24-2014; 9-13-2015)
Judiasm posters Jewish Holidays Calendar
9-21 International Day of Peace peace posters United Nations
9-21 Biosphere Day ecology posters
9-21 or 22 Autumnal Equinox - First Day of Fall

astronomy posters
autumn posters

9/12-9/14-2013, Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement (Oct 3-4, 2014; Sept 22-23, 2015) Judaism posters Yom Kippur Resource File
September Notable Dates
b. 9-1-1653 - Johann Pachelbel, Baroque composer Pachelbel Resource File
b. 9-1-1791 - Lydia Sigourney, writer & educator Lydia Sigourney Resource File
b. 9-1-1854 - Engelbert Humperdinck, composer Engelbert Humperdinck Resource File
b. 9-1-1871 - Elizabeth Shippen Green, illustrator Elizabeth Shippen Green Resource File
b. 9-1-1875 - Edgar Rice Burroughs, author Edgar Rice Burroughs Resource File
b. 9-1-1878 - Viola Spencer, aviator Viola Spencer Resource File
b. 9-1-1898 - Marilyn Miller, dancer, singer, actress Marilyn Miller Resource File
b. 9-1-1907 - Walter Reuther, labor leader Walter Reuther Resource File
b. 9-1-1957 - Gloria Estefan, singer Gloria Estefan Resource File
• 9-1-1923 - Tokyo & Yokohama Earthquake, kills 100,000 1923 Tokyo Earthquake article & photos

• 9-2-1666 - Great Fire of London Great Fire article
b. 9-2-1838 - Queen Liliuokalani Queen Liliuokalani Resource File
b. 9-2-1850 - Eugene Field, poet Eugene Field Resource File
b. 9-2-1883 - Florence Sutton, tennis player Florence Sutton Resource File
b. 9-2-1911 - Romare Bearden, artist Romare Bearden Resource File
b. 9-2-1936 - Andrew Grove, businessman & scientist Andrew Grove Resource File
• 9-2-1945 - World War II ends, Japan signs formal surrender National Archives
b 9-2-1948 - Christa McAuliffe, astronaut and teacher Christa McAuliffe Resource File

• 9-3-1783 - Revolutionary War ends, Treaty of Paris signed Paris Peace Treaty, Yale Law School
b. 9-3-1803 - Prudence Crandall, educator & activist Prudence Crandall Resource File
b. 9-3-1811 - John Humphrey Noyes, founder Oneida Community John Humphrey Noyes Resource File
b. 9-3-1849 - Sarah Orne Jewett, author Sarah Orne Jewett Resource File
b. 9-3-1878 - Dorothea Lambert Chambers, tennis champion Dorothea Lambert Chambers Resource File
b. 9-3-1895 - Charles Hamilton Houston, activist & lawyer Charles Hamilton Houston Resource File
b. 9-3-1907 - Loren Eiseley, author, anthropologist, educator Loren Eiseley Resource File
b. 9-3-1910 - Kitty Carlisle, opera singer, actress, TV personality Kitty Carlisle Resource File
b. 9-3-1920 - Craig Claiborne, gourmet Craig Claiborne Resource File

b. 9-4-1768 - Francois-Rene Vicomte de Chateaubriand, author Chateaubriand Resource File
b. 9-4-1824 - Anton Bruckner, composer Anton Bruckner Resource File
b. 9-4-1846 - Daniel Burnham, architect Daniel Burnham Resource File
b. 9-4-1848 - Lewis Latimer, inventor Lewis Latimer Resource File
b. 9-4-1856 - Louis Sullivan, architect Louis Sullivan Resource File
b. 9-4-1890 - Antonia Mercé y Luque, dancer Antonia Mercé y Luque Resource File
b. 9-4-1896 - Antonin Artaud, actor & author Antonin Artaud Resource File
b. 9-4-1906 - Max Delbrück, biologist Max Delbrück Resource File
b. 9-4-1908 - Richard Wright, author CP Links for Learning - Wright
b. 9-4-1926 - Ivan Illich, education reformer Ivan Illich Resource File
b. 9-4-1931 - Mitzi Gaynor, dancer and actress Mitzi Gaynor Resource File
• 9-4-1957 - American Civil Rights Movement - Central HS in Little Rock, AR Little Rock Central H.S. Historic Site

b. 9-5-1791 - Giacomo Meyerbeer, composer Giacomo Meyerbeer Resource File
b. 9-5-1847 - Jesse James, notorious outlaw Jesse James Resource File
b. 9-5-1867 - Amy Marcy Cheney Beach, composer Amy Beach Resource File
d. 9-5-1877 - Crazy Horse, Native American warrior Crazy Horse Resource File
b. 9-5-1905 - Arthur Koestler, author Arthur Koestler Resource File
• 9-5-1978 - Camp David Accords - Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat begin peace process at Camp David, Maryland. Jimmy Carter Library & Museum

b. 9-6-1475 - Sebastiano Serlio, architect Sebastiano Serlio Resource File
b. 9-6-1757 - Marquis de Lafayette, Revolutionary War hero Marquis de Lafayette Resource File

b. 9-6-1766 - John Dalton, chemist & physicist

John Dalton Resource File
b. 9-6-1795 - Frances “Fanny” Wright, activist & author Frances “Fanny” Wright Resource File
b. 9-6-1795 - Charles Follen, poet & educator Charles Follen Resource File
b. 9-6-1800 - Catharine Beecher, educator Catharine Beecher Resource File

b. 9-6-1860 - Jane Addams, social worker

Jane Addams Hull House Museum
b. 9-6-1863 - Jessie Willcox Smith, artist Jessie Willcox Smith Resource File
b. 9-6-1869 - Felix Salten, author Felix Salten Resource File
b. 9-6-1893 - Claire Chennault, aviator Claire Chennault Resource File

b. 9-7-1533 - Elizabeth I of England Elizabeth I Reosurce File
b. 9-7-1831 - Victorien Sardou, playwright Victorien Sardou Resource File
b. 9-7-1860 - Grandma Moses, artist Grandma Moses Resource File
b. 9-7-1885 - Jovita Idar, activist & journalist Jovita Idar Resource File
b. 9-7-1887 - Dame Edith Sitwell, poet & critic Dame Edith Sitwell Resource File
b. 9-7-1908 - Dr. Michael DeBakey, heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey Resource File
b. 9-7-1914 - James Van Allen, space scientist James Van Allen Resource File
b. 9-7-1924 - Daniel Inouye, politician Daniel Inouye Resource File

b. 9-8-1373 - Ludovico Ariosto, author Ludovico Ariosto Resource File
b. 9-8-1588 - Marin Mersenne, mathematician Marin Mersenne Resource File
b. 9-8-1772 - Manuel Lisa, fur trader Manuel Lisa Resource File
b. 9-8-1830 - Frederic Mistral, author Frederic Mistral Resource File
b. 9-8-1841 - Antonín Dvorák, composer Antonín Dvorák Resource File
b. 9-8-1886 - Siegfried Sassoon, poet Siegfried Sassoon Resource File
b. 9-8-1932 - Patsy Cline, country music Patsy Cline Resource File
b. 9-8-1955 - Terry Tempest Williams, author & naturalist Terry Tempest Williams Resource File

b. 9-9-1583 - Humphrey Gilbert, explorer Humphrey Gilbert Resource File
b. 9-9-1737 - Luigi Galvani, physician & physicist Luigi Galvani Resource File
b. 9-9-1778 - Clemens Brentano, author Clemens Brentano Resource File
b. 9-9-1828 - Leo Tolstoy, author Leo Tolstoy Resource File
b. 9-9-1911 - Paul Goodman, author, peace activist, Gestalt founder Paul Goodman Resource File
b. 9-9-1960 - Mario Batali, chef Mario Batali Resource File

b. 9-10-1624 - Thomas Sydenham, physician
Thomas Sydenham Resource File
b. 9-10-1659 - Henry Purcell, composer
Henry Purcell Resource File
• 9-10-1850 - California, 31st State
b. 9-10-1880 - Georgia Douglas Johnson, poet & playwright Georgia Douglas Johnson Resource File
b. 9-10-1886 - Hilda Doolittle, poet & critic
Hilda Doolittle Resource File
b. 9-10-1892 - Arthur Holly Compton, physicist Arthur Holly Compton Resource File
b. 9-10-1896 - Adele Astaire, dancer
Adele Astaire Resource File
b. 9-10-1937 - Jared Diamond, author & teacher
Jared Diamond Resource File
b. 9-10-1941 - Stephen Jay Gould, scientist, professor & author
Stephen Jay Gould Resource File
b. 9-10-1948 - Charles Simony, software architect Charles Simony Resource File

b. 9-11-1762 - Joanna Baillie, author Joanna Baillie Resource File
b. 9-11-1771 - Mungo Park, explorer & physician Mungo Park Resource File
b. 9-11-1853 - Mary Elizabeth Lease, lawyer & orator Mary Elizabeth Lease Resource File
b. 9-11-1862 - O. Henry, author O. Henry Resource File
b. 9-11-1881 - Asta Nielsen, actress Asta Nielsen Resource File
b. 9-11-1885 - D. H. Lawrence, author D. H. Lawrence Collection - University of Nottingham
b. 9-11-1937 - Robert Crippen, astronaut Robert Crippen Resource File
b. 9-11-1942 - Lola Falana, dancer Lola Falana Resource File
• 9-11-2001 - Terrorist Attack 9-11 Commission Report

b. 9-12-1818 - Richard J. Gatling, physician & inventor Richard J. Gatling Resource File
b. 9-12-1859 - Florence Kelley, social & political reformer Florence Kelley Resource File
b. 9-12-1888 - Grover Loening, aviation Grover Loening Resource File
b. 9-12-1900 - James Hilton, author James Hilton Resource File
b. 9-12-1913 - H. L. Mencken, author H. L. Mencken Resource File
b. 9-12-1913 - Jesse Owens, athlete Jesse Owens Resource File

b. 9-13-1819 - Clara Wieck-Schumann, composer Clara Schumann Resource File
b. 9-13-1860 - Gen. John Pershing, military Gen. John Pershing Resource File
b. 9-13-1874 - Arnold Schoenberg, composer Arnold Schoenberg Resource File
b. 9-13-1878 - Sherwood Anderson, author Sherwood Anderson Resource File
b. 9-13-1879 - Annie Kenney, suffragette Annie Kenney Resource File
b. 9-13-1885 - Alain LeRoy Locke, “Father of the Harlem Renaissance” Alain Locke Resource File
b. 9-13-1916 - Roald Dahl, author Roald Dahl Resource File

b. 9-14-1728 - Mercy Otis Warren, patriot & playwright Mercy Otis Warren Resource File
b. 9-14-1742 - James Wilson, Founding Father & jurist James Wilson Resource File
b. 9-14-1760 - Luigi Cherubini, composer Luigi Cherubini Resource File
b. 9-14-1769 - Friedrich von Humboldt, explorer Friedrich von Humboldt Resource File
• 9-14-1814 - Star Spangled Banner written Fort McHenry National Park
b. 9-14-1849 - Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, physiologist & psychologist Ivan Pavlov Resource File
b. 9-14-1867 - Charles Dana Gibson, artist Charles Dana Gibson Resource File
b. 9-14-1879 - Margaret Sanger, women's health activist Margaret Sanger Resource File
b. 9-14-1911 - William H. Armstrong, author & educator William H. Armstrong Resource File
b. 9-14-1934 - Kate Millett, feminist writer & activist Kate Millett Resource File

b. 9-15-1789 - James Fenimore Cooper, author James Fenimore Cooper Resource File
b. 9-15-1852 - Jan Matzeliger, inventor Jan Matzeliger Resource File
b. 9-15-1857 - William Howard Taft, 27th US President William Howard Taft Resource File
b. 9-15-1889 - Claude McKay, poet & activist Claude McKay Taft Resource File
b. 9-15-1890 - Agatha Christie, author Agatha Christie Resource File
b. 9-15-1915 - Robert McCloskey, author & illustrator Robert McCloskey Resource File
b. 9-15-1917 - Hilde Gueden, soprana opera singer Hilde Gueden Resource File
• 9-15-1928 - Penicillin discovered, Dr. Fleming • The Microbial World - Penicillin
b. 9-15-1928 - Cannonball Adderley, musician Cannonball Adderley Resource File
b. 9-15-1929 - Murray Gell-Mann, physicist Murray Gell-Mann Resource File
b. 9-15-1945 - Jessye Norman, opera singer Jessye Norman Resource File
d. 9-15-1984 - Ludwig Hohlwein, artist Ludwig Hohlwein Resource File
b. 9-15-1984 - Prince Harry Prince Harry Resource File

d. 9-16-1672 - Anne Bradstreet, poet Anne Bradstreet Resource File
b. 9-16-1823 - Francis Parkman, historian & educator Francis Parkman Resource File
b. 9-16-1874 - Frederic Edward Clements, botanist & ecologist Frederic Edward Clements Resource File
b. 9-16-1881 - Madge Syers, figure skater Madge Syers Resource File
b. 9-16-1885 - Karen Horney, psychiatrist Karen Horney Resource File
b. 9-16-1887 - Nadia Boulanger, music educator Nadia Boulanger Resource File
b. 9-16-1888 - Frans Eemil Sillanpää, author Frans Eemil Sillanpaa Resource File
b. 9-16-1893 - Albert Szent-Györgyi, biologist Albert Szent-Györgyi Resource File
d. 9-16-1910 - Hormuzd Rassam, explorer Hormuzd Rassam Resource File
b. 9-16-1925 - Charlie Byrd, guitarist Charlie Byrd Resource File
b. 9-16-1925 - B. B. King, musician B. B. King Resource File

d. 9-17-1179 - St. Hildegard of Bingen, polymath Hildegard von Bingen Resource File
b. 9-17-1730 - Baron von Steuben, military Steuben Society of America
b. 9-17-1739 - John Rutledge, jurist & statesman John Rutledge Resources File
b. 9-17-1826 - Bernhard Riemann, mathematician Bernhard Riemann Resources File
d. 9-17-1858 - Dred Scott, Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857 Dred Scott Resources File
b. 9-17-1866 - Mary Burnett Talbert, activist Mary Burnett Talbert Resources File
b. 9-17-1869 - Christian Louis Lange, Nobel Peace Prize 1921 Christian Louis Lange Resources File
b. 9-17-1883 - William Carlos Williams, poet & physician William Carlos Williams Resources File
b. 9-17-1904 - Frederick Ashton, choreographer & dancer Frederick Ashton Resources File
b. 9-17-1914 - Eugene Odum, ecologist & professor Eugene Odum Resources File
b. 9-17-1917 - Warren Burger, jurist Warren Burger Resources File
b. 9-17-1917 - Jacob Lawrence, artist Jacob Lawrence CP Links for Learning
b. 9-17-1917 - Kostantin Tsiolkovsky, space scientist Kostantin Tsiolkovsky Resource File
b. 9-17-1923 - Hank Williams, guitarist & country singer-songwriter Hank Williams Resource File
b. 9-17-1930 - Edgar Mitchell, astronaut Edgar Mitchell Resource File
b. 9-17-1934 - Maureen Connolly, tennis player Maureen Connolly Resource File
b. 9-17-1935 - Ken Kesey, author Ken Kesey Resource File

b. 9-18-53AD - Emperor Trajan, Hispania Emperor Trajan Resource File
b. 9-18-1709 - Dr. Samuel Johnson, author Dr. Samuel Johnson Resource File
b. 9-18-1806 - Heinrich Laube, writer & theater director Heinrich Laube Resource File
b. 9-18-1819 - Leon Foucault, scientist Leon Foucault Resource File
b. 9-18-1857 - John Hessin Clarke, Associate SC Justice John Hessin Clarke Resource File
b. 9-18-1888 - Archie “Grey Owl” Belaney, conservationist Archie “Grey Owl” Belaney Resource File
b. 9-18-1905 - Agnes de Mille, dancer Agnes de Mille Resource File
b. 9-18-1905 - Greta Garbo, actress Greta Garbo Resource File

b. 9-19-1749 - Jean-Baptist-Joseph Delambre, astronomer Jean-Baptist-Joseph Delambre Resource File
b. 9-19-1836 - Fredrika Stenhammar, soprano opera singer Fredrika Stenhammar Resources File
b. 9-19-1867 - Arthur Rackham, illustrator Arthur Rackham Resource File
b. 9-19-1911 - William Golding, author William Golding Resources File
b. 9-19-1913 - Frances Farmer, actress Frances Farmer Resources File
b. 9-19-1921 - Paulo Freire, educator Paulo Freire Resources File
b. 9-19-1922 - Emil Zatopek, runner Emil Zatopek Resources File

d. 9-20-1400 - Gilles Binchois, composer Gilles Binchois Resource File
b. 9-20-1775 - Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, explorer Bellingshausen Resource File
b. 9-20-1831 - Kate Harrington, teacher & poet Kate Harrington Resource File
b. 9-20-1878 - Upton Sinclair, author • Upton Sinclair Biography (SSA)
Lesson Guide
b. 9-20-1890 - “Jelly Roll” Morton, musician Jelly's Blues: The Life, Music, and Redemption of Jelly Roll Morton
b. 9-20-1934 - Sophia Loren, actress Sophia Loren Resource File
d. 9-20-2010 - Robert Muller, peace activist Robert Muller Resource File

b. 9-21-1452 - Girolamo Savonarola, theologian Girolamo Savonarola Resource File
bap. 9-21-1645 - Louis Jolliet, explorer Louis Jolliet Resource File
b. 9-21-1801 - Moritz von Jacobi, engineer, physicist, professor Moritz von Jacobi Resource File
b. 9-21-1853 - Heike Kamerlingh-Onnes, physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Resource File
b. 9-21-1866 - Charles Nicholle, physician & bacteriologist Charles Nicolle Resource File
b. 9-21-1866 - H. G. Wells, author H. G. Wells Resource File
b. 9-21-1874 - Gustav Holst, composer Gustav Holst Resource File
b. 9-21-1909 - Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana president & pm Kwame Nkrumah Resource File
b. 9-21-1928 - Édouard Glissant, author & professor Edouard Glissant Resource File
b. 9-21-1947 - Stephen King, author Stephen King Resource File

d. 9-22-1554 - Francisco Coronado, explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Resource File
• 9-22-1776 - Nathan Hale hung as spy by British Library of Congress
b. 9-22-1791 - Michael Faraday, scientist Michael Faraday Resource File
b. 9-22-1868 - Alexandre Yersin, MD, biologist Alexandre Yersin Resource File
b. 9-22-1880 - Christabel Pankhurst, suffragist Christabel Pankhurst Resource File
b. 9-22-1890 - Frederick Kiesler, architect Frederick Kiesler Resource File
b. 9-22-1891 - Alma Woodsey Thomas, artist Alma Woodsey Thomas Resource File
b. 9-22-1905 - Célestine Galli-Marié, opera singer Célestine Galli-Marié Resource File
b. 9-22-1940 - Haing S. Ngor, physician & actor Haing S. Ngor Resource File

b. 9-23-1800 - William Holmes McGuffey, educator, text book author William Holmes McGuffey Resource File
b. 9-23-1823 - Grace Greenwood, journalist (Sara Jane Clark Lippincott) Grace Greenwood Resource File
b. 9-23-1838 - Victoria Woodhull, feminist Victoria Woodhull Resource File
b. 9-23-1863 - Mary Church Terrell, activist, feminist, educator Mary Church Terrell Resource File
b. 9-23-1865 - Suzanne Valadon, artist Suzanne Valadon Resource File
b. 9-23-1889 - Walter Lippman, author Walter Lippman Resource File
b. 9-23-1899 - Louise Nevelson, artist Louise Nevelson Resource File
b. 9-23-1926 - John Coltrane, musician John Coltrane Resource File
b. 9-23-1930 - Ray Charles, musician Ray Charles Resource File

b. 9-24-1717 - Horace Walpole, writer Horace Walpole Resource File
b. 9-24-1755 - John Marshall, jurist John Marshall Resource File
b. 9-24-1825 - Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, author Frances Harper Resource File
b. 9-24-1871 - Charlotte “Lottie” Dod, athlete Lottie Dod Resource File
b. 9-24-1893 - Blind Lemon Jefferson, musician Blind Lemon Jefferson Resource File
b. 9-24-1896 - F. Scott Fitzgerald, author F. Scott Fitzgerald Resource File
b. 9-24-1913 - Wilson Rawls, author Wilson Rawls Resource File
b. 9-24-1930 - John Young, astronaut John Young Resource File

b. 9-25-1613 - Claude Perrault, architect & physician Claude Perrault Resource File
b. 9-25-1683 - Jean-Philippe Rameau, composer Jean-Philippe Rameau Resource File
b. 9-25-1793 - Felicia Hemans, poet Felicia Hemans Resource File
9-25-1852 - Henri Giffard makes the first powered and controlled flight with a steam powered dirigible. Henri Giffard Resource File
b. 9-25-1884 - Kees Boeke, educator & pacifist Kees Boeke Resource File
b. 9-25-1886 - May Sutton, tennis player May Sutton Resource File
b. 9-25-1897 - William Faulkner, author William Faulkner CP Links for Learning
b. 9-25-1903 - Mark Rothko, artist Mark Rothko Resource File
b. 9-25-1905 - Harriet Hoctor, dancer Harriet Hoctor Resource File
b. 9-25-1906 - Dmitry Shostakovich, pianist Dmitry Shostakovich Resource File
b. 9-25-1932 - Glenn Gould, pianist Glenn Gould Resource File
b. 9-25-1936 - Juliet Prowse, dancer Juliet Prowse Resource File
b. 9-25-1944 - Michael Douglas, actor Michael Douglas Resource File
b. 9-25-1952 - bell hooks, writer, activist bell hooks Resource File

b. 9-26-1181 - St. Francis of Assisi St. Francis of Assisi Resource File
b. 9-26-1754 - Joseph Proust, physicist Joseph Proust Resource File
b. 9-26-1776 (or '74) - Jonathan “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman Johnny Appleseed Festival
b. 9-26-1796 - David Walker, author & abolitionst David Walker Resource File
b. 9-26-1848 - Helen Allingham, artist Helen Allingham Resource File
b. 9-26-1877 - Alfred Cortot, pianist Alfred Cortot Resource File
b. 9-26-1888 - T. S. Eliot, poet T. S. Eliot Resource File
b. 9-26-1889 - Martin Heidegger, philosopher Martin Heidegger Resource File
b. 9-26-1930 - Fritz Wunderlich, opera tenor Fritz Wunderlich Resource File
b. 9-26-1981 - Serena Williams, tennis player Serena Williams Resource File

b. 9-27-1722 - Samuel Adams, patriot Samuel Adams Resource File
b. 9-27-1840 - Thomas Nast, illustrator Thomas Nast Resource File
b. 9-27-1871 - Grazia Deledda, author Grazia Deledda Resource File
• 9-27-1957 - Integration at Little Rock, AR Central HS

b. 9-28-551 BC - Confucius, philosopher Confucius Resource File
b. 9-28-1789 - Richard Bright, physician Richard Bright Resource File
b. 9-28-1839 - Frances Willard, activist, feminist Frances Willard Resource File
b. 9-28-1841 - Georges Clemenceau, physician & statesman Georges Clemenceau Resource File
b. 9-28-1870 - Florent Schmitt, composer Florent Schmitt Resource File
b. 9-28-1881 - Eleanora Sears, tennis player & equestrian Eleanora Sears Resource File
b. 9-28-1895 - Wallace K. Harrison, architect Wallace K. Harrison Resource File
b. 9-28-1913 - Alice Marble, tennis player Alice Marble Resource File

b. 9-29-1547 - Cervantes, author Cervantes Resource File
b. 9-29-1808 - Andrew Johnson, 17th US President White House Bio - Andrew Johnson
b. 9-29-1810 - Mrs. Gaskell, author Mrs. Gaskell Resource File
b. 9-29-1838 - H. H. Richardson, architect H. H. Richardson Resource File
b. 9-29-1864 - Richard Berry Harrison, actor Richard Berry Harrison Resource File
b. 9-29-1864 - Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo, philosopher Miguel de Unamuno y Jugo Resource File
b. 9-29-1901 - Enrico Fermi, physicist Enrico Fermi Resource File
b. 9-29-1907 - Gene Autry, the Singing Cowboy Gene Autry Resource File
b. 9-29-1935 - Jerry Lee Lewis, musician Jerry Lee Lewis Resource File
b. 9-29-1943 - Lech Walesa, labor leader Lech Walesa Resource File
b. 9-29-1955 - Gwen Ifill, journalist Gwen Ifill Resource File

d. 9-30-420 - Saint Jerome (Hieronymus Stridonensis), theologian Saint Jerome Resource File
b. 9-30-1207 - Rumi, poet Rumi Resource File
b. 9-30-1852 - Charles Villiers Stanford, composer Charles Villiers Stanford Resource File
b. 9-30-1908 - David Oistrakh, violinist David Oistrakh Resource File
b. 9-30-1924 - Truman Capote, author • In Cold Blood
Truman Capote Resource File
b. 9-30-1928 - Elie Wiesel, author CP Links for Learning - Wiesel
d. 9-30-1955 - James Dean, actor The Complete James Dean Collection
d. 9-30-1980 - Martina Hingis, tennis player Martina Hingis Resource File
September Facts & Tidbits

The name for September, the ninth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars, comes from the Latin septem, for seven, as it was the seventh month in the Roman calendar, until 46 BCE.

In the Northern Hemisphere September 1 is the start of the meteorological autumn, in the Southern Hemisphere it is the beginning of the meteorological spring

Other names for September reflect the autumn connection: Herbstmonat - “harvest month” in Switzerland and in Charlemagne's calendar; Anglo-Saxons called the month Gerstmonath, “barley month” for the crop being then usually harvested, Japanese “Nagatsuki”, month of harvest moon, Boedromion (Greek), and Meàn Fòmhair (middle of Autumn/harvest, in Irish).

Birthstones - Sapphire & Lapis. Flowers - Forget-me-not, Asters & Morning Glory

The Zodiac signs for individuals born in September are Virgo (until September 22) and Libra (from September 22 onward).

Fun September Trivia:
Sepember has 30 days (and so do April, June, and November).

In 1752, the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar. In the British Empire that year, September 2 was immediately followed by September 14.

September begins on the same day of the week as December every year. (Do the math - 91 days separating September and December is a multiple of 7, the number of days in a week.

No other month ends on the same day of the week as September in any year.

Astrological Signs Astrology
• Virgo: August 23 - September 22 Virgo poster
Virgo, the Virgin Ecard
mutable, air, social; "I serve," practical, work and service oriented, critical, common sense, intelligent, health conscious, fussy, intestines/ digestion; practical, efficient, critical.
Libra: September 23 - October 22

Libra poster
Libra, the Scales Ecard

cardinal, air, social; "We are," partnerships, balance, grace, charm, cooperative, social, ideas, lazy, kidneys/lumbar; co-operative, fair, lazy.

• Sapphire
• Lapis

Minerals Chart Art Print

Birthstones: Univ of Washington
Sapphire Resource File
Lapis Resource File

• asters: strength of character & splendid beauty
• morning glory

flower posters Aster Resource File
Morning Glory Resource File

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