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19th Century American Authors Biographical Timeline Posters
for the language arts and social studies classrooms, home schoolers.


Educational biographical posters of 19th Century American Authors with timelines:

Emily Dickinson
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Herman Melville
Edgar Allan Poe
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Henry David Thoreau
Mark Twain
Walt Whitman

Emily Dickinson Bio Timeline Poster
Emily Dickinson
American Authors
Bio Timeline Poster

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Emily Dickinson posters

Emily Dickinson
b. 12-10-1830; Amherst, MA
d. 5-15-1886; Amherst (Bright's Disease)

Poster Text: Emily Dickinson was an extemely prolific writer and poet. Her use of deceptively simple lyrics, dashes, sporadic capitalization, off rhymes, and unconventional metaphors have all contributed to ther reputation as one of the greatest – and most innovative – poets of 19th-century American literature.

I'm Nobody! Who are you?
Are you – Nobody – too?
Then there's a pair of us?
Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know!

How dreary – to be – Somebody!
How public – like a Frog –
To tell one's name – the livelong June –
To an admiring Bog! -

Paul Laurence Dunbar Bio Timeline Poster
Paul Laurence Dunbar
American Authors
Bio Timeline Poster

Paul Laurence Dunbar
b. 6-27-1872; Dayton, OH
d. 2-9-1906

Paul Laurence Dunbar was a prolific writer of poetry - in both the dialect of Southern blacks and standard English. He also wrote short stories and plays. Dunbar's work often addressed the difficulties encountered by blacks and their efforts to achieve equality in America. He was the first African-American writer to achieve a national reputation and to be accepted by both black and white audiences.

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"In Dahomey" poster

Nathaniel Hawthorne Poster
Ralph Waldo Emerson American Authors Bio Timeline Poster

Ralph Waldo Emerson
b. 5-25-1803; Massachusetts
d. 4-27-1882

Ralph Waldo Emerson was one of the most influential literary figures of the 19th century. He was the center of the American transcendental movement, widely known for challenging traditional thought. Emerson was also a tireless crusader for peace and social justice, and supporter of educational reform.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne, American Authors Bio Timeline Poster
Nathaniel Hawthorne
American Authors Bio Timeline Poster

Nathaniel Hawthorne
b. 7-4-1804; Salem, Massachusetts
d. 5-19-1864; Plymouth, NH

Nathaniel Hawthorne, novelist and short-story writer, is most famous for his novel The Scarlet Letter. His fiction is noted for its symbolism and its exploration of moral and spiritual conflicts. Hawthorne's writing had a profound effect on wrtiers of his time and continues to influence wrtiers today.

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Oliver Wendell Holmes, America Authors Bio Timeline Poster
Oliver Wendell Holmes
American Authors Bio Timeline Poster

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
b. 8-29-1809; Cambridge, MA
d. 10-7-1894; Boston

American physician, poet, and humorist Oliver Wendell Holmes is noted for his medical research and teaching. He is best known as author of “Old Ironsides” – one of America's most patriotic poems – and his “Breakfast-Table” series of essays.

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Herman Melville- American Authors Biographical Timeline Fine Art Print
Herman Melville- American Authors Biographical Timeline
Art Print

Herman Melville
b. 8-1-1819; New York City
d. 9-28-1891; New York City

Herman Melville is best known for his novels based on his sea travels, most notably his masterpiece Moby-Dick. Although most of his works were not appreciated during his lifetime, today he is regarded as one of America's greatest writers.

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Whales poster

Edgar Allan Poe- American Authors Biographical Timeline Fine Art Print
Edgar Allan Poe- American Authors Biographical Timeline

Edgar Allan Poe
b. 1-19-1809; Boston, MA
d. 10-7-1849, Baltimore, MD

One of the first American writers to become a major figure in world literature, Edgar Allan Poe was a poet, short story writer, editor, and literary critic. His stories and poems reflect a fascination with mysterious, dreamlike, and, sometimes, macabre subjects. He is viewed as the inventor of the modern detective story.

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MeOnAPumpkin stencil software

Harriet Beecher Stowe American Authors Biographical Timeline Poster
Harriet Beecher Stowe American Authors Biographical Timeline

Harriet Beecher Stowe
b. 6-14-1811; Litchfield, CT
d. 7-1-1896; Hartford, CT

Credited with sparking the Civil War, Harriet Beecher Stowe is best known for her controversial novel Uncle Tom's Cabin, in which she expresses her outrage at the institution of slavery and its destructive effects on both whites and blacks. the book remains an icon of the historic struggle to abolish slavery in the United States.

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Henry David Thoreau American Authors Biographical Timeline Fine Art Print
Henry David Thoreau American Authors Biographical Timeline

Henry David Thoreau
b. 7-12-1817; Concord, MA
d. 5-6-1862; Concord, MA

Henry David Thoreau, one of America's greatest literary figures, was also a renowned naturalist, philosopher, and advocate of civil liberties. His keen observations and intense interest in nature is evident in all of his works, most notably his classic, Walden. A champion of the human spirit and critic of materialism and confomity, Thoreau advocated simple principled living.

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Mark Twain- American Authors Biographical Timeline Fine Art Print
Mark Twain
American Authors Biographical Timeline

Mark Twain
b. 11-30-1835; Missouri
d. 4-21-1910; Connecticut

Widely celebrated American writer, journalist, and humorist, Mark Twain (pseudonym of Samuel Clemens) won a worldwide audience for novels set in his boyhood world beside the Mississippi River. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is considered his masterpiece for its vivid descriptions, humor, and satire.

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Walt Whitman, American Authors Biographical Timeline Fine Art Print
Walt Whitman- American Authors Biographical Timeline

Walt Whitman
b. 5-31-1819; Long Island, NY
d. 3-26-1892; Camden, NJ

Walt Whitman, often described as America's most innovative and influential poet, published eight editions of his famous Leaves of Grass. He hoped his accessible, experimental free verse would be read by average Americans and transform their way of thinking.

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Civil War posters

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