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Authors, Poets & Novelists ~

Mary McCarthy
Carson McCullers
Johnston McCulley

Ian McEwan
Phyllis McGinley

Festus Claudius McKay
Marshall McLuhan

Author Mary McCarthy Reading Newspaper During Watergate Hearings, Photographic Print
Mary McCarthy
Photographic Print

Mary McCarthy
b. 6-21-1912; Seattle, Washington
d. 10-25-1989; NYC (lung cancer)

Mary McCarthy is best remembered for her contributions to The Nation, The New Republic, Harper's Magazine, and The New York Review of Books, and for her 1963 novel, The Group.

She was the sister of actor Kevin McCarthy (1914-2010) (Death of a Salesman and Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and a distant relative of Senator Eugene McCarthy (1916-2005).

Mary McCarthy quotes ~
• “The suspense of a novel is not only in the reader, but in the novelist, who is intensely curious about what will happen to the hero.”
• “If someone tells you he is going to make ‘a realistic decision’, you immediately understand that he is going to do something bad.”
• “Understanding is often a prelude to forgiveness, but they are not the same, and we often forgive what we cannot understand (seeing nothing else to do) and understand what we cannot pardon.”
• “To be disesteemed by people you don't have much respect for is not the worst fate.”
• “In science, all facts, no matter how trivial or banal, enjoy democratic equality.”

Robert McCloskey
Robert McCloskey

Robert McCloskey
b. 9-15-1915; Hamilton, OH
d. 6-30-2003; Deer Isle, Maine

Robert McCloskey wrote and illustrated eight children's books, two of which won the Caldecott Medal. One of the winners Make Way for Ducklings (1942) was named the official children's book of Massachusetts in 2003. The Library of Congress named him a Living Legend in 2000.

McCloskey married Peggy Durand, the daughter of noted children's author and storyteller Ruth Sawyer.

Writer Carson McCullers Sitting at Typewriter, Photographic Print
Carson McCullers
Photographic Print

Carson McCullers, née Lula Carson Smith
b. 2-19-1917; Columbus, Georgia
d. 9-29-1967; New York

Carson McCullers, an aspiring music student, turned to writing when she lost her tuition to Juillard. Best known for writing in the Southern Gothic tradition, McCullers suffered from poor health after she contracted rheumatic fever when she was fifteen.

Carson McCullers quotes ~
• “The writer by nature of his profession is a dreamer and a conscious dreamer. He must imagine, and imagination takes humility, love and great courage. How can you create a character without live and the struggle that goes with love?”
• “There's nothing that makes you so aware of the improvisation of human existence as a song unfinished. Or an old address book.”

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter/Reflections in a Golden Eye/The Ballad of the Sad Cafe/The Member of the Wedding/The Clock Without Hands

Zorro' Creator, Author Jonhston Mcculley, Helping Neighborhood Fans to Imitate their Hero, Photographic Print
Author Johnston McCulley, Helping Neighborhood Fans to Imitate their Hero Zorro, Photographic Print

Johnston McCulley
b. 2-2-1883; Ottawa, IL
d. 11-23-1958; Los Angeles, CA

Johnston McCulley, the author of hundreds of stories, fifty novels, numerous screenplays for film and television, wrote under many pseudonyms.

McCulley's most famous character is Zorro, who was introduced in the serialization of the story "The Curse of Capistrano" (as in swallows fame) in the pulp magazine All-Story Weekly in 1919.

First Love, Last Rites by Ian McEwan, Poster
First Love, Last Rites
by Ian McEwan,

Ian McEwan
b. 6-21-1948; Aldershot, England

Ian McEwan's first published work was First Love, Last Rites (1975), a collection of short stories; his novel “Amsterdam” won the 1998 Booker Prize; in 2007 his novel “Atonement” was made into a movie of the same name.

Phyllis McGinley, Photographic Print
Phyllis McGinley,
Photographic Print

Phyllis McGinley
b. 3-21-1905; Ontario, Oregon
d. 2-22-1978; New York

Phyllis McGinley wrote children's books and won the 1961 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry.

Phyliss McGinley quotes ~
• “Sin has always been an ugly word, but it has been made so in a new sense over the last half-century. It has been made not only ugly but passé. People are no longer sinful, they are only immature or underprivileged or frightened or, more particularly, sick.”
• “Seventy is wormwood, Seventy is gall / But its better to be seventy, Than not alive at all.”
• “Praise is warming and desirable. But it is an earned thing. It has to be deserved, like a hug from a child.”

Times Three, Selected verse from three decades.

Claude McKay, Historic Print
Claude McKay,
Historic Print

Festus Claudius McKay
b. 9-15-1889; Jamaica
d. 5-22-1948; (heart attack)

Writer and poet Claude McKay attended Tuskegee Institute and Kansas State University after leaving Jamaica in 1912.

McKay became race conscious with his coming to the US and advocated full civil liberties as one of the most militant voices of the Harlem Renaissance.

Complete Poems, Claude McKay

The Medium is the Massage by Marshall McLuhan
The Medium is the Massage
by Marshall McLuhan

Marshall McLuhan
b. 7-21-1911; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
d.. 12-31-1980; Toronto (stroke)

Marshall McLuhan, best remembered for his study and theory of media, was a professor of English literature.

Marshall McLuhan quotes ~
• “There is absolutely no inevitability as long as there is a willingness to contemplate what is happening.”
• “One of the effects of living with electric information is that we live habitually in a state of information overload. There's always more than you can cope with.” 1967
• “The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global village.”
• “The medium is the message.”
• “I don't necessarily agree with everything I say.”
• “In large measure, writing is the spatialization of thought.” 1954
• “Artists in various fields are always the first to discover how to enable one medium or to release the power of another.”
• “The artist is the person who invents the means to bridge between biological inheritance and the environments created by technological innovation.”
• “By phonemic transformation into visual terms, the alphabet became a universal, abstract, static container of meaningless sounds.”
• “The wheel is an extension of the foot, the book is an extension of the eye, clothing, an extension of the skin, electric circuitry, an extension of the central nervous system.”

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