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Notable Authors ~

Edwin Arlington Robinson
Nikolai Roerich

Theodore Roethke
Romain Rolland

Pierre de Ronsard

Selected Poems,  Edwin Arlington Robinson
Selected Poems,
Edwin Arlington Robinson

Edwin Arlington Robinson
b. 12-22-1869; Alna, Maine
d. 4-6-1935; NYC

Edwin Arlington Robinson won three Pulitzer Prizes for his work (1922, 1925 and 1928).

Edwin Arlington Robinson quotes ~
• “Shake the Tree of Life itself and bring down fruits unheard of.”

Edwin Arlington Robinson: A Poet's Life
The House on the Hill, Villanelle Poster

Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich, Photographic Print
Nikolai Konstantinovich Roerich,
Photographic Print

Nikolai Roerich
b. 10-9-1874; St. Petersburg, Russia
d. 12-13-1947; Punjab, India

Nikolai Roerich was a writer, philosopher, traveler, scientist and painter who initiated an international pact for the protection of historic sites and artistic and academic institutions in defense of culture.

Roerich did the set design as a collaborator on the production of The Rite of Spring, a ballet with music by Stravinsky.

He was nominated numerous times for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Shambhala: In Search of the New Era
Nicholas and Helena Roerich, Revised Edition: The Spiritual Journey of Two Great Artists and Peacemakers

In a Dark Time - Theodore Roethke, 1964, DVD
In a Dark Time -
Theodore Roethke, 1964, DVD

Theodore Roethke
b. 5-25-1908; Saginaw, MI
d. 8-1-1963; Bainbridge Isl, WA (heart attack)

Poet Theodore Roethke, Pulitizer Prize winner in 1953 for The Waking, is noted for his work characterized for its rhythm and natural plant imagery.

Theodore Roethke quotes ~
• “When I go mad,
I call my friends by phone:
I am afraid they might think
they're alone.”
• ...“I learn by going where I have to go.” The Waking
• ...“I dream of journeys repeatedly:
Of flying like a bat deep into a narrowing tunnel
Of driving alone, without luggage, out a long peninsula,” ... The Far Field
• “All profits disappear: the gain
Of ease, the hoarded, secret sum;
And now grim digits of old pain
Return to litter up our home.
We hunt the cause of ruin, add,
Subtract, and put ourselves in pawn;
For all our scratching on the pad,
We cannot trace the error down.
What we are seeking is a fare
One way, a chance to be secure:
The lack that keeps us what we are,
The penny that usurps the poor. The Reckoning

Romain Rolland, Giclee Print
Romain Rolland,
Giclee Print

Romain Rolland
b. 1-29-1866; Clamecy, Nièvre, France
d. 11-30-1944; Vézelay

Romain Rolland, dramatist, novelist, essayist, art historian and mystic, was awarded the 1915 Nobel Prize for Literature “as a tribute to the lofty idealism of his literary production and to the sympathy and love of truth with which he has described different types of human beings.”

Rolland, the first to bring the work of Mahatma Gandhi to the public attention also was a professor of both history and music. FYI - the author Hermann Hesse dedicated his novel Siddhartha to Rolland.

Romain Rolland quotes ~
• “One makes mistakes; that is life. But it is never a mistake to have loved.”
• “The greatest book is not the one whose message engraves itself on the brain, but the one whose vital impact opens up other viewpoints, and from writer to reader spreads the fire that is fed by various essences, until it becomes a great conflagration.”
• “Skepticism, riddling the faith of yesterday, prepared the way for the faith of tomorrow.”
• “I find war detestable but those who praise it without participating in it even more so.”
• “A hero is a man who does what he can.”
• “It is the artist's business to create sunshine when the sun fails.”
• “The people have been gradually conquered by the bourgeois class, penetrated by their thoughts and now want only to resemble them. If you long for a people's art, begin by creating a people!”
• “All these young millionaires were anarchists, of course: when a man possesses everything it is the supreme luxury for him to deny society: for in that way he can evade his responsibilities.”

Jean-Chritophe by Romain Roland

Pierre de Ronsard, Giclee Print
Pierre de Ronsard,
Giclee Print

Pierre de Ronsard
b. 1-29-1866; Couture-sur-Loir, France
d. 11-30-1585; Tours

Pierre de Ronsard, called the “prince of poets”, was extremely popular during his time. The French King Charles IX considered Ronsard his master in poetry. However the Huguenots (French Protestants) disliked Ronsard enough to attempt to assassinate him.

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