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Notable Educators:

Pandita Ramabai

Marie Rambert

Ellen Richards

Pandita Ramabai Dongre Medhavi Indian Reformer and Educator "Friend of the Child Widows", Photographi Print
Pandita Ramabai,
Photographi Print

Panita Ramabai Dongre Medhavi
b. 4-23-1858; Maharashtra, India
d. 4-5-1922

Pandita Ramabai, renowned for her learning in an age when most Indian women did not even learn to read, was a Indian Christian social reformer and activist. In 1889 she founded the Mukti (Hindi: liberatation) Mission as a refuge for young widows; today the mission is still active providing education, vocational training, housing, and medical services for the needy.

Pandita Ramabai quote ~
• “I realized after reading the fourth chapter of St. John's Gospel, that Christ was truly the Divine Saviour he claimed to be, and no one but He could transform and uplift the downtrodden women of India. … Thus my heart was drawn to the religion of Christ.”

Pandita Ramabai's America: Conditions of Life in the United States

Mim, a personal memoir of Marie Rambert
Mim, a personal memoir of Marie Rambert

Marie Rambert
b. 2-20-1888; Poland
d. 6-12-1982; England

Marie Rambert is best remembered as a teacher of modern dance and founder of the Rambert Dance Company.

Heroes of Science & Technology - Ellen Richards Wall Poster
Ellen Richards,
Heroes of Science & Technology, Poster

Ellen Richards
b. 12-3-1842; Dunstable, MA
d. 3-30-1911

Ellen Richards was a chemist and is consided a founder of the science of ecology.

Poster Text: “The quality of life depends upon the ability of society to teach its members how to live in harmony with their environment – defined first as family, then the community, then the world and its resources.” Ellen S. Richards

Among the first women to formally work as a scientist, Ellen Swallow Richards profoundly impacted people's daily lives. A pioneer in the field of sanitary engineering, she also applied scientific principles to domestic life in creating the field of home economics.

Ellen Swallow: The Woman Who Founded Ecology
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