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Teachers & Educators ~

Philippa Garrett Fawcett
Jessie Redmon Fauset
Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia
John Charles Fields
Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Michel Fokine
Celestin Freinet
Paulo Freire
Ida Freund
Friedrich Froebel

Robert Frost
Leonhard Fuchs
Francis Fukuyama
Margaret Fuller

Jessie Redmon Fauset, Print
Jessie Redmon Fauset,

Jessie Redmon Fauset
b. 4-27-1882; Fredericksville, New Jersey
d. 4-39-1961; Philadelphia (heart failure)

Jessie Redmon Fauset, a poet, novelist, essayist, is most noted as the literary editor of The Crisis (NAACP magazine) under W. E. B. Du Bois, a role for which Langston Hughes called her the “midwife of the Harlem Renaissance”.

Fauset, who earned a degree from Cornell, the University of Pennsylvania and the Sorbonne, was also a teacher for many years.

Philippa Fawcett Daughter of Millicent and Henry Fawcett, Shown Here at the Age of 22, Photographic Print
Philippa Fawcett, Photographic Print

Philippa Garrett Fawcett
b. 4-4-1868; Cambridge, England
d. 6-10-1948

Philippa Fawcett, mathematician and educator noted as the first woman to obtain the top score in the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos exams (1890), set up schools in South Africa before becoming the administrator of education for London County Council.

Fawcett's aunts were Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, the first female doctor in England, and suffragette Millicent Garrett Fawcett.

The Orgins and Idels of the Morden School
The Orgins and Idels of the Morden School

(no commercially available image)

Francisco Ferrer i Guàrdia
b. 1-10-1859; Alella, Spain
d. 10-13-1909; Barcelona, executed by firing squad

Free thinker and anarchist Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia (Francisco Ferrer) opened la Escuela Moderna to instruct middle class children in radical social values. Ferrer was executed by firing squad during a series of bloody confrontations between the authorities and the working classes of Catalonia.

The Modern School in New York City, founded in 1911, was modeled after Escuela Moderna. Philosopher and historian Will Durant was a principal and teacher there; among the faculty and guest lecturers were Emma Goldman, artists Robert Henri and George Bellows, Margaret Sanger (who sent her son to the school), and authors Jack London and Upton Sinclair. Also notable was the use of Montessori methods and equipment.

Turbulent Times in Mathematics: The Life of J.c. Fields and the History of the Fields Medal
Turbulent Times in Mathematics: The Life of J.C. Fields and the History of the Fields Medal

John Charles Fields
b. 5-14-1863; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
d. 8-9-1932; Toronto

Mathematician and professor John Charles Fields established the Fields Medal for outstanding accomplishments in mathematics.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Photographic Print
Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Dorothy Canfield Fisher
b. 2-17-1879; Lawrence, KS
d. 11-9-1958; Vermont

Dorothy Canfield was an author, educator and humanitarian who was named one of the ten most influential women in America by Eleanor Roosevelt. Canfield-Fisher was one of the early promotors of Maria Montessori's educational method, as well as leading the first adult education program in the US, and a member of the “Book of the Month Club” selection committee. She was the author of A Montessori Mother (1912), and of Understood Betsy, describing a Montessori style education.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher quotes ~
• “A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnessary.”
• “Subdue your appetites, my dears, and you've conquered human nature.”
• “Those who love deeply never grow old; they may die of old age, but they die young.”

Michel Fokine, 1909, Giclee Print
Michel Fokine, 1909,
Giclee Print

Michel Fokine
b. 4-23-1880; St. Petersburg, Russia
d. 8-22-1942; New York

Michel Fokine is best remembered as a ballet dancer, choreographer, and teacher.

The French Educator Celestin Freinet : An Inquiry into How His Ideas Shaped Education
The French Educator Celestin Freinet :
An Inquiry into How His Ideas Shaped Education

(no commercially available image)

Celestin Freinet
b. 10-15-1896; Gars, France
d. 10-8-1966; heart failure

Pedagogue and educational reformer Celestin Freinet encouraged pupils to learn by making products or providing services. In group-based trial and error work, pupils were to co-operate in the production process with their interests and natural curiosity as the starting points for the learning process. This authentic learning, by using real experiences, teaches responsibility for their own work and for the whole community by using democratic self government.

Teachers As Cultural Workers: Letters to Those Who Dare Teach With New Commentary by Peter McLaren, Joe L. Kincheloe, and Shirley Steinberg Expanded Edition
Teachers As Cultural Workers: Letters to Those Who Dare Teach

Paulo Freire
b. 9-19-1921; Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil
d. 5-2-1997; São Paulo; heart failure

Paulo Freire based his method of teaching on liberation theology which understands the teachings of Jesus Christ in terms of freedom from unjust political, economic, or social conditions.

Ida Freund - The Experimental Basis of Chemistry: Suggestions for a Series of Experiments Illustrative of the Fundamental Principles of Chemistry
Ida Freund - The Experimental Basis of Chemistry: Suggestions for a Series of Experiments Illustrative of the Fundamental Principles of Chemistry

(no commercially available image)

Ida Freund
b. 4-15-1863; Austria
d. 5-15-1914; Cambridge, England

Ida Freund is best remembered for improving science education, and especially for improving science teaching in girls' schools. Her two chemistry textbooks are expemplary for both the breadth of her knowledge and ability to present it in an understandable way to students.

One memorable refresher exercise before exams was to represent the periodic table in cake with chocolate numbers.

Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel, German Educator, Giclee Print
Friedrich Wilhelm
August Froebel,
Giclee Print

The Froebel Gifts 2-6 with Instruction Manual
The Froebel Gifts 2-6 with Instruction Manual

Friedrich Froebel
b. 4-21-1782; Germany
d. 6-21-1852

Froebel laid the foundation for modern education with his creation of the world's first kindergarten (German = “children's garden”) in Germany in 1837.

To support free self expression, creativity, social participation, motor skills, and demonstrate that children learn by playing, Froebel designed geometric building blocks, balls, tiles, sticks known as the Froebel Gifts or Gaben.

Maria Montessori was influenced by Froebel's philosophy; among the notable people who experienced Froebel materials as children are architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, and Buckminster Fuller; as well as anthropologist Franz Boas and author-philosopher Iris Murdoch.

Inventing Kindergarten

American Authors of the 20th Century - Robert Frost
Robert Frost
American Authors
of the 20th Century
Wall Poster

Robert Frost
b. 3-26-1874; California
d. 1-29-1963; Boston

“The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”
Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

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Ear of Wheat, from "The Herbarium" by Leonhart Fuchs, Published in Basel, 1555, Giclee Print
Ear of Wheat, from
“The Herbarium”"
by Leonhart Fuchs,
Giclee Print

Leonhart Fuchs
b. 1-17-1501; Duchy of Bavaria
d. 5-10-1566

Fuch, a physician, was professor of medicine at Tübingen and provided instruction in medicinal plants and founded one of the first German botanical gardens.

Leonhart Fuchs (sometimes spelled Leonhard Fuchs), Otto Brunfels and Hieronymus Bock (Tragus) are considered the three founding fathers of botany.

Fuschia Bouquet, Giclee Print
Fuschia Bouquet,
Giclee Print

FYI - Ever wonder where the word fuchsia comes from? Fuchs name was immortalized by the plant "Fuchsia triphylla, flore coccineo" first described on the island of Hispaniola c. 1698. The word fuchsia describes the color of the plant's flowers.

The End of History and the Last Man
The End of History
and the Last Man

Francis Fukuyama
b. 10-27-1952; Chicago, IL

Professor, philosopher and political economist Francis Fukuyama authored The End of History and the Last Man, in which he proposes that the progression of human history as a struggle between ideologies is largely at an end.

Margaret Fuller, Pub. by Johnson, Wilson & Co., 1872, Giclee Print
Margaret Fuller,
Giclee Print

Margaret Fuller
b. 5-23-1810; Cambridge, MA
d. 6-19-1850; ship wreck off Fire Isl., NY

Margaret Fuller was a women's rights activist, journalist, and Transcentalist. She was also an educator, bringing women together for “conversations” meant to compensate for the lack of formal educaton for women. Fuller was the New York Tribune's first woman editor (1844), and also its first woman foreign correspondent. It was on her return to the US that she died in a ship wreck.

The architect Buckminster Fuller was a great nephew.

The Portable Margaret Fuller
Margaret Fuller quote poster - “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”

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