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Brothers Dalziel
Joos de Damhouder

Honoré Daumier
W. W. Denslow

Gustave Doré
Albrecht Durer

Framley Parsonage Lord Lufton and Lucy Robarts Hold Hands, Giclee Print
Framley Parsonage
Lord Lufton and Lucy Robarts
Hold Hands,
Giclee Print

The Brothers Dalziel
fl. Victorian Era, England

The Dalziel Brothers: George, Edward, John and Thomas, were engravers that produced illustrations based on the work of artists for magazines and books until the photo-mechanical techniques became the industry standard.

FYI - The Framley Parsonage is the fourth novel in the “Chronicles of Barsetshire” series by Anthony Trollope. It was first published in serial form in the Cornhill Magazine in 1860.

The Washerwoman, circa 1860-61, Giclee Print
The Washerwoman,
circa 1860-61,
Giclee Print

Honoré Daumier
b. 2-26-1808; Marseille, France
d. 2-10-1879; heart failure, blind, & penniless

Honoré Daumier, primarily known as a lithographer and caricaturist, was also a sculptor and painted in bold brush stokes that did not find favor in the French Academy or the larger public.

Daumier is well remembered for his satirical picture commentary on the political and social conditions in 19th century France where he lampooned “the foibles of the bourgeoisie, the corruption of the law and the incompetence of a blundering government.” He spent six months in prison for his portrayal of the king as Gargantua (Rabelais).

Honoré Daumier quotes ~
• “I have my art to comfort me, but what have these wretched men and women to live for?”
• “The burdens of a woman are more than the average man could ever endure.”
• “Freedom and justice for all are infinitely more to be desired than pedestals for a few.”
• “We must be generously willing to leave for a time the narrow boundaries in which our individual lives are passed. ... In this fresh, breezy atmosphere.... we will be surprised to find that many of our familiar old conventional truths look very queer indeed in some of the sudden side lights thrown upon them.”

Rue Transnonain, Illustration from "L'Association Mensuelle", 15th April 1834, Giclee Print
W. W. Denslow,
Wizard of Oz

William W. Denslow
b. 5-5-1856; Philadelphia, PA
d. 5-27-1915

Illustrator and caricaturist William Wallace Denslow is best remembered for his work in collaboration with author L. Frank Baum, especially his illustrations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Mostly self taught, Denslow was the first artist to be invited to work for Roycroft Press, the reformist community founded by Elbert Hubbard.

Gustave Dore, Adam & Eve, Giclee Print
Gustave Dore,
Adam & Eve,
Giclee Print

Gustave Doré
b. 1-6-1832; Strasbourg, France
d. 1-23-1883; Paris

Gustave Doré, a printmaker who created dramatic, black and white images of a menacing, nightmarish scenes, had an artistic genius that made him France’s highest-paid illustrator by age 16.

More than a century later Doré remains one of the world’s most popular illustrators for his highly detailed, wood-engraved illustrations of Dante's “Inferno”, Cervantes' “Don Quixote”, Poe'sThe Raven” and the Bible. Doré strongly inspired Van Gogh and the Symbolists.

Scene from Durer's "Course in the Art of Drawing", Published Nuremberg 1525, Giclee Print
Scene from Durer's "Course in the Art of Drawing", Published Nuremberg 1525,
Giclee Print

Albrecht Dürer
b. 5-21-1471; Nurenburg, Germany
d. 4-6-1528

Albrecht Dürer is an early Renaissance artist best known today for his prints from woodcuts and copper engraving.

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