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Notable Poster Artists & Illustrators, “G...-”
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Notable Authors & Illustrators ~

Louis “Zig” Gaudin
Charles Dana Gibson
Milton Glaser
Warwick Goble

Edward Gorey
Eugene Grasset
Elizabeth Shippen Green

Kate Greenaway
Jules-Alexandre Grün
Albert Guillaume

Josephine Baker, 1930, Louis "Zig" Gaudin, Giclee Print
Josephine Baker, 1930,
Louis "Zig" Gaudin,
Giclee Print

Louis “Zig” Gaudin
b. 1882; France
d. 1936

• more Josephine Baker posters

Portrait of "Gibson Girl," from Drawings Including Weaker Sex: the Story of a Susceptible Bachelor, Giclee Print
"Gibson Girl”,
Giclee Print

Charles Dana Gibson
b. 9-14-1867; Roxbury, MA
d. 12-23-1944; NYC

Graphic artist Charles Dana Gibson is best remembered for his representation of the beautiful and independent American woman at the turn of the 20th century known as the “Gibson Girl”.

FYI - Gibson was married to Irene Manning, a sister of Nancy Astor, the first woman to serve in as a Member of Parliament in the British House of Commons.

FYI ~ Silent screen star and comic actress Mabel Normand worked as a model for Gibson before throwing the first cream pie in a film.

Milton Glaser: Graphic Design
Milton Glaser:
Graphic Design

Milton Glaser
b. 6-26-1929; NYC, NY

Milton Glaser is known for his I Love New York campaign logo and the Bob Dylan poster.

Sony Tape Poster

Damayanti and the Swan, Art Print
Damayanti and
the Swan,
Art Print

Warwick Goble
b. 11-22-1862; Dalston, north London, England
d. 1-22-1943; Surrey

Illustrator Warwick Goble, who was the first to illustrate H. G. Wells's War of the Worlds, specialized in Japanese and Indian themes.

Gastlycrumb Tinies Literature Poster
Gastlycrumb Tinies
Literature Poster

Edward Gorey
b. 2-22-1925; Chicago, IL
d. 4-15-2000

Edward St. John Gorey was a writer and artist noted for his macabre illustrated books. Watch the opening animation of PBS Mystery!, for a taste of his work.

Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey

Eugene Grasset, Cite de Carcassone, Giclee Print
Cite de Carcassone,
Eugene Grasset,
Giclee Print

Eugene Grasset
b. 5-25-1845; Lausanne, Switzerland
d. 10-23-1917; France

Eugene Grasset, active in Belle Epoque period, is considered a pioneer in Art Nouveau movement.

Cite de Carcassone is an ancient fortified city in southern France that was reconstructed in the 1850s.

Elizabeth Shippen Green - Making a House, Giclee Print
Making a House,
Giclee Print

Elizabeth Shippen Green
b. 9-1-1871; Philadelphia, PA
d. 1954

Elizabeth Shippen Green worked for Harper's Magazine for many years and illustrated children's books.

Illustrators Green, Jessie Wilcox Smith and Violet Oakley met while students and their teacher, noted illustrator Howard Pyle, called them the Red Rose girls because they shared lodgings and studios at the Red Rose Inn.

Nursery Rhymes posters
gardening with children ideas

Kate Greenaway - Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow?, Giclee Print
Mary Mary
Quite Contrary
How Does Your
Garden Grow?,
Giclee Print

Kate Greenaway
b. 3-17-1846; London
d. 11-6-1901 (breast cancer)

Kate Greenaway, a children's book writer and illustrator, set the fashions for children in the 1880s and 1890s.

Nursery Rhymes posters
gardening with children ideas

Jules-Alexandre Grün - Cocorico, Giclee Print
Jules-Alexandre Grün
Giclee Print

Jules-Alexandre Grün
b. 5-25-1868; Paris, France
d. c. 1938; France (Parkinson's)

Grün, a talented painter, entered the world of poster illustration through his work of painting backdrops for the Montmartre cabarets.

opera posters
poultry posters

Albert Guillaume - Palais de Glace, Giclee Print
Palais de Glace
Albert Guillaume
Giclee Print

Albert Guillaume
b. 2-14-1873; Paris, France
d. 8-10-1942; Dordogne

Guillaume, who is also well know for his caricatures satirizing members of the French government, was one of the notable artists that transformed the boulevards of Paris into galleries of fine art.

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