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Notable Educators ~

Omar Bradley
Louis Braille
E. R. Braithwaite

Gwendolyn Brooks
Hallie Quinn Brown

Margaret Wise Brown
Jerome Bruner

Lt General Omar Bradley / TIME Cover: December 04, 1944
Omar Bradley, Photographic Print

Omar Bradley
b. 2-12-1893; Clark, Missouri (considered Moberly his hometown)
d. 4-8-1981

Omar Bradley was one of the main U.S. Army field commanders in North Africa and Europe during World War II, and a General of the Army in the United States.

Bradley, who was the son of a schoolteacher, and taught mathematics at his alma mater West Point between World War I and II, has the reputation of being “a polite and courteous man”. He was informally known as “the soldier's general” (Ernie Pyle) and “never known to issue an order to anybody of any rank without saying ‘Please’ first.”

FYI - Omar Bradley and WWI officer John J. Pershing, also once a teacher, were born in north central Missouri.

Omar Bradley quotes ~
• “We have men of science, too few men of God. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount. The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. If we continue to develop our technology without wisdom or prudence, our servant may prove to be our executioner. ” ~ Statement (31 May 1948), quoted in An Inconvenient Truth : The Planetary Emergency Of Global Warming And What We Can Do About It (2006) by Al Gore
• “It is time that we steered by the stars, not by the lights of each passing ship.”
• “We are dealing with veterans, not procedures; with their problems, not ours.”
• “Wars can be prevented just as surely as they can be provoked, and we who fail to prevent them must share the guilt for the dead.” ~ quoted by Peace Pilgrim

Portrait of Louis Braille, Giclee Print
Portrait of
Louis Braille,
Giclee Print

Louis Braille
b. 1-4-1809; Coupvray, France
d. 1-6-1852; Paris

The braille system of reading and writing for blind and visually impaired people was developed by Louis Braille.

Braille, who was blind from the age of four, was a notable teacher at the Royal Institution for Blind Youth in Paris.

• more alphabet posters

Quotes about Braille ~
• “Learning to read music in Braille and play by ear helped me develop a damn good memory.” Ray Charles

To Sir with Love, E. R. Braithwaite
To Sir with Love,
E. R. Braithwaite

E. R. Braithwaite
b. 6-27-1920; Georgetown, Guyana

Writer, teacher, and diplomat E. R. Braithwaite is best known for his stories of social conditions and racial discrimination, especially his autobiographical novel, To Sir, With Love.

FYI - The 1967 movie based on the book starred Sidney Poitier, and the film title song by Lulu reached number one on the U.S. pop charts, and was Billboard magazine's #1 pop single for the year.

Hallie Quinn Brown (wikipedia)
Hallie Quinn Brown

Hallie Quinn Brown
b. 3-19-1849; Pittsburgh, PA
d. 9-16-1949; Wilberforce, OH

Writer and activist Hallie Quinn Brown was a teacher and educator, serving as dean of Allen University, principal of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama from 1892 to 1893, and a professor at Wilberforce in 1893. She was a frequent speaker about temperance and represented the U.S. at the International Congress of Women in London in 1899. Brown also spoke at the Republican National Convention in 1924 and later directed campaign work among African American women for President Calvin Coolidge.

Gwendolyn Brooks, American Poet, 1980, Photographic Print
Gwendolyn Brooks, American Poet, 1980,
Photographic Print

Gwendolyn Brooks
b. 6-7-1917; Topeka, KS
d. 12-3-2000; Chicago (cancer)

Gwendolyn Brooks, poet and teacher of creative writing, was awarded the 1950 Pulitzer Prize, received a National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, and was appointed Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 1985.

Gwendolyn Brooks quotes ~
• “I am a writer perhaps because I am not a talker.”
• “Very early in life I became fascinated with the wonders language can achieve. And I began playing with words.”
• “Writing is a delicious agony.”
• “Reading is important - read between the lines. Don't swallow everything.”
• “Poetry is life distilled.”
• “Each body has its art...”
• “One reason that cats are happier than people is that they have no newspapers.”

Selected Poems, Gwendolyn Brooks
Essential Brooks CD (Audio CD)

William Wells Brown: A Reader
Margaret Wise Brown

Margaret Wise Brown
b. 5-23-1910; Brooklyn, NY
d. 11-13-1952; Nice, France

Margaret Wise Brown, best known for Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny, also wrote The Little Island, the 1947 Caldecott Medal winner that was published under a pen name of Golden MacDonald.

FYI - Brown also taught at the Bank Street Experimental School in New York City.

The Culture of Education- Jerome Bruner
Jerome Bruner -
The Culture
of Education

Jerome Bruner
b. 10-1-1915; New York

Jerome Bruner is an educational psychologist working in cognitive learning theory, basing his ideas on categorization.

Jerome Bruner quote ~
• “To perceive is to categorize, to conceptualize is to categorize, to learn is to form categories, to make decisions is to categorize.”

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